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Emiko and Chris has been a couple for years, and their happiness seems to be endless. Then suddenly, Chris is hurt in a car crash, while Emiko meets a guy named Jared. Will Chris ever get back to normal, and will she ever get the ring?


2. Jared

“Emiko” He whispers, and looks into her eyes. They sparkle wildly, her lips turn into a smile, and she draws him closer. They meet in a kiss, soft and sweet, and he lifts her slowly onto the table. The coffee cup on the table is suddenly in danger, and they push it accidently. Coffee runs all over the table. They both laugh, a happy and free laugh, with both of their hearts beating faster, and they move away from each other. They’ve been together for years, but still, they’re totally in love. The sun from her heart and the rain from his collects a rainbow of colors and harmony. It’s almost like they’ve already lived several lives together. All the memories from the first kiss and the first bed visit seem so far. All the times they’ve been kissing in the rain, and all the nights they’ve been looking at stars. It’s an early morning at Emiko and Chris’ apartment, a Saturday in summer, with pancakes and coffee. The couple kisses once again, before they walk to the balcony. In the summer heat all bright, they sit and discuss the future. They dream of a house, a garden with flowers and spices, and kids.

After breakfast Emiko kisses Chris goodbye, and with the words ‘I love you’, she takes the local bus and goes to shopping with her best friend, Caroline. They got a secret deal about going to a piercing shop, to get navel piercings – Chris has always said that he likes those.. So she will do it, for him. As some kind of ‘surprise-I-hope-you-like-it’ thing.  She expects them to be together forever. Like it wasn’t enough just to love him. Emiko meets Caroline in the city, and they go to a nail shop – they need their monthly Saturday-manicure and pedicure at Katherine’s nail and beautyshop. They choose a rather natural looking nailpolish, luxurious as always. Then it’s time to continue to a shop filled with clothes, and find the most gorgeous dress. After all, there’ll be a party soon – with Hollywood theme. Just imagine – Big, long dresses, a red carpet, and lots of cocktails. Emiko would go with Chris, and they’d have to find a cute guy for Caroline, which of course was extremely important too. At the end, Caroline buys a pink dress with a bit glitter, some pearls at the front and a tiara. With curls it will be perfect. Emiko doesn’t choose a dress yet. She’s more excited for the piercing, and both girls dream about a hot piercer on the way to the Piercingshop.

Emiko and Caroline waits at the entrance. The room they walk into is big, with two white walls, one grey and one red. One of the white walls is even covered with texts and pictures of flowers and skulls. There are dark red couches, a few tables and a single flower pot in a corner, filled with snowdrops. The ceiling is rainbow colored, decorated with small clouds and unicorns. The room seems all empty.

“It doesn’t look like anything else I’ve ever seen,” Caroline whispers excited. Emiko looks at Caroline, and then clicks the bell at the desk. A young woman shows up, probably not older than 30, with black, short hair, which ends at her jawline. Her eyes are darkbrown, with a little sparkle of green, and all colored up with black eyeliner. Her tongue piercing reflects the light when she talks. She introduces herself as ‘Tiffy’, and asks what they want.

“We’re here to get navel piercings,” Emiko says, and Tiffy nods.

Both girls shiver, and they hold each other’s hands. They follow Tiffy through a small room with light yellow walls, a chair and a baby palm. Then into a bigger room, all white, almost like a clinic. In some place, far far away, she hears Tiffy say ‘you wait here’. Tiffy continues with Caroline right in her heels, but Emiko is frozen at the spot. She lets go of Caroline’s hand, and stares. She looks at a tattoo machine, some papers with drawings on, and the room in its full size. She feels some kind of peace here. She hears a deep and soft man voice in her ear.

“Excuse me?”

Emiko makes a jump away from the doorframe, and turns around. A young man, about a head higher than herself stands right there. His hair is brown, his eyes almost black, and his lips gently pink. He has a bit stubble, but in a way that makes him handsome.. He smells perfectly, a parfume she hasn’t ever known before, but it fits him. The smell goes to her brain, and she’s stuck for a second.

“Hey are you alright?” He asks, with a perfect accent. He looks worried, and after a few more seconds she just glares at him, before she wakes up from her hypnosis. What happened?

“Hey let me feel your forehead,” he says. She takes a step back, and shakes her head. She’s still a bit groggy, but tries to concentrate.

“I’m fine,” Emiko answers, and nods far too much than needed. She wonders what just happened. Did he do something?

“Well okay then,” he says, trying to ease up the awkward atmosphere. “So.. may I get into the room?” he asks, and she gets very busy moving far into the room for not to be in the way. She facepalms and breaths deeply. How did she get in this awkward situation?

“My name is Jared. I guess you’re my new ‘patient’?” he asks with a crooked smile. She looks a bit surprised at him, and then nods again. It’s almost like she can’t think with him in the same room. He’s so.. charming. Handsome. Hot. Perfect. She walks closer to him, and sits in the chair. She tries to keep her breathing rhythm regular, but it’s pretty hard. She reminds herself to keep breathing every time he talks with that sexy voice.

“I’ll just get the stuff ready. You can take a look at the papers while,” Jared says, and fiddles in some of the color patrols. Emiko keeps her eyes at him instead. His back is muscular in a tight black t-shirt. Then just imagine how it looks from the front. And his ass in those pants.. And now he turns around, so we can see the front thing as well. Wow. Must be even better without pants…

“..The papers are over there.” He says and points in the opposite direction. She catches his eyes, blushes, and hopes he didn’t see what she was just looking at.. She uses all her strength to look away from him, and inside she buries herself in a hole. She takes the first paper her eyes fall at. A rose with two words. ‘Enjoy life’.

“I want this one,” Emiko says. Her eyes are caught at the rose. The leaves on the rose seems so simple, but it’s made with such a grace, that it makes her soul all calm and peaceful. She can literally smell the tree from the woods, hear the birds and feel the water from the lake nearby.

“This rose..”

“It’s not a rose,” Jared says. He’s right by her side, and she doesn’t understand how he just appeared to be there. Her breathing rhythm gets a bit out of control, she can smell him. He’s so close..

“It’s a lotus flower.” He smiles at her, and gets the paper ready. She didn’t expect herself to get a tattoo, but it seems to be the right thing. She’s not really thinking about what she’s doing. She’s actually very busy just looking at this very hot guy she just met. Everything else is far gone right now. He walks over and sits right next to her.

“What color?”

“Just black and white,” she hears her own voice respond, and smiles. She has a good feeling about this. He moves a marker close to her arm, to start the drawing. She shivers when his hand holds her shoulder to make it more precisely. Jared laughs for a second.

“Are you freezing?”

“No.. I’m not.” Emiko answers. Deep breath. It’s okay. It’s just a marker. Not even the real tattoo machine thing yet. Just relax. But she not even worried about the tattoo. She’s not thinking. She’s happy. He’s close. And he smells perfect. She would make this last forever if she could. She even wonders if she should ask him to draw on her whole body. Jared moves his hand away, and the magical moment is gone. Time for the real tattoo now.

“Are you scared?” Jared asks, and gives her a serious look. He makes sure she is alright.

“Would you mind holding my hand?” She gets surprised by her own voice saying that. She wishes she could take the words back, but also, she wishes him to do it. Hold her hand. Make her calm. She hasn’t ever made such a fool of herself before, not that she remembers. But everything is so foggy right now...

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