The Spark

Harry simply feels like the spark is gone. That's exactly what he tells Maria, shattering her heart. But when she shows up back into his life later will he be reminded of the reasons he once loved her? Or will her fiancé stand in his way?


28. What the fuck

Before I could take another breath Niall and Will walked into the kitchen. Harry instantly stood up. "Will?" His voice was no longer happy or gleeful, it was serious. I had to cut in. "Will!" I jumped up and engulfed him in a hug, briefly looking at Niall in disbelief. I knew he had called Will, it was clear. "Guess what I have?" I made myself not turn back and look at Harry's face I didn't wanna see it, right now I didn't even wanna be alive. "Your ring." Will held up the ring, the ring that changed my life for what I had believed was for the best. Then he got down on one knee. "I ask again, this time permanently. Will you marry me?" I didn't know what to say but Harry beat me to it anyways. "Why would she marry you?" I saw Niall slightly step back into the living room. "Niall wait!" Harry and Will both turned to look at him , at that he stopped and stepped back into the kitchen. I ignored Both Will and Harry deciding to deal with Niall. It was probably easier to do that first. I grabbed Niall's wrist and pulled him out onto the back deck. "What the actual fuck! Why on Gods green Earth would you invite him here!" I threw my arms in the air and fell into one of the chairs. "You were not going to deal with It Maria, I wanted to help." I rubbed the temples of my head and rolled my eyes. "I was dealing with it, right before you walked in. I was about to tell Harry and now everything is ruined. Neither of them are going to forgive me because they will think I was never going to tell them. You didn't help Niall!" I restrained myself from crying, from being weak. Niall stuck his hand out to me and I just looked up at him. "Maria, you have always been so chill and strong. I thought it would be easier to deal with it all together. I took this risk because I truly thought it was best. Harry is going to be so pissed at me for knowing and not telling him. But I know you have it worse. You are allowed to cry and be hurt Maria. Your life stinks right now." I wanted to throw my chair at him. This was his fault both Harry and Will were sitting in the house. And just the thought of having to go deal with it weakened my spirit and I took his hand. He pulled me up into a hug. "You have to go in there, I'm going to give you alone time with them, but I will be out here if you need me." 

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