The Spark

Harry simply feels like the spark is gone. That's exactly what he tells Maria, shattering her heart. But when she shows up back into his life later will he be reminded of the reasons he once loved her? Or will her fiancé stand in his way?


23. The run and corny stuff

We ran for about thirty minutes in complete since till she surprisingly broke it. "So, what's everyone doing tonight?" I didn't mention how random of a question it was for our run and just decided to answer. "I just know everyone is busy except me and Niall." I watched her purse her lips as she ran. "Well if you want since it's Friday we can just do our old tradition. It sounds fun to me." I didn't remember what she was talking about at all but I didn't want to hurt her feelings. "I don't know, I'll be worn out by tonight." She didn't even hesitate to answer me back. "Too tired to watch terrible movies and eat pizza?" It instantly clicked before she even finished her sentence. How could I have forgotten? For the longest time , every friday we would order a pizza or Chinese and watch the worst movies we could think of. We would spend the night laughing at how bad they were. "Yeah, I loved that tradition." She smiled next to me and stopped running. I stopped to a little suddenly. "Are you ok?" She nodded and just walked a little closer to me. "Rember how I used to wear your clothes all the time and you thought it was the cutest thing. You would always post pictures of me on Instgram like that. That was probably one of my favorite things we did." I just nodded at her confused on why she would just start talking about it like that. But she was right. I loved when she wore my clothes. I would chase her around the house just to get  a picture. In the middle of my thought train I felt my Beanie be removed from my head and my vision cleared to see Maria already running away from me. "Well shit." I laughed and immidatley began jogging after her. "Maria give it. My hair is a disaster." I heard her laughter from a few feet ahead of me. "First tell me one thing you loved doing when we were together that you will probably never do again in your life." I rolled my eyes but kept jogging. "Uhm, the notes." She didn't say anything for a second and I thought I had crossed a line. "The sticky notes?" I smiled behind her and nodded. "Yeah. I loved writing stupid little corny pick up lines and jokes on them. When I placed them around the house I could hear your laughter from any room when you found one. I loved it. But I'll probably never do it again in my life." I was honest and as soon as I finished saying it she rushed to the left like an american football player right toward the water. I couldn't get my shoes wet so I stopped running after her. "Maria don't!" I love that hat." She shrugged and looked at me mischievously. "Tell me one of the pickup lines and I will give it back." I raised my eyebrows and began to think. I was so long ago how was I supposed to remember that? "Oh, I have one. Do you know Karate because your body is really kick-in." She instantly started to giggle like a little girl which caused me to chuckle. She was so beautiful when she smiled, it almost made me forget that we had been through so many rough spots. Then when  she was done laughing she walked back to me slowly. Her body gliding to me, her legs nearly perfect. "Here Mr.Styles." She went to hand me the hat but tripped in a small hole that had been dug into the sand. I went to catch her and succeeded. We paused for a second, just looking at each other fully as my hold was the only Support she had. I swear we we're going to Kiss. 

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