The Spark

Harry simply feels like the spark is gone. That's exactly what he tells Maria, shattering her heart. But when she shows up back into his life later will he be reminded of the reasons he once loved her? Or will her fiancé stand in his way?


20. The full story

  Harry tried to help me up but I rejected his touch. "Don't Harry." He didn't protest or try again he just did as I said. When I opened the screen door I saw the look on everyone's faces and the movie they had begun was paused.  They had clearly heard everything that just happened. "Maria I.." Eleanor got up immediately but I just shook my head quickly. "I just want someone to take me to the airport. There is another hour and a half till the flight leaves." Harry's eyebrows creased together and he looked over at everyone else. "Maria  you can't go back to your house Will is going to be there." I just looked at him and bit my tongue to keep in my screams. He was so selfish and stupid. If he had just told Will he had nothing left for me everything would be alright. Yet again he had to screw everything up. "I'm going after him. I'm not just going to let someone I love slip away over a silly kiss." I said the word kiss like it was a disease. To me it might as well be. "Maria he told you there was no spark left." Harry stated it bluntly as if he cared. Now I was heated. "Are you bullshitting me right now? Are you Harry? I don't care what you say anymore. I thought you grew up and Matured. I thought I could let you back into my life. For a while there I became really happy with everything but you had to fuck it all up. Just like last time. I get filled with all this joy and you take it all away. YOU HARRY! So don't pretend to care right now anymore than you did last time. There is no spark not with me and you and not with Will and I. Theres only love and I love Will Harry. I really do." Toward the end my screaming had gone down and it just became sobs in between each word. This always happens to me though. Am I just not destined to be in love? I pushed past everyone as I walked up to my room. No one went after me or so I thought. "Maria babe?" Nialls sweet voice was calming from the other side of the door. "It's opened" I yelled momentarily lifting my face away from the pillows . I heard the door open and close slowly but I didn't pick up my head and look at him. "Stop crying please." I felt his weight fall on the bed and then he began to run my back. I sighed into the pillow and turned my head to look at him. "Hi Niall." I attempted to smile but just began to cry again. "Stop Maria. Do yourself a favor and stop crying over nothing." I sat up abruptly and he pulled his touch away from me. "Nothing? I'm not crying over nothing, Niall. The person I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with just left me." He smirked and shrugged. He really was acting like it wasn't a big deal. "Oh please. Isn't that what you thought about Harry? Yeah you two might have not been engaged but you knew each other longer then you and Will did. You are broken as any girl would be loosing a guy so close to their heart. But not permanent not when it was Harry not now while it's Will." I looked at his smile. I hadn't really took notice in Niall lately. When me and Harry were just friends Niall would always hit on me with that smile. We became very close over the years.  I thought he was my friend. "Why did you never come and see me after Harry and I broke up?" Niall looked a little startled and his smile faded. "I'm sorry about that. It was just simpler to not get mixed in between friends. Harry really didn't want us to be around you." I almost began to cry again remembering the way I felt when each of them told me they couldn't talk to me anymore. Especially Eleanor. "Why didn't Harry let you guys talk to me?" Niall frowned and looked away from her. "I think this is Harry's business to tell you not mine." I grabbed his wrist and pleaded. "Please I don't want to talk to Harry." Niall rolled his eyes and bit his lip.    "Well Harry regretted it so much. He was really broke .His mother even yelled at him about it. If we hung out with you it would be like smoking in front of someone who just went to rehab to quit. It would kill Harry to hear us say your name."  I snorted in disbelief and raised an eyebrow. "Why didn't he just call me? Try to see me again. He broke up with me remember? With all that Spark crap." Niall stood up and walked toward the door. I thought he was going to leave but he locked it and ran bak over to me clumsily. "I have to tell you since no one else will. Harry had told his mom that he planed to ask for your hand in marriage.  He told us guys too. Everyone was so happy for him.  He couldn't do it though. He got nervous and had cold feet. The more anxious he became the more he doubted himself. He thought he was not ready but it seemed like you were. He wanted you to be with someone on the same pace so he broke up with you. He thought it would be for your own good. So you could progress in life. The spark stuff was Eleanor's idea. She needed to help Harry come up with an excuse and she knew you already believed in fate, karma, and other stuff like that." I kinda just stared at him speechless. "All I had to do was call him and tell him that I still needed him? That's it.." I was still a little shocked when Niall nodded at me. "A call changes everything Maria." Ironically when he said it my phone began to ring. My heart started to beat a little faster as I grabbed it and saw Wills name.
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