The Spark

Harry simply feels like the spark is gone. That's exactly what he tells Maria, shattering her heart. But when she shows up back into his life later will he be reminded of the reasons he once loved her? Or will her fiancé stand in his way?


30. Simple

(Maria's POV)

I opened the door expecting the worse. For Will and Harry to be punching it out. Which of course would terribly harm Harry. Though to my surprise Harry wasn't even in the kitchen. Will was though, looking extremely pleased with himself. His tall, buff body easily towering over me. his brown hair falling somewhat around his eyes. He also had a five o'clock shadow, but he was clearly smiling. " Where is Harry?" His pleased face vanished instantly and was replaced with a look of slight astonishment. "That's the first thing you ask me? After I just proposed to you, again." I wanted to smile and take Will in my arms, pretend like everything was fine. Begging him to go on jeopardy just hear him complain about being smart. It wasn't though and I was worried about Harry. How he would take it. Also Will has stood by me through thick and thin, patched me up when Harry left. He deserves the truth. "Will I had a fling with Harry when you were away." I expected him to be angry but he just nodded and shrugged casually. "I figured when Harry told me you never mentioned we got back together." Now I was very confused. Will and Harry had clearly talked, but Will didn't seem the least bit angry, sad, or surprised. "You're ok with that?" He shook his head instantly and stared down at my body. "No I'm not ok with it. But it happened. I still love and trust you. ." My arms fell to my side and I cocked my head to the left slightly. "Why would you continue to trust me?" I was happy he wasn't yelling at me furiously but I didn't understand. Will was clearly the settler and I was the reacher in this relationship. Why would he stick around after I dragged him through all this crap. "Maria , I've been with you for a long time. I know how strong you are. I also know your one weakness. It's clearly Harry. When I first met you, you were still extremely broken from him leaving. After we started dating for a couple of months, I could see you're annoyance of hearing his name. Then when we started living together, you would occasionally  compare me to him. You did it unknowingly but I noticed every time. As soon as I heard he was back into your life I was just waiting for your breaking point. This was it. I knew you were here kissing Harry and god knows what, but it's over. As long as you choose to pack your things and walk out the door with me I know its over. We can still be together." I looked at him for a moment , staring into his catlike eyes. About a month ago if you asked me if I wanted to marry Will, I would stare down at my engagement ring happily and nod. Exclaiming he was the only man I could ever marry. Now I didn't know and to everyones surprise I made a very large move in my life. Because honestly the whole time Will was making a love enduring speech to me I was really just wondering if Harry was ok. So clearly I said a simple "Goodbye William" and ran upstairs. 

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