The Spark

Harry simply feels like the spark is gone. That's exactly what he tells Maria, shattering her heart. But when she shows up back into his life later will he be reminded of the reasons he once loved her? Or will her fiancé stand in his way?


19. Plead

My adrenaline began to pump faster as fear rushed through my body. "Will I.." Then I noticed he didn't look angry at all. He didn't even look at Harry. It was just me he was looking at, and all he showed was sadness. "I'm so sorry ,I didn't kiss him. He just came at me!" I yelled it and pointed at Harry defeated. Harry just stood there looking awkward with his bandaged nose that I couldn't get over. "Maria please don't." He pleaded at me and shrugged his shoulders. "I'm not surprised at all. I knew something was to happen sooner or later. I'm not an idiot Maria ok. I see the way he looks at you and I see the praise you give your memories with him. I don't want an excuse." I stood there confused. What was he talking about. I didn't praise my memories with Harry. They haunted me. Haunted me with the fact that everything I ever wanted was torn from me so easily. "Will I swear it was nothing. We kissed and it's over. Tell him Harry. Tell him every last thing is over between us." I looked at Harry as it began to rain making me think of a million cliche movies. "Harry tell him." It was barley audible right above a loud whisper. Harry looked at Me So sternly full of sadness. "I want to Maria. I want you to be happy with Will. With anyone just as long as your happy. But you will always be dwelling on me if we aren't together. If we don't forgive each other." I began to cry as I noticed that it had dwelled on me too. Without me even knowing it but I didn't want unpredicted and that's what Harry was. "I forgive you Harry just Tell Will its over. That the kiss was nothing." I looked at him desperately and bit my lip to stop the cry that was trying to escape. "Harold Edward Styles you tell him this Moment!" Harry just shrugged almost apologetically but it was clear he wasn't going to admit it was nothing. Will took a step forward and spoke to me emotionless for the first time in a long ,long time. "If you knew the kiss was nothing or that everything Harry and You have shared can be forgotten then you wouldn't need his confirmation Maria. I'm not an idiot ok. Just admit it to yourself that you still love him." I looked at Harry who was clearly to hopeful in this killing situation. "No, Will I love you. We belong together." He bent down ever so slightly and hovered his lips over mine while grabbing my hand before saying. "I can't be with you Maria. There's just no spark left." My eyes widen in shock at how he would be so cruel to use those words. He pulled way and slipped my engagement ring off my finger in the process. "Goodbye Maria." I reached out for him but I couldn't move and no words would come out of my mouth as he grabbed his suitcase and threw it in a car. When I couldn't see the car anymore I dropped to my knees in the now heavy rain and sobbed quietly. Harry just watched me knowing for the first time how I looked and felt when he had left me.

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