The Spark

Harry simply feels like the spark is gone. That's exactly what he tells Maria, shattering her heart. But when she shows up back into his life later will he be reminded of the reasons he once loved her? Or will her fiancé stand in his way?


13. Off deck

Everyone sat back as they went a little further into the clear blue ocean water and finally stopped. It was a fair sized boat so everyone wasn't Crammed into one space and got some privacy. "Hey Will I'm going to go talk to Eleanor, you talk with the boys ok." Will went to protest but Maria walked away quickly before he could make up an excuse to come. He should socialize more. Maria walked down some stairs into a little sitting area below deck. Eleanor and Louis sat together on a couch. It got quiet once they saw Maria. "Oh sorry to interrupt ill just wait up deck until you guys are ready to come talk with everyone else." Maria turned around quickly to go back up the stairs. She knew Eleanor and Louis together would want to ask her so many question and Maria didn't want to answer them. "No wait Maria its fine. Please sit down." She held on her sigh and turned around walking toward the couch. She hesitantly sat down waiting for someone to speak. "So What's with Will? Why is he such a party pooper ?" Louis flat our said it and Eleanor looked at him surprised "Louis Tom-" I held up my hand motioning to her it was ok. "He is not used to new people. He is usually the high arch  in his group. Being very intellectual I think he isn't used to talking to-" Louis looked offended as he interrupted. "He thinks we're stupid?" Maria laughed and shook her head defensilvy. "I wasn't going to say that. I was going to say he isn't used to talking to people that intimidate him. He is usually the intimidator." Louis smiled micheviously and Maria relaized she had practically just told him that Will was afraid of him. "I'll go talk to him. Make him feel more Welcolmed." She went to explain that Will doesn't not play along to jokes often but didn't have time as Louis ran up the stairs.Maria sighed and waved Eleanor off explaining she would be right back. She dashed up the stairs dodging Danielle who was walking down and maria managed to run right into Harry. Of course with her luck he wasn't paying attention either and being so close to the ledge they both went flying off of it into the ocean. Maria held tight to Harry fearful as they fell. Thankfully it was just into water and they both could swim. When Harry came up he pulled Maria up with him and they held themselves afloat. They kinda just stared at eachother and then Bursted into fits of laughter. "Oh my god this reminds me of that time when we went to Guam and this man was carried out by the tide and you tried to help him onto the boat. Then he pushed you in the water after you let him on and he started taking pictures of everything because he was really paparazzi." Maria laughed a little louder and rolled her head back to get her now wet hair out of her face. Harry noticed how her eyes lit up when she laughed and dimples showed in her cheeks. "I about lost it till you jumped in and told me you wanted to swim anyways. The guy took off swimming and you calmed me down. Always we're good at that." Maria blushed and shrugged a little. "I didn't like seeing you angry, even if it was a bit of a turn on." Harry laughed though he was slightly surprised she had said such a thing. He hasnt expected her to address their past relationship much at all nether less her old turn ons. "That turned you on?" Harry asked curiously and honestly unconvinced. "Yeah, but I liked you sweet better , like that thing you would say the night before you left on every tour." Harry though for a moment and smiled at her memory of such a thing. "I will always care for you when we are far ,far away  from each other. Even if we're not together in any way you will still be important to me. " They both got a little silent and Maria could have sworn he looked at her like they were about to kiss. But a voice broke the silence and thankful was Maria. "What the hell are you two doing?" Zayn stood looking down at us in the water.  Harry threw his hand in the air and went under water coming up relatively. "I'm- drowning." Zayn just rolled his dark brown eyes and shook his head at Harry. "That must suck. I'll let the ladder down though to let you back up incase you live."  The loud talking back and forth between Zayn and Harry caused a few more people to be looking at harry and Maria off the the deck. Including Will who didn't look very happy. To  be honest he looked almost worried.


Ok guys I don't have a lot of rowers and I appreciate just the 13 or so of you. I have big plans for this and it's gonna get intense ok . But idk if any of you are reading. Just three comments and I'll continue 

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