The Spark

Harry simply feels like the spark is gone. That's exactly what he tells Maria, shattering her heart. But when she shows up back into his life later will he be reminded of the reasons he once loved her? Or will her fiancé stand in his way?


22. Keep up

(Harrys POV) 

  Niall came downstairs without her last night. All he said was that she was staying. It was ten in the afternoon now and she wasn't up. Usually she woke up early around eight. It was just me and Louis. Zayn and Perrie just left to go to Zayns moms for the next week. It was their Christmas plans. Danielle and Liam were leaving in two days. "Hey Louis why do you think Maria stayed?" Louis shrugged and kept his eyes fixated on the news. "Why would she say all those things about going after Will and then decide not to?" Louis rolled his eyes and looked at me. "Must have been something Niall said I guess. Who cares?" I cared but I didn't go any further into the topic with him. He would just get more irritated, Louis seemed to do that with everyone except his mother and Eleanor. "I'm gonna go for a run on the beach." Maria's voice appeared out of no where but caught both mine and Louis attention. We turned around and saw her. She wasn't all dressed up , and she wasn't in sweat pants. She had tight shorts on, a Pink tank top that showed the white and black straps of her bra. Her hair was pulled showing a great view of her face. She looked perfect. "Either of you wanna come?" I looked at Louis and he looked at me then raised his eyebrows. "Yeah I'll go." I stood up and smiled at her. I knew Louis thought she looked good too. She did though, it was clear she cleaned up well." I looked at myself in the mirror when I got into the room. No where in comparison to someone she would want. But then I remembered she had wanted me and I ruined it. I shouldn't get  Myself tied up in her but she is single now so it's free game. I can't help but like her, I was somewhat force to stop. If I ever did stop at that. "Hurry up Styles!" Maria called and it snapped me back into focus. I grabbed a pair of basketball shorts and a  wife-beater  tank top . It showed my fairly cut arms which was all I could really show off. I put my hair in a gray beanie to match my shirt. I looked at myself momentarily and threw on my gym shoes. I wasn't perfect but I was about to be all sweaty anyways. I got downstairs and she stood in the kitchen filling up a water bottle. It was quite other than the noise of the tv the room over and the running water. "Don't stare Harry." She called not even turning around. I chuckled and walked up to the kitchen counter. She turned around and handed me a water bottle. I looked at her face while she did it and her gaze was fastened to mine. "Think you can keep up with me? You have never been too good at that. " I nodded and grabbed it out of her hand, slightly brushing ours against each other . "It's your turn to keep up with me." Then we headed our the door. Me and a single Maria. 
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