The Spark

Harry simply feels like the spark is gone. That's exactly what he tells Maria, shattering her heart. But when she shows up back into his life later will he be reminded of the reasons he once loved her? Or will her fiancé stand in his way?


17. If..

(Maria's POV)

  For the first time me and Eleanor had a little volleyball streak going. I had mentally counted to five when I heard Liam's scream. "Whoa stop!" The volleyball hit the ground beside me  as I turned my attention to them. Harry laid on the floor in a fetal position and Will looked at him with a mix of surprise and anger. I had never seen Will look like that before. "What the hell man? Why did you do that" Liam looked at Will alarmed and then turned to Harry. Then it clicked. I looked at Eleanor briefly before quickly jogging over there. Liam called Harry's name and shoved him a little. Harry just groaned. His nose was bleeding terribly. Liam went to touch it causing Harry to flinch back and open his eyes quickly. "Damn man." I looked at Will angrily and he caught my stare. "Maria I-" I put my hands up to silence him really not in the mood. I bent down to Liam's level. "Is he ok?" Harry looked at me and softly smiled when I met his eyes. But it lasted for only a second since I could see the pain in his face. "His nose is defiantly broken. We can take him to the hospital and get some prescribe pain medication." I nodded and jumped up. "Yeah how about you do that with him. I have to talk to Will." Harry had set up now and began to Dab his face with a shirt Liam had gave him. I don't know if I was supposed to see, but I saw the look he and Will shared. It wasn't pretty either. I turned around and grabbed Wills arm, violently jerking him to come with me. When we were far enough I knew no one could hear us I pushed him away from me. "What in sweet Jesus's name were you thinking?" He shrugged and remained emotionless. "I don't know. Probably how much I hated him." I shook my head ad kicked some sand at him angrily. "No, the answer is you weren't thinking at all. Will you can not just punch people like that! Especially people that invite you on vacations." He just glared at me as I placed my hand on my hip stubbornly. "I don't want to be here. I'm here because you are ok. I'm here to make sure these people don't hurt you again Maria. Harry pissed me off because he said you didn't love me!" I rolled my eyes and looked at with with my mouth slightly gaped open. "Seriously Will? You got mad over that. Why believe what he says?"  The anger built up within me and I balled my fist at my sides. When I looked at Will's face he had softened and looked at me sadly. "What? Tell me why!" Will just shrugged and pointed to me. "Because lately you have been so happy around them. Especially Harry. And it's not like the happy you are when I surprise you with cleaning the house or when we pick out stuff for the wedding. When you drop something and I pick it up for you. Or when I  call you beautiful. It's  a real happy. A happy I have never seen before. Why haven't I seen it? Do I not make you happy?" I saw him on the verge of tears and Will has never cried before. "Oh will no thats not it." I began to walk toward him feeling bad but he walked back with each step I took forward. "Give me and explanation! Do I not do enough stuff for you or what?" I stopped and shrugged. I wasn't see what to say. I loved Will but I have never had to put it in words for him. Now that I had to think about it. I didn't know  what to say. "All I can say is that I love you and you make me happy." Will sighed and kicked the sand. "If you love me so much, can we go home Tonight...?" 
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