The Spark

Harry simply feels like the spark is gone. That's exactly what he tells Maria, shattering her heart. But when she shows up back into his life later will he be reminded of the reasons he once loved her? Or will her fiancé stand in his way?


11. Gut feeling

"Hey Will?" Maria threw a swim suit into her suitcase while sitting down her phone. Harry had just sent her a text she personally was surprised to receive. He told Maria it would be great if Will wanted to come so She didn't feel so uncomfortable. Of course Maria would have felt comfortable either way with the whole lot of them but it just showed how much Harry has matured. He really cares about her new life and is able to respect that. "Hmm?" Will walked out of the bathroom still brushing his teeth. "Do you want to come with me?" He looked at her strangely and quickly went into the bathroom just to come out seconds later no longer brushing his teeth. "You can't invite a guest when you're a guest. That's common sense babe." He licked his teeth clearly enjoying his fresh new breath. He once said that brushing his teeth was like a shower for his mouth. It was probably the only stupid thing Maria can remember him ever saying. "Actually Harry invited you." She raised her eyebrows at him as she threw some more newly folded clothes into the suitcase. "I don't know Maria. I don't know any of your friends and I'm not in any rush too. I still think there terrible people. Once hurt you easily so they can do it again. " To be honest Will didn't like them because they were so largely a part of her past. A past he knew she had secretly always thought so highly of. He was afraid she would get suck into them again, leaving him with nothing to give her. "Come on babe. I want you to meet them. There good people. That was just a really rough patch. Its over." Maria pleaded with a sad face but Will was far too smart for that. "Patch? Maria you call that a patch?! They took everything you cared about away and left you alone and breaking. You could have hurt yourself if it wasn't for me. I don't like them and I never will." Maria's pleading face was gone and anger was plastered upon it. "I don't care what you think Will. I forgave them and I was the one who was goddamned hurt. You can forget about it. Maybe it was fate ok. It happened so I could find you and be happy. Then they came back to meet you. Everyone I've ever cared about can be together now. Just do this one thing for me ok. Have a little fun. For you fiancée."

  Will didn't like it. Every time he placed a clothing item into his suitcase he hated it even more. Why had Harry even invited him? It's not like they could possibly get along. Will himself knew he had always been a civilized and rational man, but Harry had hurt the women he loved. Hurt her bad. And one little party and lunch could not fix it all. Neither could a trip. Will only did it because he saw how Happy Maria was when he said yes. She had been so stressed lately with school and her car in the shop. Plus her dog just died two days ago. She hasn't smiled in so long and he knew she would on this trip. Will wanted to be there to see it. Be the cause of it. Just make sure that Harry wasn't. He could find himself into her life if that's what she wanted but not into her love life. That ship had sailed and sank. Will was hers and Maria was his. The only real reason he was going was to keep an eye on her. He couldn't get his gut feeling about Harry to go away. It continued to make him sick. 
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