The Spark

Harry simply feels like the spark is gone. That's exactly what he tells Maria, shattering her heart. But when she shows up back into his life later will he be reminded of the reasons he once loved her? Or will her fiancé stand in his way?


36. For Harry


Maria's POV

 I wanted to throw my textbook at the wall. God Damned it. College sucks and I am just not getting this English writing analogies. Half of them made no since. But this was it. I have a week and a half left till the test. If I passed I was done with college. My phone rang , surprising me and Interrupting my thoughts. I hadn't talked to another person at all since Christmas. 


My tone was questioning. After seeing Niall's name in the callers ID. He probably just called to tell how he was right. That I shouldn't have lied to Harry or Will and point out that now I was alone. 

 "Maria I need you to come to Ireland this moment." 

 I blinked a few times and had to remind myself to breath. Was I fucking imagining what he said. I know I was.

 "What did you just say?" 

I set my English writing book down on the coffee table. Taking a moment away from my studies. Waiting for Niall's response. 

 "Harry is going crazy. Literally I mean like mental crazy. He drives fourteen hours every day just to get out of the house and god I need you to come here. Fix him."

 I processed each one of his words slowly. Fourteen hours a day? Driving non-stop? Why would I be able to help? I know Harry can collect himself he just needs time.

 "He just needs time."

 I repeated my exact thought to Niall. Who somehow found himself caught in the middle of this mess. Probably my fault. I don't remember because the past week was just so jumbled together in pain. 

 "No Maria. Please come here. I kept your secret so you owe me. Just come to Ireland for a week. Do something please."

 I rolled my eyes and tried to keep in my emotions. He was just trying to help Harry, his dear friend. But I couldn't. I had to speak what I felt. I've been quietly thinking to myself for far to long. 

 "What the fuck Niall. It's your fault they both know. You called them. You kept NO secret. That's why I'm alone and I have no one. Not Will, who makes me feel good. Or Harry, the man I love. Because your an ass and get in my business too much. I can't fix Harry because I'm the thing that broke him. I can't help you and I won't."

  He sighed heavily. Like Will did when he found out Harry may have used me for my body. I flinched at the thought. Which was not true at all. I always really knew that. 

 "Ok sorry. I understand you aren't happy with me right now. But let's say this isn't for me. It's For Harry and wether he will admit it or not. He needs you. No one else can fix this Maria. Do you really want someone you claim to love perish in your loss. Just try to rationalize with him. Come down in two days. Ill pay you back. I know your short on money because your a college student. I will do whatever it takes. For Harry." 

 I looked at my book and back at the picture I had stole from Harry of us with Louis and Eleanor. Harry is really pissed at me. But Niall and my mom both seem to think I can fix it. My studies can wait I guess. Just for a little while. I can bring my book with me. What the hell I have nothing to loose.

 "Ok, for Harry." 

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