The Spark

Harry simply feels like the spark is gone. That's exactly what he tells Maria, shattering her heart. But when she shows up back into his life later will he be reminded of the reasons he once loved her? Or will her fiancé stand in his way?


3. Fate

Maria sat a cup of tea down in front of Louis before sitting down next to him. "So how did that happen? Are you ok?" Maria looked at him still a little astonished. Could this actually be happening? "Yeah I'm fine. My brakes just stopped working and I had to get off the road. I wasn't really thinking much." He knew that he sounded very immature and stupid with such an explanation. Maria wasn't mad though. It wasn't his fault. She was just a little shocked. "Well how lucky you were to run into my car instead of the neighbor across the street. She would have sued you for every last dime you had. Which for you is a lot of money." Louis smiled and looked around her house. It wasn't much like the house she used to have. It was more beige and boring. Messy too.  "So when did you move in here?" Maria got up and let her dog in which immediately went to greet the new stranger. Louis pet her dog Honey as she talked. "Uhm about four months ago I think. But enough about my disastrous house. Which I'm sorry about, I wasn't expecting you anytime soon. Or ever." Louis shifted a little in his seat but was not uncomfortable  , surprisingly. "Yeah it's been a long time hasn't it. Have you talked to Harry lately?" Maria stiffened a little and gulped. Louis noticed her sudden change in attitude and smiled. "Because I mean, he has been saying he wanted to see you again. See how you've pulled through. " Louis lied right out of his mouth. Harry hadn't mentioned Maria after the fight he and his mother had about it. She told him that Maria was a fine girl and actually liked him for himself and not the way tabloids represented him. She was angry when he had told her his excuse for breaking Maria's heart. All because of a spark thing.I was disappointed because Eleanor and Maria were close so break ups made very thing awkward an difficult. Especially when Eleanor was good hearted enough to Harry she stopped hanging out with Maria. "Well, he hasn't contacted me in over a year. None of you had but Ive moved on and don't think about it much. How is El though." Maria's voice showed the slightest hint of sadness. It made Louis feel bad for her. Harry had taken so much more than himself away from her when he left. "You know Maria. Eleanor is actually turning twenty one in two days. I'm sure she would be happily surprised if you could attend her party." Louis knew it was probably a bad idea with the whole Harry thing. It has been about a yea and a half , plus the party wasn't for Harry. It was for Eleanor and she would enjoy it if Maria came. "Are you sure that won't be weird. We haven't seen each other in a year Louis." She had a strength to her voice  and Louis heard it. It sounded slightly concerned. He wanted to reassure her. Give Maria back a friend. She deserves that much. "Neither have we but I'm doing just fine talking to you. I think it's fate this happened." Maria smiled a little while thinking of so many books she had read about fate, good and bad. She herself believes in it . She has just grown to understand the meaning of fate. And she decided this was it. "Yes, definitely fate." 

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