The Spark

Harry simply feels like the spark is gone. That's exactly what he tells Maria, shattering her heart. But when she shows up back into his life later will he be reminded of the reasons he once loved her? Or will her fiancé stand in his way?


8. Crap

They sat at a familiar diner open around the clock. The waitress walked up to them saying the first words since Harry and Maria had sat down five minutes ago. "May I take your order?" She smiled at them and then an older lady walked up behind her. "I'll take these two hun." Harry immediately recognized her. "I haven't seen you two hear in a while, started to think you two forgot about us. You want the usual?" Of course she remembered the two of them. After a rumor had came up and one of them were hurting they would come here and talk about it. Eat and reassure each other they were still in love, that the media couldn't tear them apart. Maria nodded and Harry could see the happiness in her smile. "I would love that Mrs.Nancy." The waitress walked away as Maria looked at him surprised. "I can't believe she remembered us." He shrugged Slightly and taking in her beauty again. It was hard not to. "We were here all the time. I might be surprised If she didn't remember us." Maria giggled like a child which make Harry smile wider. "Oh my god remember that one time when everyone was saying that you were going out with Taylor. I asked you and I can just picture you face of disgust followed by the exclaiming how sad the media had gotten to put you, the stereotypical womanizer and the so called Ho together. I laughed and you just grabbed my hand exclaiming even though we hadn't fought it still counted enough that we could come here." She stopped talking and saw how focused Harry was on her. She blushed and began to play with her silverware. Harry nodded. "I do remember that. My favorite time though was when I had come home to introduce you to Cara. You asked Cara if I was having an affair with her and then when I walked in you told me we should come here. Then only that night did you explain it to me. Gosh I loved that." Maria was modding also while thinking Nancy as she sat down our food. "Gosh that was funny huh?" Harry grabbed his drink from the waitress and then Maria went for hers. The waitress smiled "Well Lordy am I getting an invitation?" Maria grabbed her cup and looked at Harry  confused. "Excuse me ma'am?" She pointed at Maria's hand and he already knew hat was coming. "To Y'alls wedding. It's about time . Boss owes me ten bucks." Maria laughed and shook her head quickly. "Oh absolutely not. You must be confused. I am not marrying Harry. We are just here catching up." The waitresses face saddened. "Well he is a fine boy what happened too the both of you?" Harry looked at Maria and then back at the hopeful old woman Nancy. "We just didn't have the right connection in the end." Mrs.Nancy nodded with a face showing she understood. "Oh you two didn't have that spark. I'm gonna blame the media then. Congrats anyways Maria." Harry looked at Maria surprised and she was just shaking her head. "Have you gotten to everyone with that spark crap?" 

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