The Spark

Harry simply feels like the spark is gone. That's exactly what he tells Maria, shattering her heart. But when she shows up back into his life later will he be reminded of the reasons he once loved her? Or will her fiancé stand in his way?


25. Come on skinny love

I felt his jaw tense as I kissed him and placed my hands upon his face. It was only for a few seconds though before he began to kiss me back. It got very deep and he lifted my up onto the cold marble counter. "I've missed this." Harry said it as he slid his hand down the curve of my back. I just nodded and shivered under his gentle touch. "Whoa!" We both heard Niall's voice before we saw him. Me and Harry pulled apart laughing before we even looked at Niall. When we looked at him though he just stared at me worryingly. "I'm sorry Niall, forgot you were in there actually." Harry said it ,the amusement still in his voice. "No man it's ok. I mean your both single." He said it just to get under my skin. Which made me of course feel very bad about myself and what I had just done. "Yeah I'm gonna go upstairs." Harry caught my wrist before I began walking up the stairs and turned back at Niall. "I'm gonna go up too." I wanted to protest but didn't want to embarrass him in front of Niall. We rushed up the stairs and I tugged him into my room before closing the door. "I don't wanna-" He covered my mouth with his hand and just nodded at my widened eyes. "I know. We aren't going to. I don't expect you to be that easy .I just want to spend time with you." I was shocked at what he had said. It was very un-male like of him. I mean, he is a male adult locked I'm a room with a girl he just made out with. " Yeah good, sure ok." We kind of just stood there all awkward like until he scurried over to my iPod deck. Almost tripping along the way. The music came out just loud enough that people could hear it downstairs but not hate us about it. It was of course mine and Harry's old song. Skinny love by Birdie. I smiled as he offered me his hand and we began to dance . The song reminded me of when I confessed my love for Harry. We had been friends for a year, grown quite fond of each other. He was Driving me to his friends house, I didn't even know the guy. Harry just asked me to tag along for the party he was going to. We were just sitting in the car, when the song came on the radio. I got lost in the words and began to tear up a little, which doesn't happen too much with me. Harry continuously asked me if I was ok but I was zoned out. I remember us pulling onto the side of the road in my vision and him shaking me a little. It just the words were exactly how I felt with Harry sometimes. He couldn't get me out of my trance , that was until he kissed me. I took a deep breath In and pushed him away. He looked so scared, and began to apologize as if he had done something so terrible. I had never seen him so scared before. Then I just began to laugh as I grabbed his hand. "It's ok Harry, It was what I've been waiting for." I had said . Then right there we both had finally moved out of our Skinny love phase and into the confession. It was the day I knew Harry cared for me just as much as I loved him. We started going out just five days later. "Maria!" I felt his lips on mine and I began to laugh. Here I was again in a trance of memories to the same song. And here he was kissing me out if it. I laughed instantly , even before moving away from his mouth. "I love that song" I said it as he Twirled me around to calm my laughing. "I love you." He said it so sudden and unexpectedly I froze and his hand slipped from mine. "What?" I asked it and widened my eyes in What i felt was most defiantly fear. And then I saw it, the same little face I did so long ago in that car. Afraid he had lost me as a friend all for a silly kiss. "You know what. I think I love you too Harry." 

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