Life in Technicolor

Luna seems to have a normal life, she's in love, she goes to highschool, and has annoying parents. But her life is anything but normal. Why? Two words: James Skyler.


2. Yeah-yeah-yeah

So, remember how I said I broke that rule my parents set? Not to hang around anybody who loves colour? Just because touching them will hurt my parents? Yeah, lets introduce you to them.

Okay, he's a guy, my age, and he has the most amazing hair, he's dyed it different colours of the rainbow in different colours, so it looks like someone poured a rainbow over his head, it looks cool. He loves colour, and he's my best friend. He has purple eyes - yes, purple, and they're natural - he's been my friend for as long as I can remember. We've shared so many moments together.. like starting school, fishing primary and going to highschool, and even.... our first kiss. We were 14, and both of us were curious, so yeah… we kissed. I developed feelings for him, and now, not only is he my first kiss, my best friend, and my only friend who knows about my family curse, he's my first crush too.

So, I hang around with him regularly, and we always play music together. He uses the guitar, and I sing. With his sister on drums and my brother on bass. Courtney (his sister) Is one of my best friends too, and my brother, Sean, has a crush on Courtney. Courtney is - wait, I haven't even you what her older brother's name is! His name is James Skyler. Courtney is James' younger adopted sister. So technically, her name isn't Courtney Skyler, It's Courtney Thresh. So, yeah. And James is my technicolor best friend/crush/whatever.

My little brother looks quite a bit like me, but with less peircings. And less emo looking. But whatever. He loves me, but sometimes he gets annoying. Like when he decides to throw his socks at me. one word for that: EWWWWWWWW.

Then there's my friend Raven. She's dedicated, loyal, and has a great sense of humor. She used to wear color all the time, but she started wearing black and white so she could hang around me. Sweet huh? We tell eachother everything. She even knows about me liking James. Which is kind of a huge risk, seeing as they are cousins, but oh well.

I'm fairly normal. With a family that isn't. Why the hell is this me? Well, obviously, something happened. Something BIG happened.

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