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Ali was a regular teenage girl, she wasn't popular and hadn't had many boyfriends. This is a story about unexpected surprises, Love, Triumph and one extremely lucky girl.


2. What a Day!


Authors notes:

This a continuation from chapter 1 so Ali is wearing the same clothes.
Hope you guys like it :)


I could not believe what had just happened. I was sitting on the pink couch in the corner of the room still at work. The boys had rearranged the rest of the furniture in the dining area to create a fort, god they were adorable especially one in particular.

Zayn had been smiling at me mischievously for the past couple of hours since we kissed. I still don’t know whether or not that was the best thing to do at the time, but I did do it, we had kissed and it WAS amazing. His lips were so soft, it sends shivers done my spine just thinking about it. I had got to text Hayley she would freak.

You see Hayley was my best friend we did everything together she is like a sister to me. We shared the same love for one direction but she was a bigger fan of Ed Sheeran. I went to grab my phone from the back of my skirt when I noticed it wasn’t there. What the hell had I done with it this time?! (Another fun fact on yours truly; I always put my things in safe place but most the time I forget where those safe places are.) Panicking I jumped up off the couch and spun around myself and checked both sides of the couch but no phone big surprise there, nice one Ali.
Maybe it will help if I re think what I was doing retrace my steps. The last thing I remember I was in the back room kissing Zayn. Oh how good it was and how I had wished it would have lasted forever, even in my thoughts my heart melts. Focus Ali this is serious you need to find your phone. When I realised I’m an idiot and that I should just call it.

So I stood there using the work phone dialled my number and listened, within seconds I heard ‘Do you think about me when you're all alone? The things we used to do, we used to be I could be the one to make you feel that way I could be the one to set you free’ (My favourite song) when I moved to leave the back room and retrieve it someone answered it.

“I thought about you when I was all alone, the things I wanna do I want us to be. You’re the one who makes me feel that way; you’re the one who sets me free.” An angel like voice sang out.

“So you like my ring tone then Zayn?”
“Allo Ali pie, yeah I’ve liked that song for a while now.”
“If I’m Ali pie that means you’re Zaynie poo”
“Hahahah you can do better than that, by the way loved our little snog before maybe we could do it again sometime?!” 
“It was nice wasn’t it but maybe….. It’s for the best that it was a one off thing. I mean I’m not the kinda girl who has one night stands or kisses and ditches I’m the one who has the cute relationship and the committed boyfriend and I don’t think any other guy would want that.”
The line was silent; I instantly freaked out and turned to the back wall. What had I done, shared my ideal relationship dream I what. I always say way too much and blabber on mentioning things that a normal person wouldn’t. I still had the phone glued to my ear like Zayn was still talking when I heard a low soft voice say something.
“Turn around and don’t say a word”
I dropped the phone on the floor trusting and putting all my faith into the voice on the phone I did as I was told but closed my eyes as I did so.
“Open your eyes there’s nothing to be scared of.”
“I’m not sca…..”
I took a breath like I was jumping into an unknown world and bit my lip and opened my eyes. There in front of me was one Zayn Malik who I then noticed was down on one knee. What the hell is going on we’d known each other for like six hours he better not be doing what I think he was doing.
“Stop thinking about what I’m doing and just listen, trust me I think you’ll like what I have to say.”
“How do I know that?”
Zayn gave me a look and I knew exactly what that look meant I used it all the time. It was the please just be quiet and listen to me, in the nicest way possible. So I nodded and he started to speak.
“Look Ali I know we’ve only known each other for a couple of hours but those hours have been some of the best of my life. We have had some funny moments and some incredibly hot and steamy ones which were my favourite” to which he have me a sly little wink as I giggled. “But I think we have a lot in common and I really like you. So with all this being said Ali, will you be my girlfriend…?”
“Are you kidding me, Zayn of course I will. But don’t you think this is like really rushed and won’t end up working out because of it.” Here I go again I always do this. The best thing is Zayn knew I always did this so he shut me up in the best way possible. He stood up and snoged me it was much longer than before and this time it meant more to me. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his around my waist and pulled me as close to him as possible. He knew exactly what he was doing and it was bloody amazing.
There we were standing in the back room at work snogging, romantic right? I pulled away to take a breath and placed my head in between his neck and shoulder and we just stood there it was as if time had stopped just for us. 

He started twirling his figures through my hair, god how much I loved it when guys did that, I started smiling. Zayn must have noticed because of his next words “You like that don’t ya Ali pie” he said in a little cheeky voice.
I just smiled and gave him a little peck on the lips. Did that just really happen did I just become Zayn Malik’s girlfriend?
“Yeah you did babe!”
“I said that out loud didn’t I?”
“Mmmhhmm but it was cute.”
“I’m glad you think so” I said looking up at him. I didn’t notice before but Zayn was a good 15cm taller than I was, it must have been really awkward when he snogged me before. So being the amazing girlfriend I am, (Man I love that title) I pulled Zayn over to the freezer and jumped up and sat on it. 
Zayn just smiled and moved his body between my legs and stood there. He started moving his hands from the front of my knees up my thighs past my hips and bust and then tucked my hair behind my ear. I smiled and closed my eyes. Zayn moved his hand across my jaw line and down my neck to my chest drawing little circles just above my cleavage. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders one more time and locked my legs behind him. We both leaned in together at the same time and snogged like they did in the movies it was amazing the best snog I’ve ever had. Zayn was so gentle and he knew what he was doing which scored real high in my books.

Within seconds of us snogging we were interrupted by Liam. He ran in saying that they had to leave because Sam and Todd had returned with no paps and wanted it to stay that way but then Liam noticed what Zayn and I were doing and started to blush. “Oh um sorry um er I’ll meet you out there” Liam said embraced and raced out of the back room.
My face must have gone bright red because Zayn said “It’s fine, don’t stress he won’t tell anyone I’ll talk to him in the car about you being my girlfriend but I think we should tell the rest of the lads together” he said really caring how I felt.
“I couldn’t agree more boyfriend” I said giving him another peck on the lips. “Do you want my number so you can send me a goodnight text?” I said jokingly.
“No need girlfriend already got it along with the other lads when you left your phone outside and I put my number in it too, and by the way you look so good in a bikini” he said chuckling to himself.

Shit I forgot to put that password on my phone again. And as for him seeing me in my bikini I wasn’t worried I’d make him return the favour at a more intimate time. {Note to self: Change lock screen background} 
Zayn picked me up off the freezer I was still clinging to the front of him when he again complemented me on how light I was. I unlocked my legs and stood on my tip toes before standing flat foot and pulled my skirt down. 
“Hey babe there’s no need to pull that down I don’t mind if its short” Zayn said smugly.
“I know you don’t mind but what would the boys think?”
“I guess so but you’ve got something on your face!”
“Oh my god what”
He leaned in and gave me one last snog.
“That” He said and gave me a massive hug then walked out of the back room.

I soon followed as Zayn and walked out of the back room and said my goodbyes the boys said they’d text me and we’d catch up the next day and all go out. I said that I would love to and I’d see them soon. They all walked out and Zayn blew me an unsuspected kiss before getting into the car and driving off.

What a day I’d Just had; I met one direction, made five new hilarious friends and got one incredibly amazing boyfriend. My life was completely turning around from normal to interesting. I disassembled the fort the boys built and packed up everything. I have never locked up faster before in my life.

I got home, showered, got changed and jumped into bed I was about to turn off my bedside lamp when my phone lit up someone texted me. I grabbed my phone, it was from Zayn and he had saved his contact to boyfriend.
Zayn: Hey babe I just wanted 2 let u no that I am so happy u r my girlfriend and btw ur a great snoger think about me in ur dreams I no ill b thinking of you I’ll text you tomoz love you night xxxxx [love ur Aussie accent]
Me: I could not have asked for a better boyfriend thankyou and ur not so bad at snogging either btw u have the hottest accent in the world I love you night XxooxX
Zayn: xxx

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