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Ali was a regular teenage girl, she wasn't popular and hadn't had many boyfriends. This is a story about unexpected surprises, Love, Triumph and one extremely lucky girl.


1. Hi how can I help you?


Authors Notes:

Here is the link to find the outfit Ali is wearing in this chapter of this story xx

Ali's outfit -->
It's casual Friday at work Ali had no idaea hat anything like this would happen.


My life has changed completely in the last couple of months i went from being a complete nobody to being on the front cover of magazines worldwide, and to think it all started one plane old day at work. 

I was standing there scooping ice cream listening to the radio, one way or another came on. A huge grin spread across my face. I started singing along out loud the customers in the shop started staring at me like I was crazy. 
The next minute my boss walks out "stop singing and start severing?" Rachel screamed. "Sorry I just got lost in the music" I said sweetly yet carelessly. Rachel rolled her eyes turned off the radio and walked into the back room grabbing her purse. "I'm going on my break don't screw anything up Ali or there will be big trouble" she warned storming out of the door in a flash. God I hated her so much, she was little miss perfect, woman of the year honestly someone should really carry her around so she doesn't stub her toe lord knows we would never hear the end of it. Anyway enough about Queen Rachel this is my life my story. 

So I was re stocking the single scoop cups when I noticed a massive commotion outside there were three big black four wheeled drives pulling into the parking lot. It didn't really faze me so I went back to restocking but the next few minutes were kind of a blur. About 30 paparazzi jumped out from nowhere taking pictures of someone I wasn't really sure who. Them a massive storm of people came rushing into the store and by massive storm I mean about 15 people max (A little F.Y.I. I over exaggerate a lot.) 

"Hi how can I hel-...." My eyes bugged out of my head my mouth wide open. I turned around to look forward and notice five incredibly handsome teenage boys. "Help you?!" I managed to spit out. "Ahh yes love, we were wondering if we could sneak out your back door the paps outside are completely bonkers" he spoke in his English accent. I just nodded and smiled before I realized who these boys were. It was bloody one direction standing in front of me. 

My mind quickly moved back to reality when I remembered we don’t have a back door. "Wait um err sorry you can't do that. You see…" "She's right you know Liam we can't barge in and out of here without buying anything." "No what I actually meant to say was..." "Right so it's settled." "Louie stop cutting her off, what were you saying lovely?" OMG Liam Payne just called me lovely, calm down Ali he probably calls everyone that it’s just a name. OMG who am I kidding ahhhhhhhh HE CALLED ME LOVELY. 
"Oh um we don't have a back door and you don't have to buy anything" I said my face as red as the cherries on the bench behind me. "Oh well why didn't you say so" Louie said. "BUT I WANT ICE CREAM," "of course you do Niall" Liam said. 

"Would you like to try our flavour of the month its choc dipped honeycomb?" I said helpfully. "Would I ever" Niall shouted and jumped excitedly. I handed him a taster spoon as he wondered around the shop his eyes carefully analysing each flavour. 

By this stage it was just the 5 boys and I in the shop and come on what else would a 18 year old think about doing at this very moment. "Oh I'm Ali by the way." As I said looking over at Liam and Louis "Your name is almost as beautiful as you are." Harry said running over to the register. I blushed to the maximum shade of red my body could handle. ”Thanks” I smiled shyly receiving a wink from the one and only Mr Harry Styles."I'm Harry and you've met Louis, Liam and Niall and that's Zayn over there sitting on the couch." "Yeah I kinda figured. I mean you guys are the biggest boy band out at the moment.” “I suppose you could say that” a sly Zayn Malik emerged from the couch. 

“Suppose?” I said back raising an eyebrow. “Okay we are, but there are some other big bands and artists out at the moment too” he said. “Yeah I guess so” I agreed. “You like our music don’t you?” Harry said his eyes clearly fixed on my shirt. Let’s just say I have matured in all the right places. “You could say that” I replied with a sassy little grin. Harry just winked at me again. “It doesn't look like the paparazzi are leaving anytime soon you may as well get something, it’s on the house.” “Oh goodie can I get that one, that one and that one please” Niall said with excitement in his eyes. I handed him his ice cream before he ran off and sat down. “I’ll have the honeycomb please Ali” Harry said with a cheeky smile. I handed him his ice cream and asked the rest of the boys if they wanted anything to which they all replied with no thanks. They were all so adorable and cute and kind and sweet and… Louie interrupted my thoughts “Hey Ali why don’t you come over and sit with us?” “I really shouldn’t” I replied with a sigh when I got a text from Rachel.

Rachel: I ate some bad sushi and I think I got food poisoning. I’m going home can you stay back and lock up?!

Ali: Sure thing, get well soon xx

Rachel: Save the sarcasm and don’t screw anything up

Ali: I won’t, see you Monday

“You know what I’ll take you up on that offer Louie.”I said walking out the side door to enter the dining area.

I turned around to lock the door and turned around to see the boys with their mouth wide open. I was extremely flattered and surprised at the same time. You see when I say I have matured in all the right places I mean I have a big butt and medium size boobs but it’s not like I have the skinniest stomach. Anyway I have Brown wavy hair and tanned skin and big brown eyes so I’m told. So I guess you could say I’m pretty not hot but pretty and sweet. 

Anyway I kept walking over to where the boys were and sat down and started to swing my legs in the chair, I always do it in awkward situations that and tap my nails. “So Ali, how old are you?” Zayn asked. “Oh I turned 18 on the 13th of January” I answered. “One day after me” Zayn added. “Really?” I asked. “Yeah but I’m 19. We should all go out for drinks this weekend. Do you have any plans Ali?” “No, no plans.” Wow Ali nice one way to sound like a loner. “I’d love to but aren’t you guys like super busy and stuff.” I said curiously. “Nah besides we can always make time to hang out with a beautiful girl like you.” Harry joined in. “Thanks” is all I could manage to spit out. Liam obviously seeing me blushing and looking a bit uncomfortable changed the subject. God bless him. “So Ali do you just work here?” he said smiling. “No I also teach dance on Wednesday nights.” I replied. “What style of dance?” Nail said with a full mouth of ice cream. He really did love his food. “I teach Hip hop, Jazz and a technique class.” I answered. “Fuck you must be flexible” Harry said. Zayn punched him in his shoulder and gave him a ‘back off’ sort of look. “Umm yeah I guess.” I said kinda shocked. “I’ll be back in a sec” I said leaving my phone on the chair and walked into the back room. 

I was in the back room alone. I just needed a second to take in everything that had happened. Harry didn’t say anything wrong but I’ve never had anyone say anything like that to my before. I’m not the most popular girl in the world. I haven’t had that many boyfriends before or had a guy compliment me for no means necessary. It was nice, different and weird all at the same time. 

The next minute Liam walked in “Ali are you okay you seem kinda I dunno freaked out.” “Oh I’m fine I was just err umm…” “You don’t have to say anything I know how you feel. Harry can be a bit of a handful sometimes.” “No it’s not that he did nothing wrong, I’ve kinda never had a guy complement me or say something like that to me before.” I said blushing immensely. I blurted out everything to Liam like he was my brother and best girlfriend put together. “Ali you’re a gorgeous girl and really nice from everything you just said it’s okay if a boy complements you but Harry was a bit out of line and if any other guy said that to you I would pound their face in.” “Liam you barely know me but your acting like my older brother and taking care of me thank you” I said and gave him a massive hug and he hugged me back. “Not a problem sis that is officially my new nick name for you.” We both laughed and walked out and sat down. 

“Sam and Todd drove around the side and opened the doors and closed them the paps thought we got in and are now chasing them. Apparently their on the high way trying to lose them according to the text I just got. Louis announced. “Sounds like you guys will be here for a while I’ll go lock up.” I said walking to the back room. “I’ll help too” a voice soon followed me. 

I turned around to see Zayn his gorgeous big brown eyes staring into mine. We both kept walking into the back room. Reached over the freezer to get the locks for the doors when suddenly Zayn spun me around and hoisted me up to sit on the freezer. “Your so light.” He said. “Umm thanks I guess. Is there any reason you put me up here.” I said crossing one leg over the other so he couldn’t see up my skirt. “Yeah I just wanted to tell you you’re beautiful from every angle.” “Aren’t you quite the charmer?” “You know it babe” he said sending me a cheeky smile before jumping up and sitting next to me. 

“So how are you liking Australia anyway?” “We haven’t seen much yet but the bits have, were amazing.” “So tell me Mr Malik what has been your favourite part of your Australian tour so far” I said in the best new reporter voice I could. “Well there were so many Miss….?” “Ralc” I added. “Miss Ralc I couldn’t possibly choose but if I had to” “Which you do” I said smiling. “It would have to be right here right now meeting you.” The smile from my face vanished my heart was racing I didn’t know what to do. Zayn could see in my eyes that I was completely surprised which is why what he did next was like reviving me. He leant in and kissed me so softly and lightly we both pulled away at the same time and stared at each other. I leaned back in and whispered in his ear “That was my favourite part” before getting off the freezer grabbing the keys and walking out to the others.

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