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Ali was a regular teenage girl, she wasn't popular and hadn't had many boyfriends. This is a story about unexpected surprises, Love, Triumph and one extremely lucky girl.


3. All the way?


Authors notes:
^Ali's outfit for the night^

Hope you like it xx


I was in my lounge room trying to finish choreographing a hip hop dance for my students, something that a couple days earlier would have been as easy as pie but today my mind was racing with a million thoughts a minute not to mention I was texting Hayley at the same time. She wasn’t buying a single thing I told her and I mean if I was in her shoes I would feel the exact same way but I told her I would prove to her that I was right. 
Me: Hayley clear anything ur doing 2day I think im going out with all the boys later I’ll text Zayn and see if you can come with us?
Hayley: HAHAHAHAH sure as if. Is this April fool’s day Ali? K whatever I have nothing planed today any way text me the details when u and “ZAYN” sort it out lol bye Hun
Me: Just you wait im not crazy trust me I’ll text ya soon bye girl
She obviously had no faith in me at all and I don’t blame her if she told me she had met one direction yesterday and she was now the girlfriend of Zayn Malik I would think she was the bullshitting queen. But I was about to prove her wrong.

I changed the music on my iPod to my stretching playlist and wouldn't you believe ‘Little Things’ came on, I just laughed and began to stretch when I got a text from: ‘Boyfriend.’
Zayn: Morning beautiful missed u in my bed last night ;)
Me: did u now handsome? Cuz I was thinking bout u all night xx
Zayn: Who wouldn’t! jks babe r we still on for later?
Me: Yeah course, where you guys wanna go?
Zayn: Lady’s choice
Me: aww maybe get your managers to look for a place so the paps don't find you boys
Zayn: Sure thing babe i'll surprise you
Me: u know i hate surprises! Oh and can I bring one of my friends?
Zayn: ahah i know you do but Yeah of course bring em along
Me: Aww thanx babe xx
Zayn: Hey afterwards do you wanna come back to my hotel room?

Shit I knew this day would come sooner or later. You see I'm kind of a virgin and by kind of I mean I'm a total nun. But I don’t want to lose it just for the hell of it. I want to lose it to someone I know will wait for me until I’m ready and Zayn doesn't really seem like that kind of guy even though he really likes me. So this is my dilemma what do I say to Zayn?!

I finally got the guts to message him back and came up with this:
Me: Ummm er I probably shouldn't I have to finish choreographing a hip hop dance for my students
Zayn: We could do it together..... if u want to?
Me: Yeah I’d love that
Who am I kidding if Zayn wants to get in my pants so be it. But i know this is totally going to back fire on me.
Zayn: Okay cool so I’ll get a car to pick you two up at about 7pm?
Me: Sounds great can’t wait to see you xx
Zayn: Me either I’ve missed u and ur lips so much xx see you soon love you xx
Me: Xxo i love you too oxX

So that was that, I had about 8hrs to get ready and we all know how long it takes to choose an outfit. I ran and jumped in the shower. By the time I got out of the shower and had picked an outfit to wear I was down to 6hrs. I still had to text had Hayley and tell her to meet at my place and tell her everything that had happened; like I said we’re like sister we told each other practically everything.


Hayley and I were in the car driving to our unknown destination. I had told Hayley everything that had happened and she was starting to believe me. I told her about Zayn inviting me back to his room and she was shocked. Hayley was the more fearless one out of our friendship, she had been with too many guys to count. She lost her V card when she was 16 so this news about me willing to lose mine fully shocked her.

Hayley said that she was kind of worried that things between Zayn and I were really rushed and would end in heartbreak but she also said she fully supported our relationship and offered some sex tips to which I just told her thanks but no thanks.

Now that we were getting closer and closer to our destination, I was starting to freak out about how this whole night was going to go down. Would the boys be okay with me dating their mate or would they say that I’m taking up all his time? And would we actually have sex tonight or were we actually going to finish that dance?!

We both got out of the car and were ushered into a back entrance of what we assumed was a fancy restaurant or hotel according to Hayley. We walked in and saw the boys sitting down on their phones. Then Zayn looked up and said that we looked beautiful while Hayley just stood there motionless not believing what she was seeing.

All the boys stood up and said their hello’s I introduced them all to Hayley and between you and me she and harry really hit it off. The boys took us over to one big circle table. The place was small but beautiful. The ceiling was so high and just above us hung a massive chandelier. 

Zayn sat down to the left of me and Hayley to the right and Harry to the other side of her, the rest of the boys sat down and everyone started talking amongst themselves.
Zayn put his hand on my bare leg under the table and started playing with the hem of my dress; I smiled and put my hand on top of his. Zayn leaned in and whispered in my ear. 
“I got you a present but I’ll have to give it to you when were alone and it’s more.... private” He said in a soft slow tone. 
I just smiled and whispered back “I can't wait” in a sweet tone.

Hayley turned around and said that she totally believed me and the Harry was way hotter than Ed Sheeran and if I knew that look in Hayley’s eye she was totally going to rock the bed with him tonight which I’m sure Harry would not have a problem with. But before Hayley could ask what Zayn and I were saying before he interrupted us and stood up.

“Hey lads um I just wanted to tell you all officially that... Ali and I are now in a relationship so um yeah don't touch her!” he said in a serious but joking tone.
“Tell us something we don’t know” Louis shouted.
“Wait you knew?” I added curiously.
“Yeah course Zayn has been acting weird and lovey dovey all day and we knew something happened yesterday between you two to so it was kind of obvious” Louis answered.
Zayn and I just laughed at each other before Niall and Liam started yelling out "SNOG, SNOG, SNOG!" So being the good boy (but my bad boy) Zayn was he did as he was told and pulled me up brought me close and snogged me. I pulled away blushing immensely and sat back down only to have everyone laugh but I didn't care because my boyfriend was amazing.

Zayn had his hand on my leg for the rest of the night; playing with my hem, drawing his initials, and he eventually moved his hand so far up he could feel my thong. At that moment I grabbed his hand and pulled it out from under my dress. I looked at him as if to say ‘too far were in public’ he just winked and said “Nice to see you dressed up for me” I just shook my head and held his hand for a bit.

Our meal came soon after Zayn’s little speech, and it was amazing the best thing I had ever eaten. I wanted to pig out so bad but sat there cutting the chicken into small bite size pieces, unlike Niall who just shoved his fork into it and started biting it off Zayn and I both saw what he did and we had a quiet little laugh together. Everyone finished their plates and Hayley and I excused ourselves to use the ladies room or basically just see how things were going with each of our ‘group dates’ so you could say.

The bathroom was incredible I mean it’s not like Hayley and I are poor but were not rich either. Inside there was a seating area with a lounge and coffee table, then you kept walking and saw the stalls with walls covered in mirrors. Both our mouths dropped as we walked back and sat down on the softest lounge in the world.

“So” I said “It looks like you and Harry are really hitting it off?”
“Yeah he’s so nice and funny and we both have a dirty mind” Hayley giggled.
“Because that’s what you want in a guy... a dirty mind!” We both laughed.
“What about you and Zayn you two looked like you were getting on really well. You two are like the cutest couple.”
“Yeah I think I’m going to go all the way tonight with him” I said.
“Ali, are you sure? It’s a big step you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”
“Yeah I’m sure I just want to get it over and done with,” I said walking over to the mirrors to check my makeup. Hayley followed me as we both opened our clutches and re applied mascara and lipstick.
“I’m so proud of you Ali you’re being so serious about this.” She said in a motherly tone.
“So are you going back to Harry’s place after this?” I said.
“Yeah I think so he asked me to but I said that I would check how you were getting home first.”
“I’m fine; go ahead. But I'll want details tomorrow!”
“So will I, we should catch up for coffee if you can manage to get off Zayn” Hayley said giggling.
I laughed in reply “I’m sure I can manage. I will text you when I get home okay?”
“Okay” she said as we both laughed and walked back out to the boys.

We both sat back down while everyone started a conversation about us all catching up again sometime. Hayley and Harry exchanged numbers, Harry whispered something in her ear and she giggled and nodded. Liam said that him Louis and Niall were going to go out for drinks and asked if we wanted to come, the rest of us all said no we were just going to go back and chill out for a bit. So the three of them said goodbye and got into one car and drove off. Hayley and Harry said bye and they jumped in one car and Zayn and I jumped into the other.

As soon as Zayn and I sat down in the back he gave me a massive snog. I looked forward but the driver had put up some sort of screen shield thing so we couldn't see him and vice versa. I sat on top of Zayn and straddled him before leaning in and snogging him again. His hands moved up and down my back, it felt so nice. I pulled away remembering what Zayn had whispered to me before.
“So can you give me my present now?” I asked curiously.
“No sorry babe you’ll have to wait until we get back to my place I left it there.”
“Awww” I said pouting and giving him puppy dog eyes.
“Damn you look so cute when you do that.”
“I know” I said giggling and moving to sit by his side.
He just smiled and put his arm around me and kissed my forehead. He grabbed my wrist and started drawing circles on it. I laughed really loud, Zayn stopped and covered my mouth with his hand. 
“I’m sorry but I get so ticklish there you have to go really slow otherwise I will have a laughing fit.”
“Babe you are so adorable, I love you.”
“I love you too. But I’m not just adorable and cute you know.”
“I know and judging by what you have on under that dress you’re extremely sexy too.”
I smiled and kissed the air.
“Oh so you like it when I call you sexy, don’t you Ali pie?”
I just laughed and gave him a little snog. Wow I was getting good at this flirting and snogging.
“I’ll take that as a yes” he said with a smug look on his face.
"So" I said. "Do you have to get permission from your managers if I’m coming over?"
“Nah they don’t know you’re coming back to mine but I slipped the driver a ten to keep him quiet.”
“Someone’s a bad boy aren't they?”
“Only for you” he said sending me a wink.
Swoon, is it getting hot in here? Time to cool things down a little.
“I just realised I didn’t bring any shorts to put on so I coould dance.”
“It’s ok you don’t need shorts I don’t mind. Epically with what you’ve got on under that dress.”
“How did I know you were going to say that? But no I couldn't do that to you. I mean with you and all your clothes on it just wouldn't be fair” I said with the biggest puppy dog eyes in the world.
“Oh I see how it is. What If I don’t wear my shirt? Is that fair?”
“I don’t know we’ll have to wait and see won’t we?”
And with that the car parked and Zayn helped me out.

He held my hand and we walked around to a back entrance and we went up a private elevator that took a lot longer than usual. So of course with all the spare time we had Zayn pulled me in and gave me another snog. He was so good at it; it felt like nothing I've ever felt before.
We walked down an extremely long hallway still holding hands until we came to a stop at his room door. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a room key and unlocked the door. 
“Ali close your eyes” Zayn said in a whisper.
“Zayn not again you know i hate surprises.”
“Babe just do it trust me you’re going to love it.”

I took a breath and did as I was told. I put my hands on Zayn’s shoulders and followed him in. I heard a little click which I assumed was Zayn turning on the lights. He moved me around and sat me down on his bed and said don't move. I heard a zip noise like he was opening his bag then some footsteps back towards me. When he told me to open my eyes.

I opened them and there he was one Zayn Malik on one knee again but this time he had a box in his hand I knew that box I’d seen it in movies, it was a box from Tiffany’s. My eyes widened as Zayn began to talk.

“So the other day when I asked you to be my girlfriend I forgot to give you something so I thought I’d call a redo and give you this.” He opened the box “Ali will you be my girlfriend again?”
“Are you kidding Zayn YES I will but you didn't need to get me this.”
“Yes I did, do you like it?”
“Yes I have wanted an Infinity Bracelet forever thank you I love you!”
“I saw all the pictures of them you screenshot on your phone and thought you wanted one. But this from me shows how much I love you.”
“Yeah you love me enough to go through me phone” I said smiling. “But really babe this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.” I said as we both stood up at the same time he leaned in and gave me a massive snog. 

“Hey babe can you put my bracelet on for me?”
“Anything for you Ali pie”
He put my bracelet on for me and I jumped on him and gave him a snog.
“Thank you so much, I love you” I whispered in his ear. 
“Now I need to give you a present”
“No you don’t that’s now how it works”
“I guess, you could give me another present then?”
“Ok get ready”
“For what?”
Before he could answer Zayn laid me down on the bed and was straddling me. He began kissing me on my forehead, to my nose, to my lips and down to my chest he pulled my body forward and reached around me and unzipped my dress. 

My mind was going a million miles a second what was happening? Was I ready for this? The answer was no I couldn't do this everything was moving way too fast. What was Zayn going to say? Would he end our relationship because of it? This had been the best two days of my life and I didn't want our relationship not to continue I had to say something. It was either embarrass myself or loose myself.

“Wait... Zayn stop, I can't do this!”
“Are you okay?”
“No not really you see um I’m um” Here it goes bye bye boyfriend.
“Um I’m a virgin and this is just too rushed I’m so sorry but I just don’t think I’m ready yet” I said starting to cry. Zayn pulled me up into a hug and just sat there holding me.
“Babe, don’t cry I’m fine with it. Why didn't you just say so I totally would have understood?”
“Are sure you’re okay with this you can dump me I would completely understand?”
“Are you kidding me? Ali I love you, I’m not going to dump you just because you aren't ready to have sex. I’d be a complete jerk and a fool for letting you go. Babe look at me I love you no matter what okay?”
“I love you so much right now you have no idea” I said wiping the tears from my eyes. 
“I’ll be right back okay?” Zayn said getting up of the bed and walking out into the kitchen.

When Zayn came back he had two wine glasses, 2 cans of coke, a t shirt and a pair of grey sweat pants and no shirt on. My smile came back and my eyes dry again.
"There’s my beautiful angel” Zayn said in the softest tone. I blushed and smiled sweetly as Zayn handed me his clothes. I didn't put them on instead i just placed them on the bed.

“Hey babe standing next to you I feel really overdressed.”
“Do you now?” he said as I nodded in reply. 
“Well what are we going to do about that then?” he added.
And just like that I stood up and dropped my dress on the floor. Zayn’s eyes bugged out of his head.
“You might wanna close your eyes I wouldn’t want to tease you would I?”
Zayn dropped his pants leaving him in just his briefs and leaped over the bed. He stood in front of me analysing me as I did to him. We both just smiled at each other as Zayn moved to sit on the edge of the bed. I didn’t want to be rude so I also sat down... but on top of him straddling him again. He cupped his hands around my bum as I ran my figures through his hair. He looked down at my lace bra and liked his lips.
“I saw that” I said raising an eyebrow.
He just looked at me like he was an innocent little puppy I just rolled my eyes and before I knew it he gave me a massive snog. Good he was so adorable.

We spent the rest of the night lying there next to each other in our underwear just talking about family and friends, he found out the my last name was Kralc and how much I hated it. We talked about how much I loved to dance and how I wanted to be a backup dancer but I was always told I wasn’t good enough so I was studying how to be a primary school teacher. He told me how he had wanted to go to university and study to be an English teacher, I said I loved to read but couldn’t spell to save my life he said if I ever needed any help he would always be there no matter what.

We were talking for ages until it got cold and we both slid under the covers and turned a movie on. I snuggled up against him and rested my head on his chest. My eyes started flittering as I tried to stay awake and Zayn made it worse by turning the movie off. 
“Ali go to sleep you’re tired”
“No I'm not, I'm just sleepy” I said yawning.
“Babe that’s the same thing. I love you now go to sleep.”
“I love you too” And that was the last thing I remember saying before I fell asleep on Zayn.

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