Living Like A Styles

Trista is rich, she lives in a mansion in LA with her Mum and she lives the life of a demanding, stuck up princess.Until her Mum decides to go on holiday in San Francisco. Trista has already planned 22 parties for when her Mum is away but her Mum ruins her plans by sending her to Holmes Chapel to liv with a family friend Anne Styles and her son. (Harry Styles & Zayn Malik fan fiction)


11. Meeting Zayn

I finished piercing my nose and but a sparkly silver stud in. I had a shower and ran into Harry's room wearing nothing but a towel.

"Harry where are we going?" I asked

"To a bonfire at the beach" he smiled "Is that alright?"

"Are you kinding I love the beach".

I put on my light blue ripped skinny jeans and a black loose fitting tank top, my 'Pugs not Drugs' jumper and my black studded vans. I added some waves to my naturally dead straight hair and put in my silver plug earrings.

"You ready?" Harrys asked poking his head around the bathromm door

"Yeah" I said putting on my last layer of lip gloss

"I'll go tell Mum" he smiled walking down the stairs.


Harry and I ended up sitting on the kerb waiting for his friend Louis.

"You look really pretty tonight"

"Thanks Harry"

"So did last night mean......."

I cut him off "Harry look it happened, its over for now we can talk about this later"

"Okay" Harry looked hurt

I put my head on his shoulder and we sat there in silence until an orange kombi van pulled up in front of us.

Harry got up and opened the door for me. I hopped in and sat down on the window seat. The guy in the drivers seat I assumed to be Louis and I wasn't sure who the girl in the passangers seat was.

"Hey Lou, hey El" Harry said  

"Hey Hazza" Louis smiled

"Hey Harry" the girl giggled

"Guys this is Trista she's uh my friend she staying with me for a couple months" Harry explained

"I'm Eleanor"

"I'm Louis".

We got to the beach in ten minutes and Harry once again opened the door for me. I jumped out and Harry grabbed my hand I didn't know why but I didn't question him. We walked with Louis and Eleanor to the bonfire on the beach.

"Harry, Lou" one guy smiled giving them both a hug the guy had blonde hair and a sweet Irish accent.

"I'm Niall" he smiled giving me a hug too

"I'm Trista"

A girl come and wrapped her arm around Niall "I'm Ri, short for Rihanna".

There was another couple sitting by the fire and there was a guy by himself.

The couple came up and introduced themselves.

"I'm Danielle"

"I'm Liam".

The guy sitting by himself just avoided eye contact and sat there.

Harry whispered in my ear "That's Zayn he's just been through a really bad break up"

I nodded and snuggled closer to Harry.

"Who want's the drink?" Rihanna laughed holding up a bottle of wine.

I dragged over and grabbed the bottle and poured myself a glass.

Harry looked at me strangly "You drink?"

"Of course I do, it's a hobby of mine"

"How old did you say you were again?"

"I don't think I did, but I'm 16"

"You're a year younger than me" Harry said "and I don't even drink that much"

I smiled and skulled my drink and smiled cheekily at Harry as I reached for more.

I noticed Zayn getting up and getting himself a drink. Now that I saw him I realised he was gorgeous.

"Hey Zayn" El smiled

"Uhh yeah hi" Zayn muttered

I took a deep breath and walked over to him "Hi I'm Trista"


"Nice to meet you Zayn"

"Uh yeah"

"Hey Tris wanna go for a walk" Harry asked coming and wrapping his arms around me.

It was easy to notice the tension between the two guys.

"Uh sure Harry".

Harry and I walked hand in hand down the beach in silence.

"What was so bad about Zayn's big break up?" I asked

"She cheated........"

"Thats not that bad"

".....with the whole football team"

"Youch, uh..... maybe we should go back I wanna just chill by the fire".

We went back to the bonfire and I left Harry's watchful eye and went over to where Zayn was sitting.

"I'm sorry about your girlfriend" I said

"Thanks but it doesn't matter to me anymore".

I saw Harry signaling me over to him.

"Hey we should go out for coffee sometime" Zayn said out of the blue

"I'm free tomorrow afternoon" I smiled

"Well there's a Starbucks alond the pier" Zayn said

"I'll see you there at four and uh....." I smiled.

"Hey Trista Louis is getting ready to go and he's our ride" Harry interupted

"I could drop you home if you like Trista" Zayn offered

"No I think we'd rather go home with......" Harry started

"Yeah that'd be great Zayn, but you go ahead Harry coz you have school tomorrow and everything" I finished.

Harry looked disgusted, but he left and Zayn and I ended up talking for hours until I yawned. I slapped me hand over my mouth.

Zayn laughed "You yawn like a bear"

"Shut up I hate my yawn" I smiled

"Its adorable" Zayn said gazing into my eyes.

He leant in to kiss me but I got up quickly before he could.

"Zayn its like 2 in the morning maybe we should get going" I said pulling him up.


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