Living Like A Styles

Trista is rich, she lives in a mansion in LA with her Mum and she lives the life of a demanding, stuck up princess.Until her Mum decides to go on holiday in San Francisco. Trista has already planned 22 parties for when her Mum is away but her Mum ruins her plans by sending her to Holmes Chapel to liv with a family friend Anne Styles and her son. (Harry Styles & Zayn Malik fan fiction)


8. Loving Harry

I stood in he pantry staring at the 2 minute noodles. I was seriously considering them as an option. I couldn't cook. I don't even think my Mum can cook we've always had a maid to do it all so I was stuck. Harry was cooking up a storm at the stove. Ahhhhh Harry, gorgeous Harry he is totally for me........

"Hey do you want some of this?" Harry asked showing me a saucepan full of pasta

"No I would rather just stand here and look at 2 minute noodles for the whole night" I sighed

"So should I dish up two bowls then?"

"You're a legend Harry"

"I already know you don't have to remind me"

I smiled "Do you have any good movies we could watch?"

"Do you like Bridesmaids?"

"How'd you guess" I laughed.

I went to the DVD cabinet in the sitting room and pulled out the bridesmaids DVD. I slid the disc into the DVD player and pressed play just as Harry walked in carrying two bowls of pasta. I sat down on the couch and Harry sat quite closley beside me. I twirled the pasta onto my fork and shoved it in my mouth.

"Mmmmmm" I sighed "Iwish I could cook like this"

"I'll have to teach you sometime" He smiled.


The movie finished and both Harry and I just kind o sat there for what seemed like forever until he looked right into my eyes and I just started kissing him. He kissed me back and he was such a good kisser. He started pulling at my clothes.


"I have a queen size bed"

"Perfect" I breathed.

Harry practically carried me up the stairs to his room and laid me down on his bed. He laid down next to me and pulled me on top of him. He started undoing the buttons on my shirt.


"Yeah Harry"

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Harry let me just throw something out there I'm not a virgin"

"Great neither am I" Harry smiled before kissing me again.



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