Living Like A Styles

Trista is rich, she lives in a mansion in LA with her Mum and she lives the life of a demanding, stuck up princess.Until her Mum decides to go on holiday in San Francisco. Trista has already planned 22 parties for when her Mum is away but her Mum ruins her plans by sending her to Holmes Chapel to liv with a family friend Anne Styles and her son. (Harry Styles & Zayn Malik fan fiction)


15. Lindsey Matthews

Harry and I had made up and it was a Tuesday afternoon after Harry had gotten home from school.

*Ring ring ring*

"Hello Trista speaking"

"Uh hello this is Lindsey Matthews uh is Harry Styles there?"

"Uh yes I'll put him on" I said into the phone

"Harry babe there is a Lindsey Matthews on the phone for you".

Harry ran down the stairs and grabbed the phone.

"Hello" he said

"Lindsey yes it has been a while"

"You've what"


"Yes I still live here alright I'll see you soon" He hung up the phone and threw it at the floor

"Who is she, she sounds like a California barbie" I giggled

But Harry wasn't laughing.

"What is it Harry?"

"Oh nothing just and old friend she'll be here in half and hour" Harry said rushing back upstairs I followed him. We went into his room and we sat down on his bed I kissed him passionatly on the lips eventually going all the way.

20 minutes later there was a knock on the front door. I got out of Harry's bed and slipped on my jeans and jumper.

"I'll handle this" I smiled giving Harry one more kiss and running to the door.

I opened it and there she was Miss California Barbie. She had long blonde hair curled at the tips, she was wearing a pink mini skirt, pink stilettos, a sparkly gold tnk top and a silver jacket she also had a pink handbag and and a thick layer of make up.

"Hello I'm Lindsey Matthews and you are" she said

"Trista, I'm Trista"

"Nice to meet you Trista" Lindsey smiled walking in "Where's Harry?"

I smiled "He's in his room uhh not decent either so I'll go get him"

"No you won't I'll get him" California Barbie said

Harry emerged behind her "Get who?"

"Harry darling there you are" Lindsey squealed running in for a hug.

Harry pushed her away "I assume you've met my girlfriend, Lindsey this is Trista she is me girlfriend"

Lindsey looked hurt "Harry you urgh haven't heard my news yet, lets go get some tea and I'll tell you".

Lindsey put her arm around Harry and lead him to the kitchen her fake blonde hair bouncing as she walked. I followed them and sat down next to Harry.

"Trista can you make us some tea" Lindsey ordered

"Actually Lindsey I know we're all waiting to hear your news" I said

"Alright well Harry and I well we slept together and it was all well and good until a last week I started feeling dizzy and sick so I went to the doctors and he said that I was pregnant"

"And your point Lindsey" Harry asked

"It's yours Harry" Lindsey smiled happily.

I bit my lip "I just remebered I have to be somewhere lovely to meet you Lindsey".

I left the ki5tchen with Harry close behind me.

"Tris wait"

"No Harry you wait I trusted you....... I trusted you"

"I know but I didn't know she was gonna turn up......"

"HARRY YOU COULDN'T HELP YOURSELF COULD YOU" I slammed the door in his face. I had only one place to go.

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