Living Like A Styles

Trista is rich, she lives in a mansion in LA with her Mum and she lives the life of a demanding, stuck up princess.Until her Mum decides to go on holiday in San Francisco. Trista has already planned 22 parties for when her Mum is away but her Mum ruins her plans by sending her to Holmes Chapel to liv with a family friend Anne Styles and her son. (Harry Styles & Zayn Malik fan fiction)


1. Life of the party

"Tris that purse was so cute why aren't you using it for the party?"

"Jeez Emma that purse was cute but it was like $900 and I got a much cuter one from Prada and it was $4000"

"Well I can't wait to see it tonight at Nick's place"

"I'll see you then babe, bye".

I but my phone on the table. Mum walked into the kitchen

"Hey Sweetie getting ready for the party" she smiled

"Yeah I can't wait"

"Wanna sandwich?"

"Yeah ANNA"  I yelled for our maid.


I got in the car

"Nick's place Geoff" I said to our driver.

We arrived in 20 minutes I jumped out of the car and slammed my door. I could hear music pumping from the house as I walked up the long driveway to the house. I walked inside there was people everywhere, overkill a typical party for me. Emma ran up to me, she had a strong grip on her boyfriend, Ethan's hand. They had an off and on relationship and right now they were on but I was sure by the end of the party they would be off again.

"This is the best party ever" she yelled

Ethan lifted an imaginary cup to his mouth and pretended to skull it. I smiled Emma was drunk, she was always like this getting drunk at the beginning of a party. I led Emma over to one of the couches that was free of people making out.

She giggled "Bailey is looking for you he wants to dance."

Bailey was such a player but I was single so what did it matter. I left Emma to spend some time with Ethan and I went to get a drink. Someone handed me a blue cup I drank the contents quickly I kept walking I wanted more alchohol.

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