Living Like A Styles

Trista is rich, she lives in a mansion in LA with her Mum and she lives the life of a demanding, stuck up princess.Until her Mum decides to go on holiday in San Francisco. Trista has already planned 22 parties for when her Mum is away but her Mum ruins her plans by sending her to Holmes Chapel to liv with a family friend Anne Styles and her son. (Harry Styles & Zayn Malik fan fiction)


13. Do you love him?

"Good morning beautiful"

I woke up and Harry was standing there with a tray, with a large stack of pancakes and orange juice.

He handed the tray to me.

"Thankyou Harry" I said puzzled.

"Look Trista you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met and any guy guy would be lucky to stand next to you and I guess what I'm trying say is well.... uhh... will you maybe be my girlfriend"

I clapped my hand over my mouth "Harrythis is so sweet of you and everything but if I am going to say yes I need to sort some things out".

I rushed to get dressed and caught the bus to Zayn's house. I rang the doorbell.

"Hey Tris" Zayn said opening the door

"Hey um Harry just asked me well to sort of uhh be his girlfriend and I wanted to aske you what you thought"

"of course he did"

"So what do you think Zayn"

"You don't need to ask my permission Trista do what you want" Zayn said closing the door.


"Yes Harry yes I will"

"Thats great but what did you have to sort out"

"Nothing Harry just nothing"

"It was Zayn wasn't it" Harry sighed "Do you love him?"

"Would I be here if I did?" I muttered

"I guess not" Harry sighed again.



(Sorry for such a really short chapter but I needed to get on to my next idea

<3 KimyD)

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