Popstar Life(One Direction Fanfic)

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Hannah Jessica Jade is the world's most famous Pop Princess!! She is the teen sensation and everyone loves her. Her amazing voice can make people fall in love with her and she is the most famous celebrity on earth her newest singles are always No.1 in the world top charts she gets nominated to every award as possible and this all looks like she is having fun but no there huge dramas with the biggest names in the music industry. This is the life of a POPSTAR!!
***************************************************************************************Okay this story has songs that belong to actual singers in the music world but for this story whatever song mentioned is Hannah's!


1. Introducing Hannah J

Hannah's P.O.V

Hey I am Hannah J, does it ring a bell anywhere? Of course you would know I am everywhere in billboards, magazines, TV , Newspapers and basically everywhere. You would know me as Pop Princess or Rap Queen. So here is a bit about my self. I am Hannah Jessica Jade ( To know what she looks like google "Amy Jackson" not the lingerie pics though) I am known for singing every type of songs there is from Rapping to Everything, I can sing high, low and rap at the same time. I love singing its basically my life. I don't know what I would do without music. Well I have Brunette curls and blueish grey eyes..yea yeah not that special looking...I am 5'9 and 60 kg..I am skinny luckily and have high metabolism.. I love dancing and acting other than singing, I have done a few movies and I choreograph my own dance techniques for tour. The good thing about me is that I can sing and Dance at the same time!!Awesome right I can easily manage my breathing so it becomes an awesome entertainment for my fans who call themselves Jadesters!! I love every single one of them to bits, if I could meet all of them i would they are my life the people who gave me this life...oh its getting a bit mushy here haha anyways I have three best friends Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and Cher Llyod. Yep they are famous too the reason they are my best friends is because they like me for who I am in the inside and not because I am the famous Hannah J. It sometimes sucks to be famous but only sometimes that means rarely. We are so close like sisters which also goes with the age difference. Cher and I are the closest out of the others Cher and I and; Taylor and Demi. Its maybe because me and Cher are both 18 while Taylor and Demi are in their 20's. Even though Taylor is the oldest her mind is like a five year old. Basically Demi is the more responsible while us three get crazy. Cher and I met at the X-Factor where my journey and career started. Well yeah I won X-Factor. I was so terrified to audition for it at first but then my family, friends and mainly YouTube subscribers and viewers urged me to try I did and didn't even believe one bit to win it I honestly thought One Direction who are also my close friends or Rebecca were gonna win. I didn't even think I would even make it through boot camp!! It was an awesome journey though, the x-factor house and the boys, I had fun and I miss all the contestants. Wow I got carried away didn't I, sorry haha anyways I met Demi and Taylor at my first Brit awards with Cher. Oh did I forget to mention I am in a relationship with Jesse McCartney!! Yep the Jesse McCartney he is such an amazing boyfriend except he is a bit older than me, but age is just a number right so it doesn't matter. I also have a brother named Josh he is awesome, we are twins he is a music producer at Syco Records where I am currently signed at so....that's basically about my life oh and I love FOOD!!! Don't judge me!!


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P.S oh guys for taylor haters don't hate on her in this story i just used her name to create drama in the story. And I am not a swiftie don't worry haha!!cheers:)

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