Way Back Then

How did Samantha Weldon , a regular teenage girl , and Harry Styles , a British boy band member , came to be ? This story is shows how Samantha and Harry face trials that either end or keep their relationship on going .


1. Felt This Way

Have you ever felt like .. running away from a life so horrible but still loved it very much?

My head shot up, hair sticking to my forehead . The palms of my hands sweaty . Breathing in heavily . I look around as my breathing slows down . 

It felt like it was only yesterday when my dad died . 

*flash-back ten years ago*

It was one of my favorite days but it took a turn . The sun was shining down on us while me, mum , and dad were happily playing on the beach .We built sandcastles , buried each other under the sand , splashing water on each other . We were so happy . Just laughing and spending some quality family time . As we got in the car and we started to drive, a tire popped ... as I watched in horror , I took a look at my dad . In his eyes were pure panic & fear . I could tell he was trying his very best to save us  . Although his very best, wasn't enough to save him but only us . My mom slipped away from my hands and was devoured in the cold, dark state of depression after his death . Ever since then,I had to raise myself into someone who's walls were carefully built and would never let them down ....

*end of flash-back*

  Tears brimmed my eyes . My vision became blurry as I try to hold it all back ,threatening to fall out . The pain, the sorrow , the frustration , forget it . I have to let it go ... As the tears stream down thickly plopping onto the floor , I walk over to the wall and slide my back down hugging my knees to my chest . Replaying that moment that still haunts me this very day . After a couple of minutes I finally calm down and slowly trudge my way to the bathroom . As I turn on the water I strip off my clothes I step in as the warm water soothes me . I drown my cries in the shower wondering why me ? After a while I turn the water off and step out wrapping a towel securely around me . I brush my teeth and check my breath . Yup , it's minty enough . I walk out of the bathroom and open a drawer . I drop the towel and change . As I finish changing I look up into the mirror and smile, I finally feel .. pretty . Ripped jeans and a floral flowy sleeveless top ,a black cardigan that has a single white stripe an the top, and lace white toms . I walk into the bathroom and start drying and brushing my blonde hair . When it's dry enough I take out the curling iron and start curling my hair . I smile at my reflection in the mirror . I add a some mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss . Might as well go out to the mall and forget my past for a while . I grab my bag, wallet, & phone and walk down the stairs calling out , " Mom I'll be out a little bit . Please try to take care of yourself ." I listen closely and hear no reply , only the shuffling of feet . I sigh sadly, and head out the door . I hear a small faint voice saying , " Be careful." . I smile slightly at that . As I step outside I call a taxi to take me to the mall . 

A few moments after I reach my destination . It's been a while since I've been to the mall after I too have been trying to slip out of depression . I look at it from the bottom to top admiring how beautiful it looks . As I walk inside I get some Starbucks . I notice there was a big crowd . I wonder what's happening .. As I walk toward there I take out my phone and scroll through my tumblr . As I smile at one of the posts I accidently bump into someone causing me to fall into the ground and my Starbucks to drop on me . I look at myself in the current position stunned . I see 5 pairs of shoes surrounding me . "Are you okay love ?" I hear someone say . I slowly look up and my eyes directly meet his beautiful green eyes . He must've noticed since he had a confused look on his face . "Uh..." , is all I can manage to say . "Hi were One Direction." , the boy with the beautiful eyes says grinning cheekily . He holds out a hand and I gladly take it . "Sorry,love." I hear them say simultaneously . I chuckle softly and remember that I'm wearing my Starbucks... "Nice meeting you guys but I have to go to the bathroom to wa-" I was cut off by what his name seems to be Harry . " Don't worry love, we'll help you." , he replies winking . 

I can't be falling for a stranger ...

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