Love is not a toy

16 year old Hope Clare Johnson is the most intelligent girl in her classes and says "I'm to busy for love, a guy would just waste my studying time!" But as clare soon finds out that Niall, the most popular guy in school is totally in love with her! But is it because of her good looks or herself?


4. The new kid

That night I could barley sleep! I checked my cell phone at least a million times to she if he texted! I finally passed out in the middle of the night and dreamed about him the following morning. When I woke it was early. "Great!" I thought. "This gives me enough time to strighten my hair and pick out a cute outfit. I Decided to wear a see through white blouse, skinny jeans and a pair of tan Uggs. I quickly straightened my hair ate breakfast and ran out the door. I sped my way to the bus stop, crunching the Autumn leave with every step. As usual April was there, but she looked different. I mean like really happy different. She was dressed in a short sleeveless yellow dress, neon green leggings, and a pair of tall, black zip-up leather boots. Her hair was tied back into a tight curly ponytail and she had large gold hoop earrings. At first I started to think, "Does she know she's wearing that?"

As I got closer I saw a boy standing next to her.  He had light brow hair that was long and shaggy. He looked about my age but I had never seen him at our school before. When he turned my way he stopped moving and froze. I walked closer, still no movement but his jaw was dropped. I finally reached April and asked" What's with the crazy git up?'"

"I just wanted to try something new!" she said confidently.

"Oh and by the way this is Mark he's new at our school, he was wondering once we got to school we could show him around." she said putting her hand on Mark's shoulder.

"Oh, alright." I said, I turned to him and said, "Hi my name is Hope, if you have any questions just ask April or I." 

He just stood there and nodded his head in agreement. Soon the bus came and April and I listened to , " What Does the Fox Say?" all the way there. We showed Mark his locker, shedule, books and sent him on his way. 

"Do you think he likes me?" April asked right after he had turned to leave.

"Who Mark?" I asked.

"No, Mr. Rogers." she said sarcastically.

"Yes Mark!"  

"I dunno." I said.

"Gee thanks she said, " I'm gunna get my books, later" and she saluted me.             

Right after she left I started to head to my locker and once I had gotten there Niall was standing there!

"Damn! I kept him waiting!" I thought to myself as I approached him.   

"Hi Niall, How are you this morning" I asked. 

But he didn't say anything back he just kissed me. Right smack dab on the lips. My hands started on his chest and I made my way up to his neck and he put his arms around my waste. This Is my very first kiss ever! It was the best kiss I have ever had in my whole life. When It was finished we looked at each other only for a moment then...   

"Hope Clear Johnson, will you be my girlfriend?"                                                                                                                                    


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