Love is not a toy

16 year old Hope Clare Johnson is the most intelligent girl in her classes and says "I'm to busy for love, a guy would just waste my studying time!" But as clare soon finds out that Niall, the most popular guy in school is totally in love with her! But is it because of her good looks or herself?


7. Mixed feelings (short chapter)

Mark's POV


Why did Romeo love Juliet? Was it because she was pretty? Was it because she was differnt from him? Opposites do attract. Or was he just rushing into something he thought was love? I was thinking about this before I went to bed that night, and it got me thinking. Am I just telling myself that I like Hope, or am I really In love? I buried my face into my pillow and groaned in frustration.

"Why can't I get her out of my head?" 

But I wasn't talking about Hope, I was talking about April.


April's POV


There was no use. No way he liked me. Maybe as a friend but not anything more. I just had to accept that. But I had such a big crush on him that no matter how many times I told myself that he didn't like me, I still smiled at the thought of him. I didn't know if he liked me, to be honest I was dead set on the idea that he only liked Hope. and then I remembered that I like to believe that there is a hope meter inside of me. That it goes up every time that I have the slightest bit of hope. And even though I knew he didn't like me, my hope meter rose a half of an inch the day after he came over.

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