Love is not a toy

16 year old Hope Clare Johnson is the most intelligent girl in her classes and says "I'm to busy for love, a guy would just waste my studying time!" But as clare soon finds out that Niall, the most popular guy in school is totally in love with her! But is it because of her good looks or herself?


1. makeover!

"I told you a million times April, a boyfriend would just waste my study time!" I said about to rip out my own hair! "And plus you and your boyfriend get in fights a lot and i don't want to put up with that!"

"There are thee things you should know Hope," April said as she sat me down on my bed. "A boy friend would make you feel special." 

"April my grades make me feel special." But she just ignored me and kept talking. "You should really take a break from the studying and your a lonely girl and you NEED a boyfriend!" 

"I am not lonely your my friend!" I loudly protested. "Yhea you have me but you need a guy!"

"What about a guy friend?" I asked giving in half way. " Thats not good enough, you need some dude to be absolutly head over heels in love with you!" She said tapping her chin. Oh no April was thinking that cant be good! "Ahhhhh!!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. I got it!"


"Its the best idea I have ever had!"


"Its mind blowing!!!!!!"


"MAKEOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she squeaked. "Oh no, there is no way possible to make me get a makeover!"

"Come on for me"she whined.





"uhg fine!"

When April finished screaming after a few minutes we headed down to the mall to get new outfits and I was going to get my hair dyed. To be totally honest I was actually really excited to get my hair done.


After a quick clothing montage we headed down to the salon.

"Allo how may I help you?" The lady at the register said.

"Umm I was going to get my hair dyed from blonde to brown." 

"Thats quiet a jump, are you sure you mum is ok with it?"

"umm..." then April cut me off and said,"of course!" with a big old fake smile plastered on her face.

"Ok that will be $20.50"

After I had payed she told me to go sit in the waiting room until my name was called.


Once five minutes had passed an irish stylist had called me in and asked, "So you want to dye you hair brown?"

"yes please"

"Ok you  just sit there and ill be right back"she said. "oh yay more waiting!" I thought. When the stylist came back she had a lot of tin foil, rubber gloves, brown hair dye and ect. "Okay once i'm finished you will look glamorous! she squeaked with excitement. 

It felt like forever to get my hair done she had to wash it, comb it, dye it, curl it and, perfect it but when i walked out of the salon everyone was staring at me!



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