Love is not a toy

16 year old Hope Clare Johnson is the most intelligent girl in her classes and says "I'm to busy for love, a guy would just waste my studying time!" But as clare soon finds out that Niall, the most popular guy in school is totally in love with her! But is it because of her good looks or herself?


6. Confused

March 6th 2014

Dear diary, It's April

What a week!!! I just can't believe that Hope is dating Niall Horan!!! But there is something I should confess... I'm really jealous of her. Why? Because she has a boyfriend! A cute, kind, sweet boyfriend! But Mark isn't like that. I really like him, but he pushes me away! Ya, he treats me as a friend but he makes "THE EYES" at Hope. Agh!!!!! Why does every boy push me away even if we are dating or not! My last boyfriend I had broke up with me because I was a filler! Which basically ment I was his sloppy second! His?! What am I, a toy?!?! He seemed so nice at the start, but then he turned out to be a two faced lying little...!! Oh god, I really need to calm down. I completely alone tonight because my parents are on a date, and Hope is on a date too. Maybe I could call Mark and have him come over.

See ya  


Marks P.O.V.

I got a call from April, she asked if I could go over to her house to hang out and get to know each other. I was a little sad to her that she was all alone, and even more sad to hear the Hope was on a date. But I had decided to go anyways. When I arrived I realized one thing. April's house is huge, kind of like a small mansion! We mostly talked about stuff we liked to do and walked to the park down the street. April is one of those girls who you could just meet and you would automatically think she would be a girly girl. But no, she loves video games, basketball and youtube. I think her and I would make really good friends, but it's hard to try not to like someone even if your into someone else. The more I looked at her the prettier she appeared. No!! I can't like her! I like Hope! Anyways, after I got there we went on a walk to her neighborhood playground and sat on the swings and talked.

"So, what's up" I asked.

"I don't know..." She replied. April was looking at the ground biting her lip. She looked pretty nervous, but kinda cute.

"Hey, don't be so nervous. You can tell me anything." I said giving her a half smile. April looked up at my and gave me an absolutely adorable smile.

"Thanks but..." April's smile faded. "I just can't tell you. Dumb personal problems."

We sat in silence. Both looking at the ground beneath us. 

"Hope I-" I started until my phone rang. My mom was calling.

"Sorry Hope I gotta take this."

"It's okay!" She said cracking a big fake smile. I got up and walked over to a nearby tree and answered the call. 

"Hey mom." I said.

"Hey honey where are you?"

"I'm over at my friend April's house, didn't dad tell you?" 

"Oh, I guess not, do you need to be picked up or are they dropping you off?"

I looked back at April still swinging slowly.

"Actually mom can you pick me up now?"

"Sure ill be there soon! By the way i'm glad you're making friends!"

"Okay mom love you." I said rapping up the conversation.

"Love you too!"

I ended the call and walked back over April and said, "I'm sorry I have to go home it was nice hanging out with you."

"Oh," she said standing up,"I can walk you back."

"Sure." I said and we walked back to her house in silence.




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