Love is not a toy

16 year old Hope Clare Johnson is the most intelligent girl in her classes and says "I'm to busy for love, a guy would just waste my studying time!" But as clare soon finds out that Niall, the most popular guy in school is totally in love with her! But is it because of her good looks or herself?


3. After class

I was super excited to meet him after class and I didn't know why! I guess because the most popular guy in school talked to me (fangirling inside)! Then I realized why was I excited? Focus on grade not guys! Grades! Grades! Agh! 

"Ok class time to... blah blah bla de blah blah." the teacher sorta said. I couldn't concentrate which was usual for me! After a long lesson class was over. I was actually glad it was over! I walked out or ran out of the classroom. 

"Hey! It's nice to see you again." he said shyly.

"Same with you." I blushed.

"Here" he said passing me his number.

"Thanks i'll text you!" I said staring at the ground still blushing. We blushed and stared at each other forever! It was the most awkward conversation I have had with a guy! No, let's restate that that was the only conversation I have ever had with a guy! 

"Well I need to get to my locker." I said about to leave. Just then he grabbed my wrist I turned around. I looked at him and built up the courage to kiss him on the cheek, then I casually walked away. I thought I over did it until I got a text from him later that day and it said...

*Nail Horan*

*Thx for the kiss! Can I have another tom.?*


I decied to play the bad girl in this conversation so I said...

*Hope Johnson*

*Idk can I? ;)*


Sorry this is short!!



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