Things Happen

Rosely was in a car wreck when she was 14. Both of her parents died and she was forced to live in a orphanage. The Simon Cawol adopts her and she becomes his new daughter. But she ends up falling in love with one of the boys and turns on him for the other? She can't help but try to figure out who she wants to be with.


2. Orphanage

Rosely POV.

~3 years later~

I'm 17 I have curly blonde hair blue eyes. I've lived in the orphanage for 3 years now and next month if no one adopts me then the nuns will buy me an apartment and leave me to live my life, because next month (June) I turn 18 on the 18th. Ive only made 2 friends here, and they are both nuns. Mandy who is 30 and Amber who is 32. And my story of my complicated life begins now.. While I'm peacefully asleep in my bed.

"Rose get up!" Mandy shouted wiggling me.

"What?" I groaned. I rubbed my eyes and see Amber packing my things.

"Here putt this on!" Mandy shouted handing me a beautiful strapless peach dress that had a black bow wrapped around it and it had ruffles at the top and it ended at the middle of my thighs, Mandy shoved me into the bathroom.

"So what's going on?" I asked walking out of the bathroom.

"Come here," Mandy patted a spot I front of her. I knew what that ment she was wanting to French braid my hair, and I knew she was going to put it side ways. I looked up at Amber who was fitting all my clothes in a suit case.

"Done!" She shouted.

"Will some explain to me what's going on?" I asked.

"Amber, care to explain?" Mandy said. I could feel her grin on the back of my neck which sent shivers down my spine.

"Oh would I!" Amber shouted plopping her self on the bed.

"So my dearest Rosely, we have good news! Someone has come to adopt you and you will never guess who!" She exclaimed. Mandy finished my hair and put a peach flower in my hair.

"Who?" I said.

"THE Simon Cawol!" She shouted.

"Oh my gosh!" Please tell me your lying!" I shouted.

"Nope." Amber said Happily. Then I looked at Mandy who looked upset.

"Is everything okay Mandy?" I asked. She sighed,

"I guess, I just don't want you to go. And believe me I'm happy for you but, I'm gonna miss you." She sighed even louder. 

"Don't Worry Mandy I will never forget you and Amber nor sister Melba, unfourtanutly." I laughed, and then we all laughed together she looked like the evil which off of  Wizard of Oz'.

"I will never forget the people who raised me and were I was raised here in this old town in California." I smiled.

"Alright! Brush your teeth and but your shoes on Simon will be here in 30 minutes!" Mandy shouted.


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