Things Happen

Rosely was in a car wreck when she was 14. Both of her parents died and she was forced to live in a orphanage. The Simon Cawol adopts her and she becomes his new daughter. But she ends up falling in love with one of the boys and turns on him for the other? She can't help but try to figure out who she wants to be with.


3. New Home

Rosely's POV.

I'm now ready to go and I hear a knock at the door. My heart starts to thumb It beats so fast and loud that I swear someone could hear it. Sister Melba goes to get the door. Simon couldn't help but stare at her.

"Can I help you?" Melba said annoyed.

"Uhh, yes I'm looking for Rosely?" He said. I walked down stairs and he looked amazed.

"You look lovely." He smiled.

"thank you, and you look handsome." I smiled back.

"Well, we should get going, our plane private jet leaves in an hour." He said escorting me out side.

"Private jet?" I asked.

"Oh yes  we are going to London and if the paparatzzie ask questions don't answer them, put your head down and keep walking, Okay?" He asked.

"Got it." I said then a man opened the door to the limo and we were on our way to London.

~~(skipping the plane ride)~~

We arrived at a mansion. The same man opened the door as I got out.

"Thank you," I said 

"Pleasure is all mine miss." He said and after Simon got out he shut the door and waited by the limo.

"Woah...." I said stunned right in front of two big wooden doors.

"Wait until you see your room." Simon smiled. We walked up some stairs and  came to a long hallway 3 bedrooms on the left 3 bedrooms on the right and then 1 at the very end.

"Who else stays here?" I asked concered about the bedrooms.

"We'll I'm at the very end and your to the right of me and the other five are the boys from one direction. Are you a fan?" He asked.

"Well not really I've only heard one song from them and that's What Makes You Beautiful." I smiled.

"Oh I see. Well the boys stay here I'm there uncle Simon not really but you no what I mean." He said opening the door to my room. I gasped its huge it has neon Orange fuzzy walls and a hugge king sized bed, With a flat screen tv and a couch a love seat and a coffe table that match my walls.

"Of Simon.... It's wonderful thank you." I said giving him a huge hug.

"Your welcome and I'll give you some time to unpack you need to get ready for tonight, something pretty, the boys are coming over for dinner." He smiled and walked out.

Were to start. New home.


Tell me what you think please! And read my other book if you will its called Big Mistake.

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