Things Happen

Rosely was in a car wreck when she was 14. Both of her parents died and she was forced to live in a orphanage. The Simon Cawol adopts her and she becomes his new daughter. But she ends up falling in love with one of the boys and turns on him for the other? She can't help but try to figure out who she wants to be with.


5. Meeting them

 Meeting the Boys
Rosely's P.O.V

 I decided to take a shower And got one of the my dresses it's white strapless with an orange bow around it. I got in the shower and laid the dress on the counter so I could put it on when I get out. I didn't bother to lock the door because I no Simon wouldn't just walk in on me. About ten minutes in the shower I hear a loud noise in my room it sounded like a lamp dropped or something but I didn't bother to check. Then I herd a deep chuckle, that scared me a lot. I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me. I opened the door and felt a cool breeze hit me, it made me shiver, and I soon touched the cold carpet which gave me goose bumps.
"Hello?" I asked looking around checking to see if anyone was there. Then I felt someone's breath on my neck and then they shouted "Boo!" Right in my ear. It scared me so bad that I fell on my but. Luckily my towel didn't fall off. Then, now noticing that there were two boys and I finally memorize those faces. It was Harry and Louis from one direction.
 "Uhh!" I shouted in disgust and I was mortified by how I was only in a towel. I went back in to the bathroom and locked the door. I got dressed an quickly brushed and curled my hair. I put my orange flats on and walked out of the bathroom to see them all sitting on my bed they were all looking through my stuff. 
"Haven't any of you heard of personal business?!" I shouted.
"Oh sorry love, me and the lads were just looking to see if we can find anything about you that's all." Said the one I think is Niall. Harry picked up my bathing suit and looked at it smirking. 
"So going through my stuff helps?" I questioned snatching my bathing suit and throwing it in my suit case, closing it and then kicking it under my bed. Niall could tell how mad I was. 
"Sorry love." He said rubbing my back. All the guys got off the bed and waited around I walked over and sat on my bed and let out a huge sigh. Niall and I think Liam(well I'm pretty sure) came and sat by me.
"What's wrong?" Liam asked.
"I don't know, why don't you ask those dumbo's standing right there." I said pointing at Harry and Louis. They just chuckled.
"Haz. Lou. What did you to do?" Niall's cute sweet innocent Irish accent asked.
"We scared the loving pee at out of her!" Louis shouted.
"Loving pee? What in the world?" I asked. They all laughed. 
"Well lets all introduce our selves." Niall said.
"I'm Niall."
"I'm Louis"
"I'm Harry"
"Kill me now" I murmured.
"I'm Liam"
"I'm Zayn" 
They all said. 
"We'll I'm Rosely and I think we have a dinner to catch. I said sitting up quickly. We all walked down stairs together and found Simon in the dinning room. 
"Well I see you guys have already met let's eat!" Simon shouted.  Harry pulled my chair out for me.
"Thank you." I said sitting down. Niall sat beside me and Harry sat on the other side of me. Niall, Harry, and I were in our own conversation.

Harry's POV.
The way she laughed was so adorable. I think I'm falling for her. I don't think she likes me, I think she is falling for Niall though. I have to change that.

Rosely's POV
After dinner I went to my bedroom and changed into my pajamas. I laid down and then I heard a knock on my bedroom door, it was  Harry in his pajamas.
"What?"I giggled.
"We'll I thought we should get to know each other since we got off on the wrong foot." He said in a deep British accent that made me want to melt.
"Uhh sure." I stuttered letting him in. 
"So wh-" Harry cut me off with a kiss. I kissed him back then pulled away. 
"Wow." I smiled.
"Rose will you be my Girlfriend?" He asked. I thought about it for a moment.
"Yes." I smiled. Harry kissed me passionately.  Then we laid in my bed and watched a scary movie. At
the end of the movie I cuddled up to him, my head was on his chest and I looked up at him and I kissed him and sat up.
"Is something wrong love?" He asked.
"No, Just thinking." I said.
"About?" He questioned.
"Well....." I trailed off.

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