Things Happen

Rosely was in a car wreck when she was 14. Both of her parents died and she was forced to live in a orphanage. The Simon Cawol adopts her and she becomes his new daughter. But she ends up falling in love with one of the boys and turns on him for the other? She can't help but try to figure out who she wants to be with.


6. Haylor?

Rosely POV.
"Well.... What is Haylor?" I questioned. He let out a huge sigh.
"My ex girlfriend was Taylor Swift, so it was a thing were people put two names together. So Harry + Taylor = Haylor."
He said. This slightly made me a little jealous and slightly scared. 
"Are you two still together?" I asked concerned. 
"No." He said quickly. This made me feel a little uncomfortable because I felt like he was lying. But I knew I had to trust him.
"Oh, Okay." I said. I kissed him gently on the lips and snuggled up to him in the bed. 
"Goodnight." I said.
"Goodnight." He said. And I slowly drifted off to sleep.

Harry's POV.
While she laid there peacefully not making a sound I thought to my self. I'm still dating Taylor and I'm dating rose so how am I suppose to tell Taylor thAt I'm breaking up with her? What if I can't get a hold of her for another week and rose finds out and she thinks I'm cheating on her? What if the paparazzi tell her first? What if she already knows. So many questions were flying through my head. I got up very slowly hoping I wouldn't wake Rosely, and walked to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and realized how sweaty I was so I turned on the faucet and splashed cold water on my face.
"Are you a Okay?" Rose asked coming out of no were, which made me jump a little. She giggled . 
"I'm fine thanks for asking." I smiled. She wrapped. Her arms around my neck, which made her have to get on her toes. I chuckled.
"Yes I'm sure." I said kissing her passionately on the lips.  
"Okay." She said and started to walk off but I grabbed her wrists and pulled her in for another kiss but this time she was leaning backwards a little.
"Are you gonna come to bed or do you want to go back to yours?" She asked.
"I think I will go back to mine I don't want Simon to walk in and freak out." We laughed. She kissed me one good last time and  walked off to bed and me following close behind, she held on to  my wrist as we walked out the bathroom.
"Wait." She said. 
"Yes, love?" I asked.
"Can you lay with me until I fall asleep?" She asked.
"Sure." I answered. We both crawled back into bed and she curled up in a little ball into my arms and soon fell asleep. I carefully got out of bed and walked to my bedroom and crawled into my cold bed.  I laid there for a hour and then I herd Rose scream. Me Simon and all the guys rushed to her room to see her sitting in her bed sweaty panting and her face was pale like she had just seen a ghost.
"Are you okay?" Simon asked. She did not reply. He asked again.
"Are you Okay?" 
"Nightmare." She said slowly. We all walked in and climbed on her bed. She slowly came to a stop from panting 
"Sorry I forgot to take my medicine." She said to Simon.
"What medicine?" Zany asked.
"The one to stop my nightmares." She replied. I looked at the clock 2:30 am it said. after about 30 min of making sure she is okay we all went back to our beds by 3:00and I slowly feel asleep.

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