I'm in the forest running in full speed. Someone catches up behind me. I hear a sharp snap of a tree branch and turn around. "Who’s there?" I say aloud. "It’s ok wolfy. I'm nice." Someone says in the distance. "I'm not a dog if that's what you’re referring too." I snap back. "I know, but they don't." A male figure comes into the light. His shimmering blonde hair is the first thing I see. He comes closer. He’s scent says vampire, but his eyes say werewolf.
"I'm not here to hurt you, but they are. And they will find you."


1. Chapter One

Chapter One “Nicole. Nicole, Nicole get up!" was all I heard before waking up to feeling like, I fell in a swimming pool. "What the hell Jessica? What did you do that for?!" I realized my whole body is soaked. Drowned in water Jessica is looking over me laughing. I am soaking wet and my best friend is just laughing, what a friend I have. "Get up Nicole we have to get ready for school." Jessica said. "Well…” I paused. “Why don't we do this; when my bed, and body is not soaking wet?!" I suggested. We have to get ready for the best time of our lives. So come on damnit!" Jessica yelled. Trying to be careful too not slip on the water splattered on the floor next to my bed I get up. "Where are we going?” I said ringing the water out my clothes. “To the Mall and get new clothes for senior year." Jessica loved admiring herself in the mirror. "You know I don't like going to the mall, it’s full with selfish bitches that snack on crackers to fill their appetite." I really didn't like going there. "Come on Nicky please go." She begged. "Ok only because I need new clothes." I said. "Yay thanks Nicky." When we get there all I see is a bunch of girls pushing and shoving to get to the products in the store. "Let’s go!" Jessica was ready pounce to like a lion. "Oh hell no, I'm not going in there." This mall was like a sink hole. "Ok well I am so I'll call you at 2:30 ok?” She says. "Sure I guess" Looking for my phone, I bump into this guy and just stared. "Oh I'm so sorry" He thought he hurt me. "No, No its ok I was the one who bumped into you." I tried not to sound nervous. When he spoke I thought my legs were going to give out. All the features of his body made me shiver. "Well I think I better go" He walked away. Standing there I thought what would have happened if we touched? Brushing off all the chills I continued to search for some new clothes. I walked into Glamour hoping to find a skirt that comes with a matching belt. Then go to Claire's to get a bracelet and a pair of earrings for cheap. Instead I got a text from Jessica saying to meet her at Sonic in the food court. So I paid for the skirt and skipped going to Claire's. "Nicky, Nicky over here" Jessica yelled trying to get my attention. I walked up to her about to ask what she wanted, but before I could. I spotted the guy I bumped into early today. "Hey what happened to meeting up at 2:30?" "You see that?" Jessica pointed. "No what am I looking at?" I lied. "Him, that. The guy standing right there." She was in shock. "I'm sure he has a name." At this point she was totally clueless. "What are you saying I should go ask him out or something?" Jessica fixed her hair. "No dumbass! I think you should just go ask him his name." I gave her a ‘really’ look. "Will you come with me for back-up?" I was silent for a while until I finally agreed "Sure I'll make sure you don't say something stupid, like ask the guy out." Pushing Jessica forward toward him I wonder what if he realized me from earlier today. I forgot about everything else when I saw him, his face, his chest; his everything gave me chills and shivers. "Hey we met earlier today you were looking for your phone and we bumped into each other.” I looked up realizing he was looking at me. "Oh yeah hey... uh what's your name?" I asked still feeling chills run down my body. "I'm Keith and you are?" He stuck his hand out to shake mine. "Oh I'm Nicole and this is my best friend Jessica." I looked at Jessica's frozen body. "Ok well nice to meet you again Nicole." Keith said. After he left my body temperature rose to normal. I turned to look at Jessica but she was just standing there looking at where he was standing. "Jess, Jess he’s gone you can unfreeze now." I said "How did I look?” I chuckled a little "Wow, how did you look? Do you want the truth?" I was ready to spill it. "Yes. I want the truth" She felt confident. "To be honest, you look like you were cardboard." I tried not to hurt her feelings. "Since I never did see his face clearly what did he look like?" I nearly jumped in my seat "Hold up! What do you mean you didn't see his face? It was right there in front of you!” I exclaim. I swear she was all kinds of blind. "I mean when you stop in front of him I think I blacked out." She said. "Oh well he is a real good looking guy just to tell you that." I felt like that was all I had to say. "Tell me more how old is he? Did he have abs? What was he on a scale from 1- 15? Come on Nicky spill it." So just tell her not like they would see him again I thought "Ok so he looked about our age around 17 or 18. He was really cute Jess. You know something about him lowered my temperature but that was probably because there was a distance between us.” I gasped for air. "Happy now I tol-” I hear the sound of her snoring. "Jessica!" I yelled in her ear. "Holy shit Nicole what hell did you do that for?" She was half way asleep. "Nothing good night" I walk out her room, turned off the light and closed the door. Then walk across the street toward home. Getting ready taken forever. Jessica was stressing on what cardigan to wear with her yellow and pink dress. I thought I was going to kill her. "Which is prettier?" She was still struggling. "You know what wear the got damn pink one!" I shouted "Ok, ok calm down." Jessica tried to calm me down. Finally, when we got so school after Jessica picked the stupid cardigan. My temperature lowered like in the mall. That’s when I realized my senior year was going to crazy as hell. "Hey Nicole and uh...um... Jessie." Keith said. "It’s Jessi -CA- but Jessie is fine too." Jessica giggled her ass off. "Well see you around." He looked scared of Jessica. "Damn he is hot!" She was surprised. I gave her the got to go excuse and went to find my classes alone. After finding my first period, (which is algebra) I kind of was relieved that I didn't have this class with Jessica. I pick a seat and study some of the pages on my own. I dosed off thinking about Keith. Then I am shocked out of dream mode when the teacher Ms. Crouge calls roll. "Candy Pastard- Here! David Peterman- Yeah! Nicolette Pierce -?" Ms. Crouge said with a lack of patience. “Ms. Pierce, why don’t you wake up so we can start class?" Ms. Crouge said in an aggravated tone. "Huh yeah I’m here!" I said like a minute later. I couldn't wait until the bell. When do we get out of this hell hole? I thought. Well I guess I was thinking out loud because a familiar voice said “10:45 its 10:35 right now" Trying to figure out who it was I look behind me to see Keith staring at my hair. "You have beautiful hair." He said out of nowhere. The bell rung and I was heading to my locker. “Locker #345 on the right” I said to myself. All I wanted to do was go to my locker and put my head in it Well since we have a 10 minute break in between changing classes I had enough time. Once I got to my locker I automatically tried to open it, but it wouldn't budge. A voice came from behind me. Asking me if I need help, thinking it was Keith I said "No I got it" but he insisted. I turned to argue but noticed it hadn't been Keith it was someone else. Someone completely different, than other guys I know. Not like the guys I’ve seen in my classes earlier. His face was so mesmerizing. I didn't want him to go. He had the most beautiful eyes. His skin was a smooth light caramel color; I just wanted to touch it. I looked down at his chest. Underneath his shirt was abs, I thought. I wanted to touch them so bad. I started thinking more about how cute he was. "Hi I'm Nicole." I was trying not to sound uncomfortable because trust me I was comfortable. "I'm Gage and your welcome." He said pointing to my locker. He started to walk away. "Hold up Gage!" I yelled trying to catch up. Keeping distance was the first thing I did, but all I thought was....get closer, ask him what class he had next. I really wanted to so I went for it. "So what class do you have next?" I asked him hoping he had English next. "English with Mr. Thomas you?" He seemed nervous. "Me too that's great now we can talk more.
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