Adopted by who

I am a crazy person who is adopted by who other than Jay. and her son is in a band see what happens


9. Youtube love

After my mini panic attack I stayed in my room, for 3 months except to eat and use the bathroom. I wished I was never born. I just embarrassed myself in front of Greg who I might add is insanely hot. I was board so I got out a flipcam Greg got me for my belated birthday.

“Hey what is up YouTube  I am sitting here in my new house. I miss everything that used to be in my life. Including this adorable little girl named Kitty, I wish my “family was here but of course they are scattered among the 50 states or back at the orphanage. Um I will  actually go out of my room. Lets go meet my family.” I said getting of my bed. I unlocked the door and sheepishly made my way down stairs. “Hey guys” I said to the whole lot after finding them out side. Greg ran up to me and tackled me in a bear hug. 

“Your okay.” He said. Letting me go. “Wait are you filming this?”

“Yes.”  I said blushing.

“ Wait here” he said dashing into the house.

“What was that all about?” I asked turning to Niall.

“You will see our little Cat.” I laughed and everyone said hi to the camera then Niall took it when Greg came back. He got down on one knee and gave me flowers.

“Will you Allison Kitty Tomlinson be the honors of being my girlfriend.” I stood there looking like an idiot.

“Yes” I managed to whisper. He got up and picked me up, because I am smaller then him and kissed me. God I love this boy! Niall gave me back my camera and I said bye and went upstairs to upload it to my account. 

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