Adopted by who

I am a crazy person who is adopted by who other than Jay. and her son is in a band see what happens


11. Chapter 7

With in minutes of it being uploaded I got hate comments. I also heard Niall yelling at me.

“Ally hurry up if you want to go to the mall.” I rushed down with my money and we went to the mall. As we got there the paps bombarded us with questions, and fans were there yelling at me. I was scared and clung onto Greg.. Harry pulled all of us into one of the stores. Then we were separated. Girls went with girls, and boys with boys. I walked around on my own for a while humming Demi Lovato’s song Heart Attack. I loved that song with a passion. I felt like someone was following me so I turned and sure enough there was paps behind me snapping pictures. I turn back around not caring. I started to skip to one of my favorite areas of the mall. The Food Court. I love food. As I sat down some girls came up to me and were googly eyes. I was guessing fans of my brother. I looked at them and said

“Hi is there any way I can help you?”  I hated to just do that but I had to meet the crew soon so the boys could set up for the show later.

“H-hi  um could we please get your autograph.” Wow that caught me off guard. I chocked on a soft pretzel I had just got.

“ You want MY autograph?” I asked emphasizing the my in that sentence.

“Yeah you are Louis sister aren't you?” One of them asked.

“Well I am it’s just no one has ever asked me for an autograph though.” I said sighing the things these girls wanted to. After they left I got a text from Louis.

‘He lil’sis where are you?’ It read and I replyed.

‘I will give you a riddle. 1st clue. It has food.’ I smirked and he came behind me. The paps were there instantly.

“Come on little kitty. Lets go.” We ran to the car and took off.

“Hey Ally I hope you don’t mind but our girlfriends are going to be there.” Louis said looking at me.

“Eyes on the road you dork.” I said laughing. “And I don’t mind.”

When we got there I smiled as Greg helped me out of the car. We all took seats in the auditorium. I was so happy. When we got home we had a picnic. When sunset started me and Greg danced while Niall played guitar. Eventually everyone joined. It was the perfect night. Or though I thought.

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