Adopted by who

I am a crazy person who is adopted by who other than Jay. and her son is in a band see what happens


6. Chapter 5

As we left the station Louis and the boys looked at me and asked.

“Why didn’t you tell me  that you knew her?”

“Well I didn’t think it to be important. When am I meeting the rest of your guys familys?”

“Today.” Zayn said lazily as we got into the car.

We drove for two hours to get to the house, and when we did I saw about 10 cars in the driveway.

“Why is there so many  cars.” I complained.

“Well there are fifteen more people then normal at our house love.” Louis said.

“Okay lets go.” I said running out of the car and  into the house.

“Hi mum.” I say going to the kitchen where several others are.

“Oh there’s my girl.” She said giving me a hug . “ Oh this is Anne, Harrys mum. This is Nialls mum, Maura. Zayns um Tricia, and Liams mum Karen. Oh and the kids are up stairs, you should go say hi.”

“Ok and hi my names Alison.”                

“Hello.” They all said. I smiled and went upstairs.

When I reached the top I heard the girls in a room and the boys in a room. I could tell the diffrents because I heard Soccer and Doctor Who. Funny thing is that back in the orphanage we watched that all the time.

I smiled and went to the room with the girls. I knocked on the door and Phoebe answered the door.

“Hey girls. “ I say.

“Get in here and meet the others.”

“Ok.” I say while rolling my eyes.” There were so many girls it reminded me of the orphanage.

“Hi. My names Allison.” I say awkwardly.

“ So this is the famous Ally now is it.” One of the girls say. “oh and my name is, Gemma. Harrys sister.”

“ Hi” I said.

“I’m  Safaa,Zayns sister and these are my other sisters, Doniya and Waliyha.” Safaa said as she pointed to two other girls they all smiled.

“Hi Ally, you don’t mind if I call you that do you?” One of the girls asked.

“No I don’t but who are you?” I asked.

“Oh, sorry I am Liam’s sister Ruth.”

“And I am Liam’s and Ruth’s sister Nicola.” The last girl said.

“I love this show.” I said turning my attention to the tv.

“You do?“ Safaa asked.

“Yeah at the orphanage I watched this all of the time  with the kids. It’s like when we watched this show for 45 minuetes all of our problems were gone.” I said tears forming in my eyes remembering all of the kids. Just then the boys came in, and of course I was crying.

“Why are you crying love?” Harry asked pulling me into a hug that I desperately needed.

“She just told us that she watched this show all of the time in the orphanage then she started to cry.” Gemma said standing up and gave me a hug to.

“I was thinking of all of the children, and how I missed them.” I sobbed into Harry’s chest. After I stoped crying I noticed an absents to one of the band members, Niall.

“Where is Niall?” I asked.

“I think he is playing Football.” Liam said.

“With whom may I ask?” I asked.

“His brother. Come on lets go meet him.”  We all went out side and I stayed close to Louis. I have always been shy around boys who were older or the same age as me.

The new guy looked at me and smiled. He was very hot and I piped up automaticly.

“Hi my name is Allison but you can call me Ally.”

“Hello Ally my names Greg .” He said with a thick Irish accent. We shook hands and played Soccer.

After our third or forth game I sliped and fell. I was so embaresed. But when Greg cane over and helped me up I was blushing like mad. OMG he was so nice. Eventally we all went inside to eat. Nialls family stayed the night and every one else whent home. We made plans to all hang out tomorrow. That night when I went to bed I had the wors nightmare yet. After everything that normally happened I saw the murders of everyone I knew. I was aperently thrashing around violently because I hit my head on something hard and blacked out.

Gregs pov

The next morning.

I was shocked that Ally was so hot. Niall described her but when he had gotten to the part about her wild out bursts at night I automatically categorized her as crazy. When it was lunch time though and she hadn’t come down to eat I decided to check on her. I got to her room and saw her sheets were covered in blood. I yelled at the boys and they came running.

“What the heck happened to her?” Louis yelled. Liam left to go phone the police and hospital.” They came quick and the paps were busy clicking away and yelling questions to us. We all ignored them and got to the hospital as fast as possible. I was so scared she was going to die. After hours of waiting though she woke up and was freaking out. She started to yell for someone named Mary. Louis looked sad and told her mary wasn't there and then everything came flooding back. I simpally balled into Louis chest.

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