Adopted by who

I am a crazy person who is adopted by who other than Jay. and her son is in a band see what happens


5. Chapter 4

“Okay so everyone knows that One Directions Louis Tomolsin has a new sister. Well she is back stage so how about we welcome her out.”

Here I go I think

“Hi Ellen I say taking a seat right on top of Louis, lots of people laughed at this. I laughed and moved and sat next to him.

“Well we surely weren’t expecting that were we.” She said though that audience. “So how about you tell us how you came to be hs sister.”

“Ok let’s see. When I was younger my parents were murdered. I am actually surprised you didn’t recognize me Ellen you interviewed me about it. Anyways my parents were killed and I was raised in an orphanage for ten years and then Jay saw my online profile and adopted me. I could tell you my whole story but that would take way too long.”

“You know what now that you mention it you do look familiar.”

“The boys have the dumbest looks on their faces and so Ellen and I yelled at the same time.

“Liam look out spoons! Louis look its Kevin! Zayn I am going to take your hair produces! Niall I am going to eat your food and Harry I will straighten your Curly hair.” If that didn’t get their attention then I don’t know what will.

“No not spoons” Liam

“Where is Kevin?” Louis

“Where is the food” Niall

You are not touching my hair! “Harry and Zayn yelled.

“Don’t worry I won’t. And I was trying to get your attention we are still at Ellen’s,”

The interview went on for a while. After we went back to the boy’s house. I got to meet the boy’s family.

Sorry for the short chapter

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