Adopted by who

I am a crazy person who is adopted by who other than Jay. and her son is in a band see what happens


20. Chapter 15


Louis I found kevin : She commented :How to annoy your parents hold their hands and whisper I see dead people and last year I asked Santa for the sexiest person alive and the next day I awoke in a box 

thabk you Louis I found Kevin 

Start actual story


I jus finished the opening show do the boys. Ella and I were sitting backstage and relaxing. She is one of my back up singers and my best friend. We were watching the boys when we heard a terrified scream. Right away I thought of my parents and that night. Oh god please don't die I can't die what would Lou-Bear do without me? A man came in and took out a knife he slowly made his way over to us, I can't die like this, neither could Ella. I just couldn't . I stood up and ran. Ella was being  unreal an just sitting there

"ELLA COME ON WE HAVE TO GO" I screamed and then a sharp pain went through my back. I felt a warm sensation flow from the pain. I fell gasping for breath. I noticed the knife was all bloody and laying right beside me. Then I heard El's scream before she fell right beside me with a knife Hutton out of her sternum. We heard the boys in the back growing and I saw Louis run to us. Tears falling down my checks and his we stared at each other. My heart slowly faded and the puddle of blood grew and grew. Engulfing Louis knees and Ella's body our blood mixed and our hearts faded. The tears thick the blood thin. I started to see spots and hear ringing in my ears. So this is it. This is how I die. This is how I could have been years ago. This is the way I go. 

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