Adopted by who

I am a crazy person who is adopted by who other than Jay. and her son is in a band see what happens


18. Chapter 14

"Simon's ready for you boys." the lady at the desk said and we walked down to Simons office.

"Boy's. Allison." Simon said. 

"She said she will do it." Liam said. 

"Really now?" 

"Yeah Justin Beiber said he could get some interviews set up." I said.

"Do it and you can do the tour."

*Weeks after the interviews and five days before the tour starts.*

"Louis! What if the fans don't like me." I yelled to Louis I was too lazy to walk over to him.

"They should love you and just don't think about the  haters I mean look at your YouTube channel there is a lot of good reviews on your stuff." He said coming over to me. I had been living with them considering I would be on tour with them for a while the other thing was that this was their 'This is us' tour. So there was camera crew following us. 

"What if the camera crew hates me?" I said. I was being difficult I know but whatever.

"You are so weird and I am going to watch some football good night Ally." He said going up to his room I followed him upstairs and turned on my camera and made five videos. 

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