Adopted by who

I am a crazy person who is adopted by who other than Jay. and her son is in a band see what happens


14. chapter 10

After my little adventure in the mall I decided to go home. When I did the boys were there. I was staring at my phone. Waiting for Justin to text me.

My phone buzzed notifying me that I have a new text. ‘Hey is this Allison from the mall’ It read.

‘Yes this is she, is this Justin?” I replied.

We texted for hours then he offered backstage passes and tickets to me and I said yes of course. I decided to call up Ella because I was soooooo bored.

(E= Ella) (A=Allison)

A: Hey Ella I was wondering if you would like to go to the mall?

E: Sure, when?

A: Any time I am super duper bored

E:Ok do you want me to pick you up or what

A: Yes I would see you soon

Just then I got a text

Greg: Hey Allison I don’t think the whole long distance thing is going to work out sorry we can still be friends though.

Me: Oh umm ok I guess

Great. I sat my phone down and grabbed my money and purse and ran downstairs where the boys were doing something.

“Louis I am going to the mall with Ella.” I yelled walking outside.

“Ok” Louis said back.

Then I saw Ella’s car. I got in and we drove to the mall.

Few hours of shopping later.

We were in the food court eating when I had a wild idea,

“Ella do you think Greg was cheating on me?”

“I don’t know why?”

“He broke up with me over a text.”

“Who cares I heard you got Justin Beibers number. Now spill.

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