Adopted by who

I am a crazy person who is adopted by who other than Jay. and her son is in a band see what happens


2. Chapter 1

I overheard Marry and the young couple talking about adopting a little girl. I was super happy; I knew what little girl they would want. Then Marry said, I will tell the girls to get ready. I was already up the stairs getting the girls ready. They came up and saw me getting the girls ready in their best cloths. Everyone was ready but Kitty, she was really sick so no one bothered her. When the young couple was up there they took one look at all the girls. Then they saw Kitty and asked me if she was able to be adopted, I smiled and nodded. She deserved to be adopted and cared for.

        The couple left with Kitty I was hoping she was going to be the one. She was so sweet. I went to bed and had the same nightmare. I was in a dark room my mom had set me under the bed, she told me to stay there until she came and got me. I had fallen asleep, but when I woke up I was in a prison cell. I had been asked many questions by a police officer. This had happened on my 6th birthday. I am 16 now and I still dreamed about that.

        The next morning when I was getting ready for school, Marry came up to me. She told me a family wanted a girl around my age and I could live with them, but they live in England. This was good and bad. I told her I would tell her my decision after school.

 Now was after school. I went home only to find that she was in a meeting. I now had a half hour to pack. When I was done I told Marry I would go to England. She had a big smile on her face and told me my new mom was here and ready to take me home. After I said my good-byes to all the kids Jay and I were off to the airport. I looked out my window the whole time. When we got to the airport Jay got us tickets and told me about   Doncaster, England I told her about my old life. She told me about my new siblings, Louis, Charlotte, Felicite, And my two Twin sisters Daisy and Phoebe. I couldn’t wait to meet them.

        When we landed I asked who my new father was. Jay looked sad and said that Mark and she were divorced. I was sad that I didn’t have a dad, but happy to have a brother and four sisters. Jay had a worried look on her face, I wondered why.


“Um is there a problem, Jay.”

“Oh it’s just your brother is picking us up and well I don’t see him, and Allison please call me mom. You don’t have to be so formal all the time.”

“Sorry, I guess I’m not use to calling people mom and dad. Sorry again mom.”

“Ah ha there he is.”

Look to where she is pointing and a guy. Is standing there with four girls. They make their way over to us and all the boy says is “let’s go.

Well that was rude I thought. Jay doesn’t say a word. When we get into the car the girls start asking me question, like.  “What type of house did you live in?”

“Well I lived in an Orphanage.”

“Oh, what happened to your parents?”

I decided to tell them a short version when I was done Jay looked as if she was going to cry.

“Where are you from?”

“Well I was born in Washington but I was raised in California.”

 “Do you know about One Direction? “I was surprised Louis said anything to me.

“Um … Isn’t that a band that had a feud with The Wanted or something like that.”

“Yeah, do you want to meet them?”

“I don’t know. How would I? I mean the only way I can think of is if I bought backstage passes and tickets for a concert.”

“Well what if I say I could get them to play at your birthday party, Speaking of birthdays when is yours?”

“Today I am turning 17.”

“Wow. You should have told us. Oh and you share a birthday with my mate Liam. You would love him.”

We ride the rest of the way playing some song on the radio. As soon as we drove to the house Louis showed me to the room that I could call my own. Then he showed me around the house. After the house tour he said he was going to meet with his friends then see if he could get One Direction to play at the party. When he left I decided to go to bed since the other girls went shopping.

My new family told me that tomorrow I would have my birthday party. I agreed and that night I had the same nightmare and ended waking up at three in the morning. I fell back to sleep and woke up to people softly singing in my ear. I slowly opened my eyes to see a pair of piercing blue eyes, I thought about who it was and knew it wasn’t Louis. I didn’t freak out till someone grabbed me from behind and pulled me out of the warm comfortable sheets and into the freezing cold air.

I shouted at Louis to help me for he is the oldest and he came in and said.

“Harry, Niall stop messing around with my little sister and go help Liam and Zayn set up for the party I have to help Ally here get ready.”

As if on cue Phoebe and Daisy come running in carrying two shoeboxes and then Felicite and Charlotte come in with what I am guessing to be my outfit and stuff for hair. Oh my god Louis was being serious he was going to help me get ready with our sisters help.

It took long enough but he finished and the boys I now know to be Niall and Harry didn’t bother us. I was excited to see what Louis did because they didn’t want me to see it yet. He covered my eyes and brought me to a mirror. I looked and saw a gorgeous girl standing in front of me and instantly I thought it couldn’t be me. The girl’s brown hair had been curled. The dress was really pretty. Her makeup was a cute smoky eye with reddish pink lips. I couldn’t believe it was me.

I smiled real big I gave all of them hugs. Just as I get to Louis the boys come in. They look surprised. I laugh at their faces and gave Louis a hug. He said “let’s go show mum.” Then I replied with “Let’s go and lets tell her it was done by all of you.” We walked into mum’s room and saw her sleeping. I was thinking about waiting when Louis goes close to her bed. He yells “Mum get up we have a surprise.” She looks at him not noticing me yet and says “Shush you’re going to wake your new sister.”

Harry comes up behind me and says “She is already up, and she is ready for her party.” She looks shocked to see me. “Well then, I best be off to get ready then.” She says.

Once she is done we all head to the back yard. While we were waiting for mom to get ready Lou and the other two said they were going to make sure everything was amazing. I couldn’t wait till the party started. I get downstairs and I see a stage set up then five boys came out, I guessed they were One Direction. They had their backs to us and when they turned around Harry, Niall and Louis were standing there with two other guys who I guessed to be Liam and Zayn. I looked at my mom and mouthed he is in One Direction. She looked at me and mouthed back, yes. Oh My Gosh my new brother is in the world famous band One Direction. After they were done they came up to me and the first thing I said was “Why didn’t you tell me about this?”

“Because this is a lot funnier and since you didn’t know what we looked like it was 100% easier, to put together this prank.”

“Wow that is so mature Louis. Was everyone in on this or was it just you five.”

“It was everyone here and back at the orphanage, Marry knew the most about it.”

I sat down and said something that made Niall’s eyes pop out of his head. “Let’s eat. Then do whatever else you goofballs planed. “I couldn’t believe that my brother was in a band. After we ate Harry yelled.  “Present Time for the Beautiful Allison and handsome Liam.”

We opened presents and I got. A laptop, phone, outfits, makeup, art stuff, and the best present of all a family.

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