lost love (Niall Horan fan fictions)

What is love? How do you find, love? Better yet, is there even such thing as 'love'? Or is it just a myth? Questions like this are holding Dest back, from life, school, her dreams. She was about to give in, break down, she was about fail without even moving on. But those questions will have answers, and those answers will have meanings. She will learn the lesson she was Destined to be. Her teacher none-other then her idol, Niall Horan.


8. chapter 8

Tori's P.O.V

"Wake up love! come on, you have a girls day out!" Someone whispers in my ear, and gently shaking me. 

"huh?" I say sitting up, rubbing my eyes.

"Hahaa, you're so cute when you wake up" I looked at him. 

"Oh Harry, I got scared for a bit." I stretched and started adjusting to the light. Wait a minute..

"HARRY!" I pull the blanket over my head, hiding my face.

"Haha, yes babe?"

"Tie something around your eyes' so I can go get ready!"


"Because I look horrid!"

"No you don't you look cute!"

"Harry please?"

"Fine, but only because you're so sweet." I waited for him to tell me it was okay to come out. "K babe, you can come out now."

I took the blanket off my head and got up. I looked over to see Harry sitting in a chair, looking at me. 

"HARRY! I told you not to look!" I squealed, covering my face.

"But I couldn't help it! You're just so cute in the morning!" I blushed a lot, I was fifty shades of red.. 

"UGH" I ran out the door to the hall way. "You're gonna get it Styles!" I screamed back. For just meeting the boy, I had a lot of feeling for him, some feelings that I don't know what they are. I ran to the bathroom and fixed my hair. Since it was a girls day, I just braided it to the said. When I looked at the clock in the bathroom, it was only 5 in the morning. At this point I felt furious. 

"Harry" I whisper under my breath. I ran back to him room, barging though the door.

"Ah, took you longer then expected.." Said Harry, in the same position as when I left.

"why did you wake me up so early?" I say, falling in to his bed, wrapping my self in his blanket. 

"Because I thought we should get to know each other" I could once again hear his cheeky smile. That boy. 

"Fine. what do you wanna know?"

"Family, birthday, past boyfriends, current boyfriends, pets , if you're single or not, friends, how long you've known Niall, have you ever liked Niall, have you ever dated Niall, if you have a boyfriend? Oh and your bra size?" I shot up and gave him look.

"HEY! I'm just kidding! It's just a joke!" He said laughing. I threw one of his pillows at him.

"Okay, well family, I don't like talking about, but I am adopted. My birthday is January 12th, I've never really had a real boyfriend. I'm single. I've only had pet cats, Destiny is my only real best friend, I've known Niall for as long as long as I've known Dessy, so like most my life. No I've never really liked him, and no we never dated, and my bra size is none of your business!" I say laughing. 

"oh okay that's all I wanted to know, you can go back to bed now!" 

"hold up!"

"I know I know I'm going to bed too.."

"But how are we going to get up in the morning?"

"I have an alarm set, don't worry, I wont let you be late for your girls day" He said laying back down next to me"

"okay" I cuddled up next to him an fall asleep. Or I tried to at least. About 20 minutes later, I realized I wasn't going to go to bed anytime soon.

"I can't sleep Harry."

"me either.."


"I'll start the kettle" We got up and went to the kitchen, I brought his blanket because it was chilly. I sat down on the barstool and wrapped up in the blanket again.

"What do you want?"

"lemon and ginger"

"Like Niall?"

"who do you think introduced him to it?" I laughed. He laughed too. I was looking through my tweets when I saw Niall tweeted a picture of Dessy. I laughed, knowing how much Dessy is going to hate him after this. 

"What's so funny?" Harry said sitting down with my tea in his hand. 

"Oh nothing, just something I saw on twitter." I locked my phone and grabbed my tea. 

"you have a twitter? What's your user name?"

"catladytori...." I say under my breath, I don't want him to hear me.

"Hahaha, thats a nice name." He said nudging my shoulder. I took a sip of my tea, the warm honey, and ginger slipped down my throat. I just let my thoughts wander off, I started to get a bit tired, that is until my phone started going ballistic. I've got over a hundred notifications for twitter. I unlocked my phone and realized I gained over a thousand followers, I kept getting tweets. I checked what they were for, and they where replies to one tweet.

'@Catladytori I know I just met you yesterday, but I can't get you off my mind. Will you please be my girlfriend?'

It was from Harry. Did this just happen? I didn't know what to do, so I just looked at the replies before I answered. They were genially nice, then I got to the hate. Before I let it get to me I replied yes. Once I sent it I looked up at Harry, he had an amazing smile on his face. I jumped in his arms and he spun me around. 

he whispered in my ear "and now that I have you, you can never leave."

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