lost love (Niall Horan fan fictions)

What is love? How do you find, love? Better yet, is there even such thing as 'love'? Or is it just a myth? Questions like this are holding Dest back, from life, school, her dreams. She was about to give in, break down, she was about fail without even moving on. But those questions will have answers, and those answers will have meanings. She will learn the lesson she was Destined to be. Her teacher none-other then her idol, Niall Horan.


5. chapter 5

Destiny's P.O.V

We packed the flat in silence, an awkward, death defying silence, well with the occasional "do you wan't this packed?" Will we ever be the same best-friends again? I had to talk to him about to, I had to. I was walking up to him when there was a knock on the door. "Cabs here." his voice was so dead; it wasn't him, it was broken. What did i do?

*after cab ride*

I went to get my bags out of the trunk, while Niall payed the man. I was going to grab all of the is Niall didn't take them out of my hand. "Niall, I'm fine, I can carry them." I try grabbing the bags, but he started walking, with out even saying a word. I don't know what to do! I pulled out my phone ,with tears staining my cheeks, and called my sister. 



"What's wrong?! are you crying?"

"I need to talk to you, please it's important." 

"Anything! text me your address and i'll be there in 10 minute!" 


"hey Dessy?"


"I love you!"

"I love you too."

And with that the phone hung up. Trinity was my blood sister, she's five years older then me, but we've always been so close, she has done everything with me. I can't imagine life without her. She was always there to pick me up, and always there to protect me, since I had no dad. I texted her the new address, and then texted Tori.

'are you at the house yet?'

'pulling up now why?'

'I'll explain latter, Trinity's coming over though.'

'what happened?! Trinity would never come in the middle of the night for no reason!'

'I'll explain it later. I'm in the lobby though,'

She didn't text back because she just walked in the front door. She saw the dried tears on my eyes' and gave me a tight hug, and i gave on back. 


"Oh sorry Liam" I choke out. 

"It's fine love! What's wrong? Is there anything I can do?"

"No, I'm fine, but it's ok if my sister comes over for a bit right?"

"Yes, yes of course! But hey, I am ALWAYS here for you if you need someone to talk to!" 

"thank you, and I'll keep that in mind!" I plastered a fake smile on my face, but Tori wasn't buying it. She gave me a look that said 'you better spill' I really didn't want to, but I knew I had to.

"Hey, wheres Savannah?" I asked.

"Oh I wasn't feeling so well, so Liam took me home and Savannah called Josh to come help her, you should of seen his face!" She started laughing. 

"Oh ok, well I want to get some packing done before Trinity gets here so Liam, can you show us where to?"

"Right this way!" He said gesturing to the stairs.


*Time later*

"And here is it! I am the second room on the right if you need anything!"

"Thank you Liam!" Tori and I both chimed. I moved my stuff to the last room in the hall way, Tori took her stuff to the second, and that means Savannah gets the first; but in all we would all be sleeping in the same room anyways. Once I got to my room I fell back on my bed, rethinking about the kiss, just over and over again. I was deep in thought when there was a knock on the door. 

"Dessy, it's me Tori can I come in?" I don't even know why she asked because before I could answer she barged in my room. shutting the door behind her. 

She walked over to me and sat down. "Dessy, what's wrong? Tell me!" I couldn't bear thinking about it anymore. I looked over to Tori, I looked right in her eyes', and cried. She held me tightly not letting go. I sobbed into her chest not wanting it to hurt anymore. "I messed up! I'm an idiot! WHY AM I SO STUPID!?" I yelled. But she didn't say anything. She just hugged me tighter. I felt her could tears on my head, i knew she hated seeing me like this. But I couldn't help it. 

She held me in her arms for what seemed like forever, but we broke apart to someone screaming down stairs. 


I broke down again in Toris' arms, not wanting to let Trinity know I'm a disappointment. I heard foot steps and then the door opening. I didn't bother looking up, I just didn't. 

"Baby girl." I heard Trinity whisper. Next thing I knew I was in her arms being calmed, and rocked, back and forth. But her comfort just made me cry harder. I heard the door open and close again, it was probably Savannah, because I hear Tori sobbing, and someone comforting her. 

I can't take being a failure, I always mess up. It's taking over me. "I JUST WANT TO DIE!" I scream/sob in to Trinity's chest. Toris' sobs became louder. Trinity released me and I was put in to someone else's arms. Tori.

"I'm so stupid, why? why am I?!" I choke out, while sobbing in her chest. She stopped her tears "You aren't anywhere near stupid. you are a genius!" 

"No I'm not! I'm a stupid, fat, ugly, Bitch!" This time I heard Trinity, and Savannah cry. Tori let one hand out and they joined in the hug. We stayed this way for the rest of the night. When I was finally done crying we all sat in a circle and I explained.

"on the way home, some drunk guy came up to me and tried to take me to his house. He wouldn't let go of my wrist.." I look down at my, now bruised wrist. 

"Niall punched him, and carried me the rest of the way. We sat down and talked for a bit. I cried, and he calmed me down. We were throwing popcorn at each other, I and i chased him. I ended up falling and getting a cut on my head." I paused, not wanting to go on. 

"Dessy, you aren't stupid for that! What's the big deal?" Tori asked.

"wait. NIALL'S HERE?! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!" Trinity shouted. 

I put my hand up, saying, 'I'm not finished.' and the stopped talking.

"He carried me to the bathroom. When he Put the band-aid on, we had a moment...and...." I felt tears forming. 

"And..." Savannah encouraged.

"And we kissed! It was magical, it was like nothing I've ever experienced!" I limited.

"and whats wrong with that?!?!" Tori asked.

"when we broke apart, he was going to explain, but I just acted like it didn't happen. Like it didn't mean anything. IT WASN'T MY FAULT! I DIDN'T WANT TO BE BROKEN HEARTED IF HE DIDN'T FEEL THE SAME!" I cried out. 

"He looked so broken, so hurt. All I could think was 'I'm a monster.'"

"Dessy..." Tori started. 

"Did you try to explain to him?" Trinity asked. 

"I tried, but he can't look me in the eye's..."

"Well I wouldn't either!" Savannah shouted. 

What just happened? Savannah would of never of said that? I must of did something wrong! I'm so stupid! I fly into Trinity's arms.  "SAVANNAH! HOW COULD YOU!?" I hear Tori yell. "WHAT! She had no right just treating him like that!" How could she say that? OH yea, I forgot, it was true.. "Yeah! well he had no right kissing her!" I can't take the yelling. No! 

"NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!" 

I fell to the floor in a Panic attack, I couldn't breath. I couldn't do anything. It was all going black.....



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