lost love (Niall Horan fan fictions)

What is love? How do you find, love? Better yet, is there even such thing as 'love'? Or is it just a myth? Questions like this are holding Dest back, from life, school, her dreams. She was about to give in, break down, she was about fail without even moving on. But those questions will have answers, and those answers will have meanings. She will learn the lesson she was Destined to be. Her teacher none-other then her idol, Niall Horan.


3. chapter 3

Destiny's P.O.V

Did I hear him right? Niall Horan saying her loves me? I have to say it back before he thinks i don't feel the same! I was about to tell him when "your my best friend" came out of his mouth. I knew there's no such thing as love. "I missed you so much, please don't leave me again!" I tell him, tears rushing down my cheek. Both for seeing my Best-friend/crush after 3 years, and for him not feeling the same. After a few moments of us hugging we finally broke apart. "Hey! wheres our hugs!?" Savannah asks. "Come here you twerps!" they both run to Niall and gave him a hug. "Ive missed you guys, so much." He tells us. "How about we catch up over dinner tonight? Ill bring Josh and a surprise for you Tori" Niall asked Giving them a cheeky smile. Savannah had liked Josh since we all where just kids. Everyone knew it, but they never did anything about it. "We can't tonight. We have work all night." I Explain to him. "And speaking of work we have to get back!" Tori warns us. "Before Fran-" "Girls!" Tori was interrupted by Frank, our manager. "What is the meaning of this mess?!" He screams at us. "I-I did it.. I'm sorry sir." I confessed looking down at my feet. "I always knew you where trouble, a worthless teen, you need to get you head out of your butt and learn to focus would you!" He yelled right in my face. Tears started to form in my eyes, but a firm hand had pulled me back. "She is not a worthless teen, she is the most hard working girl I have ever known. And if you EVER scream at her like that again, Your going to be hearing from me. You are nothing but a scum bag, your the worthless one, pathetic!" Niall yelled right back at him. "Dessy your fired!" He yelled. "You dont have to fire her, her, Savannah, and Tori all quit! Liam lets go!" He yells Picking me up in a hug, while Savannah, Tori, and Liam followed. 

What just happened? "Niall, we needed that job where saving up for a car!" I really need that car. "Yea Niall me and Dessy can walk everywhere!" Tori backs me up. "You might need a car, but what you don't need is someone treating you like dirt, you are worth so much more then that!" He's so cute when he's protective. "But how are they going to pay their rent? I'm moving in soon, we need that flat!" Savannah is always a worrier. "I'll pay for you'r guy's rent until you find another job." Niall offers. "Yea well, that dude you just yelled at, yea, His wife is our landlord. We're going to be kicked out!" I whine. "Hey Niall, come here I have an idea. Niall and Liam go on a side bar, so naturally we do to. 

"Pinch me. I cant go threw another heart break if this is a dream."

"Dessy dont worry! He's not going anywhere!"

"But Tori, he has to go on tour soon, you do remember he's in the biggest boy band in the world?" 

"Listen here, did you not see the way he held her? he's never going to let go of her again. I think he loves her."

"Tori, dont get her hopes up! Not to be rude he would be lucky to have you just, he's in 'THE BIGGEST BOY BAND IN THE WORLD!' do you know how many girls want him?"

"Guys, can I have a say in this?" They both nod.

"He said he loved me"


Niall's P.O.V

"Hey Niall, first off, whats up with the new crew?"

"Liam! Thats Dessy! Thats her, she's finally here!"

"And the others?"

"Oh that is Tori and Savannah, they are Best-friends, And like sisters to me" I explain to him. Gosh he really is slow with things. 

"And my idea is, why don't we have them stay with us?" He had a great Idea there.

"Go on." 

"Well they can have that whole second floor, since we don't use it, and they don't need to pay rent, so they can save for their car." 

"Their not saving up for a car I wont let them, and your idea is good an all but the only problem is, Harry. I'm really scared He will like Dessy, and not Tori. What if she falls for Harry, or any of the other boys for that point!" I don't want to lose her, and I defiantly dont want her getting hurt, she's been through to much heart breaks.

"Niall I will personally warn Harry, and the other boys, and if anything happens, I will help you kill one of them." He gives me a encouraging pat on the back. "Ok I'm going to ask them."

I turn to the girls, "Twerps!" They turn around, they all give me the finger that meant ' 1 second!' They turned back to each other, "we are talking about this tonight! there is no way your getting out of this one!" Savannah says, and they start walking back. "Yes my Teletubie?" Dessy asked. Oh my God she was so cute. "I have a surprise!" Liam interrupts my thoughts. "we're not going flat searching today, only day off we've had, we're going to get mani-petis!" Dessy states. What was with her and her nails? "No, not flat searching" Liam elbows me in the side, signing for me to talk. "how would you twerps, take over the second floor in our flat?" They all give a look to Tori saying 'Tori we don't know, HELP!' She gives a look back at them saying 'Like I know!' Then they all look back at us. "Side bar?" I nod, and they go off in their own conversation, Savannah looks like she really wants to go, but Dessy, and Tori don't really want to. "Fine!" Savannah gives up. They start walking back to us, "Thank you for the offer but, we wouldn't be able to afford it, and we don't want you guys thinking you have to give your home up for us" Tori explains. "But thats where the good part comes in! The rent for you guys, FREE! And I would never offer if I didn't want you in our flat, even if i felt bad. And you guys know that!" We all laugh knowing it's true. Tori is now giving Dessy the look saying, 'We have to move in! please!' Along with Savannah. "Fine! We will take the offer, But we buy our own food." 

I looked at them like they are crazy, "You thought I was offering my food." I took in a deep breath, "That's real cute."










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