lost love (Niall Horan fan fictions)

What is love? How do you find, love? Better yet, is there even such thing as 'love'? Or is it just a myth? Questions like this are holding Dest back, from life, school, her dreams. She was about to give in, break down, she was about fail without even moving on. But those questions will have answers, and those answers will have meanings. She will learn the lesson she was Destined to be. Her teacher none-other then her idol, Niall Horan.


12. chapter 12

Dessy's P.O.V

We finally got home around 5. Tori and I went to go get some P.J's on while everyone was in the living room.

"It helped." I heard Tori say.

"Helped more then ever." I replied.

"He's gone. Both of them." She said walking over to me.

"I know. I just wish that it could of ended differently.." I said. James, was a terrible person, don't get me wrong. It's just, other then the hitting, and the verbal abuse, we would actually have a good time together. He was in dance, so we had the same schedule, he would help me with dance. But he would also there when Niall was away. That's why I cared so much. But once Niall left, and a few months after, he raped me, I just couldn't chase that silly little dream of finding love. I love Niall, I really, really do. He's everything to me, but he has a singing career, I have nothing, he's going to be on tour, and he'll have to leave, I just don't think I can handle him gone. I just wish everything that happened with James would of never happened.

"We all do." She gave me a hug. We finally picked out our P.J's and started to change when there was a knock on the door. 

"Babes." Trin walked in.

"Thanks for knocking" We said in sync. 

"I'm sorry But I had to talk to you guys."

"About what?" I asked.

"I have to leave. Scott asked me out on a date"

"He did, did he?" Tori asked. We both looked at each other with a smirk.

"Yea, but I can say I can't go if you don't want me to. I'll call him right now!" She said pulling out her phone.

"Oh no no no no." Tori said.

"You've been waiting for this for 15 years. You're going. Tori and I can handle it. Now go!" Scott has been Trin's crush since they she was 7, he's a part of the family.

"I can't go! I don't have anything to wear!" She panicked Falling on the bed. she started crying.  Tori pulled her up and slapped her.

"Pull your self together!" She yelled.

"are the girls still here?" I asked, pulling a shirt on.

"Yea down stairs." she replied.

"Okay." I ran down stairs where everyone was sitting. I probably looked like I just murdered someone, but I didn't really care.

"What's wrong babe?" Niall asked.

"Nothing, umm, girls, room, make over, now!" I said jumping up and down. They got up and ran to the room, I turned around to follow them, but was stopped by someone grabbing my hand. 

"Whoa slow down! Tell me what's up!" It was Niall.

"Scott called Trin! He wants to finally go on a date with her!!" I say with a squeal, jumping up and down again. 

"Finally!" He did a little fist bump in the air.

"Well go get her ready!" He said giving me a little nudge.

"I'm going, I'm going!" I said laughing, and I ran up to the room.

When I got in the room, and Trinity was in a robe getting her make up done by El, and Bella, and Perrie doing her hair.

"where are you going Trin?"

"To a fancy restaurant" I ran to my suitcase, since i still haven't unpacked, and was ripping through it all. Moments later Tori can in with her suitcase. We went through both of them, and found the perfect dress. It was a strappy step hem dress, one side went half way down her thigh, and the other went just above that. 

"Found it!" I throw the dress in Trinitys direction. 

"Put it on! He's gonna be here soon!" I tell her. Tori gives me one of her black clutches, so I start putting her stuff from her purse, in the clutch. We were finished at around 6, when we heard a nock on the door.

"Yay! He's here!!" Tori squeal's. Trin grabs her clutch and runs to the door. 

"have her home by 12!" Niall yells.

"Hmm better make it 11!" I say after him. Trinity gave me a death stare.

"I don't even live here!" Everyone laughed.

"Fine, stay out as long as you like." Tori said running up to her and gave her a hug. She said her good byes and then the door slammed shut. I fell back on the couch and let out a sigh. Tori did the same right beside me. Niall fell back on a chair and laughed.

"Took 15 years, but she got him!" Niall said laughing. Tori and I laughed. I stopped laughing when I realized that the rest of the boys where here. Well this is awkward. 

"Oh , hey ya'll" I said. Louis stood up and slapped Niall on the cheek, but not hard enough for it to hurt.

"what was that for?! Wasn't there enough fighting tonight?!" Niall said laughing. 

"Thats for not noticing me!" He hit him again two more two more times.

"And that's because I can't hit girls!" He said.

"Louis, come here! What about noticing me?! I just got a new hair cut, got my nails done, and this is a new dress!" El called from the stairs.

"I'm so sorry! Babe please for give me!" He pleaded her.

"you get him El!" I laughed. She came and sat next to me. 

"Men." She said under her breath.

"At least yours is awake for the time you get to see him." Perrie said laying across us all. Tori was looking for Harry, so she could complain about him. I went to go look for Niall, when I saw he wasn't in the chair. I started looking around and I saw him pigging out in the kitchen. 

"At least you guys know where your boyfriend is." Tori said slouching down more.

"Well you guys didn't have to wait your whole life for him to suck it up and ask you out." I said just loud enough that they heard me, and Niall didn't.

"I don't even have a boy friend!" Bella said laying her back, on the back of the couch.

"Boys suck!" We all said in sync. At that moment all the boys let out a groan and stomped a foot, walked in the living room, and slouched on the ground. Us girls bursted out laughing. Perrie was the first to sit up, and walk over to Zayn.

"I see you finally woke up." She said and sat on his lap, he pulled her in a hug. Then it was El who finally forgave Lou, then Tori forgave Harry (he was in the bath room). And I couldn't help but go ever to Niall he was doing the puppy dog face!

"Awe fine!" I said and stomped over to him. He pulled her in a hug and whispered "I'm so sorry, you where just to special to lose. Love you" I didn't say anything but hug him. He was me only thing I've ever wanted. 

"Ugh this sucks." Bella said. Liam scared her from behind and she fell on to the couch with a scream. 

"Liam don't do that!"

"Sorry babe had to." Liam said. Bellas face got blush. I gave a look over to Tori, she smiled. 

"TRUTH OR DARE TIME!" We both shouted.


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