lost love (Niall Horan fan fictions)

What is love? How do you find, love? Better yet, is there even such thing as 'love'? Or is it just a myth? Questions like this are holding Dest back, from life, school, her dreams. She was about to give in, break down, she was about fail without even moving on. But those questions will have answers, and those answers will have meanings. She will learn the lesson she was Destined to be. Her teacher none-other then her idol, Niall Horan.


11. chapter 11

Dessy's P.O.V

The nail appointment wasn't till 3:15 so we decided to go shopping first. The first stop we went to was Starbucks, El basically made us. We all got carmel frapa, next we went to Top shop. The girls where all looking, and trying stuff on, but that really isn't my thing. Since I was getting bored  I decided to text Niall.

'Hey! Getting bored. :/'

'I was expecting your text ;)'

'Haha yea so what's up with you?'

'Nothing where just chillin with the boy's, I'm getting bored my self.'

'oh I wish you where here. Their forcing me to try clothes on DX'

'I can come? I'll be there in about 15 minutes?'

'Oh okay, see you later'

'top shop right?'

'what other shop will Trinity go in?'

'Right well i'm on my way! :)'

I locked my phone and gave in to trying on some clothes. They gave me some top's, and shorts, once I was finished with those Tori had handed me this gorgeous dress. It's shoulder where gold embellished, and the rest of the dress was a light peach, tan color, that come to mid thigh. I absolutely loved it! I tried it on and walked out in the hall to see in the bigger mirror. I was twirling around in it, having the bottom flow around me, when a voice startled me.

"You look beautiful" I turned around in shock to see a Niall standing there. 

"Thanks, if only I could afford it" I said looking a bit more glum.

"How much is it?" He said as I walked back in dressing room. 

"220.. To much for me." I took my dress off, and gave it to Niall. "Here can you give this to Tori to hang up?"

"Sure" he took the dress and walked out. When I finished putting on my clothes I walked out to see Trinity, Tori, El, Perrie, And Bella raiding the racks. I walked up to Perrie.

"Hey, me and Niall are going to walk around, if the girls ask say I went with Niall"

"Okay, you too have fun!" She said and gave me a wink.

"Love you, meet you guys at H&M around 3 ish?"

"Sure thing!" I gave her a hug and left the store.

"so where do you wanna go?" I asked Niall.

"How bout the food court?"

"Stupid question.." We laughed and went to the food court. We agreed on Chines, I went to get us a table, while Niall got us food. I sat down and waited for Niall; I was looking around when I found a guy that looked awfully familiar, then I realized, it was him. I felt lik e whole world stopped. Like my breath was limited, and I was on my last supple. I felt a ball well up in my throat, and tears starting to form. I quickly pulled out my phone and called the one person who knew the truth. Tori.

"Hello? Thanks for telling me you left!"

"Tori! " I cried in the phone, trying my hardest not to be loud enough for him to hear me.

"Baby what's wrong?!" There was so much worry in her voice. The girls in the background quickly hushed.

"I'm...I'm i-in the f-food cour-"

"We're coming. What's wrong. tell me!" I was crying, I didn't say anything for a while. 

"Dessy!" She snapped me out of my conscience.

"He's here. With Justyn. Tori he's here! Hurry Tori please!" Here the sound of her running suddenly stopped. I heard her breath slow down, and lighten. The girls where yelling her name. She finally snapped out of it. 

"Are you sure?" Her voice was cracking. she was crying.

"Tori just come!!" I didn't want to waste time. Her phone clicked off, and there was no sound on the phone. I dropped my phone, and thats when Niall showed up. He dropped the food, and came running to my side.

"Babe what's wrong?" But I didn't reply, I just cried harder in his chest. The memories, the past, it was tearing me apart. He didn't push for an answer, he just hugged me tighter and hushed me. I buried my face in his neck. I was finished crying, I lifted my head to see Tori sprinting towards us, with The girls behind, they where trying their hardest to run but it was hard since they where in heels. I stood up and she ran in to my arms. She cried, but I knew if I started again, I wouldn't be able to stop.

"Where is he?" She said once she calmed down.

"He's two up, one left" I said describing where he was. 

"Who?!" Niall, Trinity, Perrie, El, and Bella all said. 

"James, and Justyn.." Tori and I all said. Niall clenched his hands in to a fist. But he didn't know the whole story.

See Tori and I do dance, me and tori met James and Justyn through dance. I dated James, Tori dated Justyn. Like us, James and Justyn where inseparable. We always went on double dates, and such. But they where so protective, and controlling, he made me stop talking to Niall, and my own sister. And He tried so Hard to take Tori out of my life, but me and Tori can't be separated. He would hit me if I didn't listen to him. I liveed at his house for a month, and that month he didn't let me eat anything, he said I needed to lose weight for dance. The same thing happened to Tori. Then one night. It just went to far. Me and Tori promised no to tell anyone. And we never did. It's just to much to take in. All we told our family and friends was that they where cheating.

"Don't worry, it's going to be fine Hunny." Trinity said.

"Come on we're going to be late for our nails." Trinity pulled Tori in a hug, and gave me a reassuring smile. But they don't understand what we went through. If he saw us.. I just don't know.

"Niall carry me please." I asked him, I didn't have the energy to walk. He picked me up and we started going to the salon. 

"Who's James and Justyn?" El asked Trinity

"Yeah who?" Bella, and Perrie said.

"It's their old boy friends. They cheated on them after 3 years of dating."

I wouldn't call it dating. I'll call it 2 years of hell, and 1 year of torture.

"Awe, I feel so bad for them, They must of really cared if their crying like that.. Men are just jerks some times." Perrie said.

"No!" I said. everyone stopped walking. 

"Niall, put me down please." He did as I told and I looked at Tori.

"Tori, their our family. Look at them."

"Dessy I know. I don't want to lie anymore." Tears where falling down her face.

"Me either." I said shaking my head, with tears staining my cheeks.

"What are you guys talking about?" Trinity said.

"We love you all. So much, but we lied. Some we lied to longer then others, but we can't keep it in anymore. We have to tell you." Tori said crying. 

"James, and Justyn didn't cheat, and we borke up with them, before we told you guys." I said, also crying.

"Dessy, Tori, tell us." Trinity El said, rubbing my arm.

"Do you remember when me and Tori had to stop dancing, since I broke my rib, and she shattered her knee?" I asked to Trinity.

"Yea, when you fell out of the tree." Trinity agreed

"and when we had all those bruises that one summer Niall?" Tori asked.

"Yea, from dance." He said, getting suspicious. 

I took a deep breath, and looked at Tori. She shock her head, giving me permission. I walked over to some chairs in the middle of the mall floor, I never understood why they had these, but they where helpful right now. The res of the group followed, all sitting down around me.

"we didn't get the bruises from dance, and we didn't fall out of the tree." Tori told them. No one spoke, but Niall's hands made a fist again.

"the bruises where from beating's. The broken rib, and shattered knee, where from being thrown down stairs." I said, and waited for someone to say something, but the girls just let out a gasp. Niall finally spoke up.


I took a deep breath, Tori grabbed my hand, she knew I had to say it.

"James, and Justyn. They hit us for years, and when We lived with them they wouldn't let us eat, and we had to do dance for hours on end. With only 8 glasses of water a day, No more, no less. I we didn't finish it they would take a glass away the next day. Finally we moved out, and found our own place. One day we came home from dance." Tears fell from my eye's.

"One day we came home and they had broke in, they where drunk. They say we had gained weight, and that pissed them off. They took our phones and looked through our messages. I hadn't talked to anyone, but Dessy... Dessy was talking to you Niall." She looked at Niall.

"They both picked me up and took me out of the room. Tori, ran after them and tried to make them put me down. But they just threw me down the stairs on to cement, and then threw Tori. Then they picked us up, and brought us back to the room. There they raped us telling us that this is happening because we are terrible people. When we found out we couldn't dance anymore, we decided that it went to far. so we called the dance studio and got them kicked out so they couldn't. We changed our numbers and address, and haven't seen them since. we're afraid of what they'll do to us if they see us."

I felt almost relieved that I told someone, other then Tori, it felt nice to know that someone can help me through it. I look  at everyone around me. Bella's face was shocked. El, and Perrie where holding hands, trying to fight tears. Trinity couldn't fight them, the tears just spilled from her eyes, and Niall. Nialls face was stone cold. His whole body tense. One tear fell from his eye, but then he looked mad. 

"My.. my babies.. I don't know what to say." Trinity jumped up and pulled Tori and I in a tight hug.

"Why didn't you tell anyone?" El said getting up, and joining the hug.

"We will help you through this." Perrie said, also joining.

"We all will" Bella said, yet again, joining the hug. 

"We didn't want to bring it up, we just wanted it to go away." Tori said. When we finally broke apart Niall was still sitting in the same place.

"I guess we better get to that nail appointment huh.." I sniffed. We laughed and we went and got our nails done. 

*after the salon.* 

It took a while for all of us to get our nails done, by the time our nails where all dry, it was 4:30. We where all walking out when I remembered I left my phone at the salon.

"I'll come with!" Tori said joining me. 

"Yeah I want to go grab something to eat, see you guys back at the house." Niall said and ran off. I got my phone, and Tori and I were walking to the front door of the mall. when someone yelled at us from behind.

"Hey! wait up sweety!" I turned around to see James and Justyn running towards us. 

"Tori!" I grabbed her arm, and we started walking faster.

"Hey!" The Justyn screamed, but before we could run, they grabbed both our arms.

"What do you want." Tori spat out.

"I want you baby" Justyn said moving in closer.

"Ew get away from me!" She said pushing him away. He twisted her arm.

"Don't you EVER touch me like that!" He hissed through his teeth.

"I was taught to protect myself from people like you." She said back, obviously in pain. He dug his nails in her arm and pulled her closer. She let out a whimper.

"What did you just say?"

"Leave her alone!" I yelled kicking James off of me, and pulling Tori away. 

"Oh look who finally found some courage!" James said. He grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him.

"I don't like it." He hissed.

"Let us go!" Tori said.

"No. You're coming home with us. And you're going to pay for getting us kicked out of dance." They started walking with our arms in their hands. We tried to kick, and pull away from them, but every-time we did the grip got tighter.

"NIALL!" I screamed, it was my last hope.

"Oh the slut is dating the little Irish boy is she?" Justyn laughed.

"let go if them. Now James." Niall said from behind. They turned around, and we saw Niall, and Harry standing there.

"HARRY!" Tori screamed.

"Shut up!" Justyn said jerking her.

"Put them down." Harry said this time.

"Or what?" James said. Niall came up and punched him in the face, causing him to let go of me.

"Or that.." Harry said.

"Ah you little bitch!" Justyn said, he threw Tori to the ground. I crawled over to her and hugged her. I look up to Harry, Niall, James, And Justyn all fighting. I pulled out my phone and called the girls and told them they where fighting. Later the girls come running, along with some round guy. The guy ran up to the boys and put James, and Justyn in hand cuffs.

"Harry, Niall, get out of here befor the pops come." The guy said.

"Thanks Paul." Harry said. Niall picked up a shopping bag, then came over and picked me up. Harry did the same to Tori, we both cried in their chest, till we got in the car. I rode with Niall because I didn't want to leave him.

"Niall." I said

"Yeah sweety"


"Yes what?"

"Yes, I want to be your girl friend. I don't want you to be someone else's, I want you to be mine always."

He turned towards me 

"I always have been yours." 




*Okay well yup* 

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