Mean To Me

"Especially," Jon waggled his eyebrows. "Especially if one of you dates one of 'em. Publicity will sky rocket."
Ysabel and Dexter Tourjour have taken the world by a storm. With good looks, acting skills and amazing voice, they can get in anywhere.
Nate Ruess isn't impressed, and when his manager makes him date her for publicity, he finds out what exactly is so great about the twins. From Nate's POV


1. Beginning To End

I strolled around Central Park, hands in pockets and looking down. God knows I didn't want to run into anyone.

"Excuse me, sir?"

 I turned around slowly and hoped it wasn't a fan. No such luck.

 The girl's violet eyes widened, and she tucked her cinnamon colored hair behind her ear.

"Ah, do you have the time?"

I checked my phone, taking my time to unlock the Android.

 "Four fifty one."

She nodded. "Thanks. Um, are you... do you, um..."

 I knew what she was trying to ask. If I was the Fun guy, Nate Ruess.

 I decided to make it easy for her.

"I'm Nate Ruess."

She nodded. "Yeah. Okay, er... I'm Ysabel."

"Mmm," I said, disinterested.

 "Could you... could sign my shoe?"

That caught my attention. Who the hell would want their shoe signed?

 "And my shirt?"


She handed me a sharpie, which she seemed to keep ten of in her jean pocket. Mine was dark blue, and she held up her red Converse.

I sighed and signed Nate Ruess in curly letters, then added Fun for good measure. I stood up and she whipped around, curving her back so I could apparently write on her lilac t-shirt.

I moved her ponytail of the way, surprised at it's softness. Rachel's wasn't that soft, and she used all kinds of products on it.

 I was signing it when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I dropped the sharpie and spun around. A guy who liked Ysabel, with auburn hair and dark blue eyes was glaring at me.

"Who the hell are you?" He snarled.

 Ysabel glanced behind at the guy.

 "Dexter," she said excitedly.


"Nate Ruess, yeah, I know."

"So chill."

 I finished writing my name when someone called.

 "Yo, Nate!"

Jack, Andrew and Rachel were stumbling towards me.

"Okay, so we just saw Carl- who is this?"

"Look at my shoes!”  Ysabel was saying to Dexter.  "Lou will be so jealous!"

"I thought Lou didn't like Fun."

"No, he does. It's just that I'm pretty sure he likes Some Nights."

"What's wrong with that?"

She shrugged, ignoring Andrew, Jack and Rachel who were all listening.

"Nothing, I suppose. I like them, too. But my favorite-"

"Is Why Am I The One, One Foot, Light A Roman Candle With Me... What else?"

 A delicate pink blush graced her cheeks and she elbowed him. "Shut up, Dexter. Why are you even here?"

"Because I finished-"

"Stalking Lily?"

 "I wasn't-"

 "Stalking? Fine, call it whatever you-"

"Want. I will."

They refocused on us and grinned in unison.

"Hello!" They chorused.

"Um.... hi," Rachel said, clearly confused.

"He's Dexter," Ysabel told us.

 "She's Ysabel," he added.

"We're twins!" They exclaimed.

"Cool," Jack murmured, apparently at a lost of what to say.

 "I know who you are," Dexter began.


"Rachel and Jack Antanoff, Andrew Dost and Nate Ruess."  Ysabel informed us. "Or, otherwise known-"

"As Fun!"

 "I wish I had a twin," Andrew muttered.

 "Everybody does," Rachel agreed.

"Can we have a picture with you guys?" Dexter asked. "Oh man, Lily will sooo go out with me now."

"And Alex will be so jealous!"

 "Nate isn't very picturesque," Jack snickered.

 Ysabel chuckled and faced me. "Don't worry, Mr. Ruess. I would so date you."

I felt my cheeks heat up

"So, could we?"

 "Of course," Rachel said graciously, despite the fact that I was shaking my head rapidly. Y

sabel and Dexter linked arms and stood next to Jack.

"Hey, Mr. Antonoff." "Hi," Jack greeted, reaching into his pocket as his phone dinged.

 "Damn," Dexter raised his eyebrows. "You have a Droid." "Uh-huh."

 "You what they say about Droids," Ysabel said. "When you have a Droid-"

"They basically suck," Dexter finished. "Yo, my phone or yours?"

She rolled her eyes. "Both. Duh."

"Hey!" Dexter waved his arms around, getting the attention of a passing young mother. "Can you take our picture?" She nodded, smiling at them.

"Just tap that," he explained. She thanked him and held up the sleek white phone.


 We all obligatory smiled as she took pictures with the two phones.

"Thank you," Ysabel said earnestly.

"No problem," the woman said, walking away.

"Oh, my god, this is so going on Instagram," Ysabel muttered. They turned to us.

"Thanks so much!" They singsonged in perfect unison, which was sort of creepy and cool at the same time.

 "Of course," Andrew nodded at them. They shook our hands, waved, and left.

"God, I wish I had a twin," Rachel sighed. "Instead I have my dimwit brother over here-"

"Hey!" Jack protested.

"I don't know," I admitted. "They were kind of annoying."

 "They were not," Andrew disagreed. "They were cool."

"Except when they insulted my lovely Droid," Jack grumbled. "But it was priceless when the girl said she'd date Nate!"

I sighed. "The ladies love me."

 We all burst out laughing.

 (Years later)

"Two rising starlets," Jon was saying. I nodded along. "I'd like you meet them, become their ally, for publicity. It'll look damn good. As good as Selieber."

"Okay," I agreed. "When will we meet them? And what do they do?"

"They both sing spectacularly and are hilarious. Supposedly."


"Well, I had Karen hear them. She was literally gushing."

 I raised my eyebrows. Karen Wilden didn't gush. Ever.


"And you'll be meeting them... oh, in about ten minutes.

"Why now?"

 He sighed and shook his head, lips pursed at my ignorance.

"Because they're in high demand and if we don't act now, Coldplay will, or god forbid Onerepublic."

 Jon hated OneRepublic. Who knew why.

"Okay." I was feeling agreeable today.

"Yes, yes, now go fetch the others."

I stood up and climbed the stairs to where Andrew, Jack and Rachel were all eating lunch.

 "So," I began. "Jon wants us to apprentice two 'rising starlets'"

 "Cool," Jack said, shoveling another bite of Panini in his mouth.

 "Word," Andrew echoed, swirling his pasta around his fork.

 "You guys, you should be excited!" Rachel scolded.

"I am," Jack shrugged. "On the inside."

 "Yeah, well. We're meeting them now."

 Andrew choked on his spaghetti and sent it flying across the room.

"Charming," I said dryly.

 "Lets go!" Jack exclaimed excitedly, jumping up.

The three of us trailed down the stairs and sat down on the red sofa. The doorbell rang.

"That's them!" Jon whispered, looking thrilled. He ran to get it.

 "Hello! Are you-"

 "Mr. Blanco?"

"Yes," I heard Jon say. "Come in."

"Did you know Blanco means-"

"White in Spanish?"

My mouth fell open. It was the twins. Same cinnamon colored hair and violet eyes, same matching smiles.

"Hello again!" They cried in unison, plopping down on the sofa.

"Would you like to hear-"

"Our resume?"

 Jon nodded at me. I nodded at them.

 "Alright," Ysabel began. "Dexter's career started when he put out the album 'Water On Fire' a couple of months ago. It was insanely popular. He's also modeled for several companies, worked with Target to put out a clothing line and is now hoping to get a part in a new movie that will remained undisclosed."

"And my darling sister," Dexter started, grinning at Ysabel. "Started out at a minor character in Glee, and has worked with Owl City and OneDirection, released the album 'Remembrance' last year with four platinum’s and is working on an album with me."

 It was quite an impressive resume for them.

 "How old are you?" Andrew asked bluntly.

"Twenty," they replied in unison.

"Sure, we'll take you," Jack shrugged.

"Yeah," I echoed.

 Dexter and Ysabel looked at each other, fist bumped and stood up, linking arms.

 "I'll have you know," Dexter informed us. "That we're-"

"In high demand, and good friends with Selena, Adam, and Niall and Louis. So -"

"We'll get back to you."

 They waved and spun around, leaving into the afternoon light.

"That went quite well," Jon told us, looking relieved. "It could have been so much worse."

"Yeah, well," I said, rubbing my neck. "I haven't seen them act or sing, so..."

"Oh, don't worry," he waved his hand dismissively. "They're movies are set up downstairs, and their albums."

"Oh," Jack said, looking slightly overwhelmed. "Okay."

Jon sighed and sat down. "I know this is a little sudden, but if we get Ysabel and Dexter, it'd be... great. Perfect. Publicity will sky rocket. Especially," he waggled his eyebrows. "If one of you dates her. Or him, if you want. Think about it. It would seriously be... awesome. You'll be one of the most famous couples in the world.”

"I would, but I don't think Lena like that too much," Jack pointed out.

 "Nor would Jill," Andrew agreed. They all looked at me.


"You're all that's left, Nateykins."

"Call me that again and there will be no dating."

"Sure, sure," Jack held up his hands in surrender. "Whatever."

"Maybe," I shrugged. "Now let's go see how good they are."


 "Holy hell," I managed to say. "They're... um, good."

 "Good?" Jack demanded. "They're fucking brilliant. I never would have thought the two fans we met in the square years ago would go on to be this..."

"Uh-huh," Rachel muttered.

 "Didn't you sign her shoes?" Andrew asked. "Yep."

 "And say she'd date Nate?"


"Well, maybe that will come true." I chucked a pillow that I had previously been snuggling at him.

"Hey, no violence," Rachel chastened. "At least she's hot. You could be having to date some hag."

Rachel is sometimes alarmingly masculine.

"It's true," Jack agreed. "It's true."

I sighed. "There's a big chance they won't choose us."

"I think Ysabel will," Rachel said, inspecting her nails. "Dexter, on the other hand... I think he'll choose OneDirection. Definetly a bromance between him and Louis."

 I shrugged, slightly skeptical of that. I didn't think the twins would be seperated. They'd hate it.


 I will never doubt a woman's intuition again.

 She was completely right. Ysabel chose us and Dexter chose OneDirection.

"So," Andrew said to her. She was sitting in the record room, cinnamon hair tied up in a messy bun, violet eyes opened wide and wearing a purple dress that was cinched at the waist and fell above her knees.


 "Why don't you sing us a song, so we can decide where to go with this." She nodded, tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, and stood up.

"Alright. What song?"


Heading over the audio booth, she began to twist knobs and hit buttons, nose wrinkled in concentration. Finally, she turned around, applied lip balm, grabbed a micro phone and began to sing Light A Roman Candle. I must say, she almost did it better then I did.

"Okay, okay," Jack cut her off. "You were fantastic!"

 She beamed at him, biting her lip.


"No prob. How is your schedule?"

 "Hmm... I have a modeling thing at nine, lunch with Selena, a shooting at two, and then I'm free."

"Okay. So come here around three tomorrow and we'll work on your album?"

"Yeah, sure." She hugged Jack, who looked surprised, waved at everyone else and left.


The next two weeks went by in a flash, working on the album with Ysabel. Four were done, and we already had a name, 'Urban Nights', since I liked the whole night things.

Jon apparently also asked Ysabel out on my behalf.

"Thanks a lot, Jon," I grumbled, crossing my arms.

"Like you have it so hard," Andrew scoffed. "You're going on a date with a pretty, talented, nice, famous girl."

"Hmm, did the fact that she's nine years younger than me register?"

"Dude, younger women," Jack gave a thumbs up. "Hot."

"She's here!" Jon called.

As if by magic everyone disappeared. Ysabel edged into the room, her hair (that I kind of loved) was braid into an intricate braided bun, a few curly strands escaping.

"Hi," she said quietly. I noticed she was a lot quieter without her twin, though still a bit perkily annoying.

"Hello," I greeted. I offered her my arm and she took it.

The place was we were eating was easy to spot, good for paparazzi, which was what I was aiming for. We sat down and I ordered some wine.

"So," I began, biting my cheek. "How did you and Dexter get famous?"

She took a sip of her wine. "We started out on Youtube, doing comedy and singing. It was his idea. I would've been too afraid that people would hate it. I guess it's kinda like Bieber."

 I nodded. "I see."

 "You used to be from the Format?"

 I swallowed my wine and stared at her. "Um, how did you know that?"

She shrugged. "Everyone does. Duh."

 I had a feeling there was something she wasn't tell me.

 We chatted, and I found she was interesting to talk to, smart and amusing. We finished eating and I took her hand.

 "Can we walk?" She asked. It wasn't that far to her apartment, so I shrugged.


We were quiet, and the sounds from the city seemed too loud.

 We got to her apartment and she kissed my cheek. I noticed a flash in the darkness. Perfect.

 "Thanks for the meal,"" she said simply. I nodded and smiled and she turned, leaving.


Everyone thought we were dating.

 Even Ysabel thought so. Two weeks of it was enough for us to be the 'Cutest Couple' and getting featured everywhere.

"Whoa, check it out," Rachel announced one morning. She slapped a copy of Teen Vogue down, where Ysabel was staring from the cover, cinnamon hair in a side ponytail and smiling, a seductive lilt to her lips. I had to admit, she look gorgeous.

"She's the Cover Girl, and there's an interview."

I flipped to page seventy-two.

"Read it put loud," Andrew urged.

I scanned the text. "Blah, blah... oh, listen to this, ‘I started with the question everyone wants to know.

"How is it dating lead singer of Fun, Nate Ruess?'"

Andrew snickered. I rolled my eyes and continued.

"'Ysabel just smiles and shrugs. "It's going well."

 "Is the age difference making it hard?"

"Not really, since I think that Nate is a little immature.'"

 "Completely, actually," Rachel said. I sighed.

"'I laugh.

"Is it serious?"

She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Not really. It could get that way, though. It depends."

 I nod. "How is your music coming along?"

"Really good. The album should be out in a couple of months."

"And your acting career?"


 "Are there any new movies you'll be in?"

 Ysabel sips her coffee. "Maybe. It's all very hushed up and secret, though.”

I nod. "How is the other half?"

"He's good, I think. I haven't seen him for a while, face to face. We're both really busy with all this. Once our new album comes out, it should all cool down."

 "That must be hard," I say sympathetically. "I miss him," Ysabel confesses.'"

"She does," Andrew spoke up. "You can tell, she isn't as smiley."

 I hadn't notice this, so I just ignored him

"'So," I say, moving on. "How is the rest of Fun?"

 "It's such a privilege to be working with them," Ysabel smiled. "I have been a huge fan of Fun. Actually, the video that got the recording company to sign us is when we sang Fun."

 "Really?" I ask. "Do they know that?"

She laughs. "Now they do."

 "I KNEW THAT!" Jack screamed. "HA! TAKE THAT!"

"Smack him, Andrew," Rachel instructed. Andrew obeyed.

"Ow," Jack muttered.

"You deserved it."

 "'What was it like, to realize that your favorite band had offered an apprentice ship?"

"Oh, it was a dream come true. I mean, Fun had always been the ideal band, you know? When I was younger, I'd watch all the interviews and stuff. I would bore all of my friends with trivia."

I lean closer. "Like what?"

She giggles, pushing that lovely hair out of her eyes. "Hmm... you know, their fandom is very devoted... there are pictures of them as children and stuff. I hope to God no one finds mine, I look terrible till I'm twelve. But yeah, I watched the Billboard TMI and everything..."

"I see," I say, laughing also. "Was that the beginning of your love for Fun?"

 "Oh, no. See, Dexter likes to brag that he has a wider taste in music. So we're in Brownsville, yeah? He gives me the Aim and Ignite album and that's the beginning."

"So it was Dexter that started it?"

"He likes to believe that yes, he did. I, on the other hand, like to think I would discover them myself, just later."

 "Before Nate, was there any special men in your life?"

She laughs. "Oh, yeah. My friend and I dated for a couple of months, but it didn't work out."

"Why's that?"

"Well, he was five years older than me, not that is seems big compared to nine years. Anyways. I wanted to work on my singing, and just didn't have time for a relationship. It's much easier to maintain when it's your mentor."

"What was your first big hit on YouTube?"

She blushes. "At Least I'm Not As Sad and Light A Roman Candle With Me." "

What do you and Dexter play?"

 "We both play piano and guitar."

"Do you have any advice for everyone out there?”

 "Yeah." She sits up, her face intense. "Do not listen to people who say you can't do it. If I did that, Dexter and I wouldn't be where we are today. Be what you want to be. Other people's opinions are just that. An opinion. It will not define you or me, but it will define them."

 I finished to interview with a flourish.

"Dude, I remember that interview," Jack said.

"Duh. We all do. It's not like we have so many interviews to confuse it with," Andrew reminded us, rolling his eyes.

"I knew I liked Ysabel," Rachel informed us. "She's cool. And her advice is totally true."

"Yep," Jack agreed. Not surprising. He would agree with Rachel at everything. Siblings, I guess.

"Uh-huh. She's cool. Still, I can't wait till I'm allowed to break up with her."

"Nate," Rachel snapped. "Be nice."

"I am. But she's annoying, a lot. And I'd so much rather date, I don't know, Pink."

 "That's unhealthy crush."

"Whatever. When do you think Jon will let me break up with her? I want to have freedom again."

 "I don't know," Andrew said.

 "Nobody does," I sighed. "We have gotten way more popular once I started 'dating' her."

 There was a small crash outside. I stood up.

"Damn cats..."

There was a broken plate on the floor, with sandwiches falling apart.

"Hmm..." I puzzled. I shrugged and left to get stuff to clean it.


 Over the next couple of days, Ysabel acted weird. She barely talked or smiled, and had seemed to decide that food was frivolous and didn't eat.

One day we met in a restaurant for Ysabel to see Dexter for the first time in weeks.

"Dexter!" She cried, running and embracing him in a hug. They stood like that for a moment, hugging, eyes squeezed shut and visibly savoring each other's presence, foreheads leaning against each other.

"That's so... I don't even know. It's sweet," Rachel gushed.

Dexter and Ysabel sat down across from us, looling relieved.

"You want a chicken sandwich with extra tomato-"

"And you want a large soda and fry," Dexter finished. They ordered and generally chatted almost silently in the corner where we couldn't hear anything.

When Ysabel got up to go to the bathroom, Dexter gestured me away from everyone.

 "What the hell is wrong with my sister?" He demanded.

 "What do you mean?"

"Listen," he snarled. "My sister is one of the best people on this fucking planet. She's my twin, godammit, and there's something wrong with her. I don't know what, but it has something to do with you." He practically spit the word.

"I really don't know what it is," I told him, confused. He sent me one last dangerous look and went back to the table.

"Dexter? Can I talk to you?"

 I looked up as Ysabel stood next to her twin, looking fragile.

"Of course, Yiz," he said, standing up so abruptly he almost knocked the chair over. They went over to a corner and began to talk earnestly. Apparently, it was about me.

Dexter shot a look so furious and deadly looking I winced and scooted farther away from him.

"He did what!?" I heard him exclaim. I tried to think of what it was that would make him angry.

"Shhh," Ysabel chastened.

They talked a minute more before heading back over.

 They sat next to each other, arms linked, a matching unreadable expression on their faces. Rachel frowned, looking between them and me in confusion.

"I don't know," I mouthed, equally confused.

 "So," Dexter turned to Jack. "You broke up with Lena?"

 "Uh-huh," he nodded. "It just wasn't working out."

 "Mmm," Dexter agreed. "That's too bad."

"Yeah, well."

 He turned to Ysabel and they started whispering to each other.

After a very heartfelt goodbye between the twins, we headed back towards my house for some studio work. I left to go to the bathroom, and when I got back I saw a surprising sight.

Jack signing At Least I'm Not As Sad As I Used To Be with Ysabel.

"At least I'm not as sad as I used to be,

Hey Nate, are you going to save us?

 You should have seen me a couple of years ago

 I was laughing, and singing and smoking and drinking

Come on, can you count all the loves who didn't last?"

I backed up as they stopped and grinned at each other.

"Thanks for singing with me, Ms. Tourjour," Jack said goofily, kissing her hand.

 "Anytime, Mr. Antonoff," she laughed.

 I turned around and left, wondering why I was so angry at Jack when I didn't even like Ysabel that way.


The rain was pouring down for the first time in a while. New York didn't rain that much, even when it was cloudy.

 I headed towards the movie room, deciding it was the perfect time to watch one.

"Stop hogging the popcorn!"

"You had it for the whole last movie!"

"Not the point, Yiz."

I stopped. Once again, Jack and Ysabel were curled up on the red couch, a bag of popcorn and sodas next to them.

"Hit play already!"

 Jack raised his hand and hit the remote ceremoniously. Ysabel rolled her eyes.

Strangely, the irrational anger and annoyance at Jack rose and I glared at the walls as I stomped towards the kitchen.

"What's wrong with you?" Rachel asked.

 I did a double take.

"How the fuck did you get here?" She rolled her eyes.

"I was bored and shit always goes down over here. You guys are a like soap opera."

 I grumbled and grabbed a beer, flopping down on the sofa.

 "It's Ysabel, isn't it?" She asked.

 I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Why do you think that?"

 "I'm a girl. I notice things. Why don't you tell her that you don't really like she's spending so much time with my brother?"

"Who says I don't like it?" "

You've developed feelings for her. Actual feelings."

 I took a swig of my beer.


She didn't say anything, but we both noticed I didn't deny it.


"We're just friends. It's not like it means anything."

I ran a hand through my hair. "I know that, I just don't really feel comfortable with it."

She looked away. "Why's that? I thought you wanted your freedom."

 I paused. "What?"

 This time her eyes, which had morphed to a threatening purple-gray, focused on me.

 "I thought that it was publicity! I thought-" her words were coated with ice. "I thought that you'd rather be, I don't know, dating Pink."

 Shit. Shit, shit, shit.

 "Look, Yiz-"

"Don't call me that," she snapped. "Only Dexter and Jack can call me that." I

 held my hands up. "I'm sorry you had to find out this way-"

"Shut up, Nate. I don't want to hear it." She whipped around, her cinnamon hair dancing in the dim lighting.

 "Oh, and if this wasn't enough clarification, we're over."


 I didn't see Ysabel anymore. Sure, everyone else did, but she somehow managed to make it so I was never home.

"Hey," I said, coming down the stairs to see Andrew sitting at the table. "What's up?"

 Andrew, ingrossed in what looked like Twilight, said, "Ysabel just came by..."

 I froze. "What!? I was here, and I didn't even hear her!"

He just shrugged. "Yeah, well. She didn't want to be heard by you."

I could easily detect the slight accusation in his words.

"Oh." There wasn't much to say to this.



Jack's ever so delicate voice yelled.

 I trudged down the stairs, to be met by Ysabel.

 On TV.


"What do you have to say about your breakup with Nate Ruess?"

 On screen Ysabel didn't hesitate.

"Only that it wasn't a painful one. We're still civil and everything."

I snorted. I had yet to see her for her to be 'civil.'

"What was the reason for your breakup?"

"The beginning was the publicity," she began. I winced.

"It was very suffocating. In the end though, we were better off being friends."

 "I see," the reporter, who I recognized from when I had getting interviewed by TMI said.

"What does the other half of the twins have to do with this?"

 "Oh, he threatened to kill Nate several times. He's quite the poet when it comes to violence."

 The woman laughed. "So is there any new men in your life? What do you think Nate would say about them?"

I'd probably draw and quarter them.

Ysabel waved a nonchalant hand. "There might be someone, it's possible. As for Nate? I don't think he'd give a damn. Really. He's moved on, too."

 Someone? Who was this 'someone'? Moved on? I have not moved on! At. All.

"If you hadn't become a star, what do you think you'd become?"

"Probably a meth addict." She laughed.

"I'm sure."

"Sometimes I wonder. I really, really wonder. But really, probably a writer. I love to write."

"Okay. So can you tell us something about you and Dexter no one else knows?"

"Hmm... Well, Dexter has a habit of talking in an absolutely terrible British accent when he meets someone new. As for I... whenever I hear one of my songs I have the urge to call someone just to say 'Hey, I heard me on the radio! How cool is that?' And then I remember that it's not that impressive."

They both laughed as a commercial came on.

"I agree," Jack muttered. "At least they have alright ones. Andrew's habit, for lack of a better word, is dangerous.”

 "Sorry," Andrew apologized, not looking sorry at all. "Whenever I see an open ledge, I have to throw something off."

"And one of these days, it will be Nate," Rachel said.

"One would hope so," someone said behind me.

Jack grinned. "What's up, Ysabel and Dexter?"

I spun around, my heart picking up as I saw her cinnamon hair and violet eyes.

"Hey," she said, smiling heart stoppingly. "How is everyone?"

"Fine," Jack told her, looking utterly thrilled she was here. It dawned on me that I probably that, too.

 "I talk with a British accent?" Dexter asked, looking vaguely horrified.

"Oh, yeah. It was really embarrassing when you met-"

 "OneDirection? I can imagine."

They smiled at each other, arms linked as usual.

 "A meth-"

 "Addict? Uh-huh."

"You're not the only-"

"One who wonders? Yep."

"Oh, and by the way I approve of him."

"Thanks. And Lily is great."

 I picked up as she winked at Jack. Jealousy and anger rushed through me. Fuck Jack, fuck everyone. Ysabel was mine.

"Ysabel, can I talk to you," I said abruptly.

"Sure," she agreed, ignoring Dexter who was glaring at me.

We walked to the kitchen and I leaned against the counter.

 "So you've decided to come crawling back," she said matter of factly, a hint of humor in her eyes.

 "Yep." I surprised her.

 "Really now."

"Uh-huh. Ysabel," I stepped closer. "I'm really sorry for not telling you about the publicity thing. I admit, at first I didn't like you. But now, I, uh, have... seemed to..."

 "Spit it out, Fun boy."

 I bit my cheek and frowned. "Um... I've... developed... a... sort of... feeling..."

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "I suppose that's as good as it's gonna get."

She kissed me, her lips pressing insistently against mine and her fingers running through my hair. I wrapped my arms around her waist, bringing her closer. Hers went around my neck, angling her head so our noses didn't bump.

"Whoa, so you're back together."

 We pulled back. Andrew was watching with raised eyebrows.


"Yep!" Ysabel exclaimed brightly, tangling our fingers together. "Isn't that brilliant?"

She dragged me to the living room to where everyone was waiting.

"Finally," Jack groaned, rubbing his face. "You've been so damn moody lately."

Dexter squinted at me and yanked my arm so hard I thought it'd pop out. "If you ever, ever hurt her again," he threatened. "I will rip your limbs off and beat you with them. Then I will tear your teeth out and gouge your eyes out."

"Whoa, okay, no hurting," I said, raising my hands in surrender. "Or else there will be violence. Lots of violence."

He nodded and we walked back to the living room, where Ysabel was chattering away with Rachel about clothing.

"Excuse me, I need my girlfriend," I said smugly, tugging her shirt.

"Geez, you look like you're getting married," Rachel muttered, rolling her eyes.

 Mine and Ysabel's shocked looks met each other.

"Maybe someday," I shrugged.

That was an adventure for another day.

the end


What I loved about this story:

I had a ton of fun writing the twins

I got to read a bunch of tabloids so I could get the gist of fame and whatnot

I had the challenge of writing Nate as sort of a jerk.

Hope you liked it!

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