My Badass Diary

The Diary of Ame a crazy girl who has problems.


1. Sup Diary

Sup Diary thing. I'm Ame. Never had a diary before I thought they were LAME but ya know things change and here I am! So like anyways today at school I was sitting by my friends Emma, Kalel, James, and  Zack at lunch. Me and James aren't really friends but like anyways Emma, my BFF was all like talking about her favorite band and her and James got into an argument and she ended up like beating him up! He's covered in bruises and band aids lol. One important lesson learned today, Don't mess with Emma. Oh and Diary, I have a secret, I have a crush! Yerp a crush! On a video game character... LAME right? Oh and Emma knows about that she likes him too lol. I'm messed up. So like umm yeah... That's it. Oh and like ummm that boy I knew last year Skeeter well umm he likes me. Yerp I know creepy! He's so short and I'm like 5'5. Yerp and I'm in 5th grade so that's weird... Oh it's like midnight got to go bye!

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